Believe in you at all Times

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, or what you’re doing. There will always be someone waiting to try to take you down. A lot of people have stopped living their dreams because they’ve faced attacks. They’ve came in contact with envious people. The world is filled with them. There will be groups of people who will try to take you down but don’t allow it. If no one else believes in you. Believe in yourself. Believe that you’ll make it through every test.

We can’t control what others do or try to do but we can control how we deal with it. If they attack then put on your armor and pray. Some may not believe in the “power of prayer” but I do. What “evildoers” try to do to you and anyone else will not prosper. When people try real hard to get next to you, it’s because they see something in you that makes them angry, you intimidate them and it drives them crazy. They would rather you stop doing what you’re doing.

God has placed something special and that could displease some but smile and “keep going.” People waste time on people who they think are talented. They want you to go away because you make them feel bad. What you accomplish or will accomplish is “heaven sent.” Sometimes people become angry because of the people who love you. Never stop dreaming and believing.

Think about all those who were determined to make it to their dream destination. They had to push their way through a screaming crowd but they made it. It isn’t and it won’t be easy but it’s worth it. Anyone trying to do good or trying to help others will receive their rewards and for those who try to hold you back, will suffer the consequences, it may not be today but it will come. God won’t allow those things to continue. He is always in control. Those trials are meant to make “us stronger.”

Featured Photo Belongs to Tiki33 T. Paulk