Be Confident in Life

There’s nothing wrong with having confidence. We should feel good about what we’re doing and trying to achieve. We shouldn’t feel as if we’re unable to do whatever it is trying to get done. Sometimes people lose confidence because they’re constantly listening to others. Not everyone will give us good advice. Not being sure of ourselves is natural and we may feel that way sometimes but we shouldn’t allow those thoughts to hold us back.

Being confidence isn’t the same as being arrogant. Being confident is believing in yourself and knowing that whatever you’re trying to achieve will happen. We can do some amazing things but if we have to believe that we can do them. Our inner voice can sometimes generate doubts. That’s why it’s important that we listen to positive communications. Listening to and watching motivational videos help. Not everyone will have confidence at first but they can “develop” it.

If we surround ourselves around those who will build us up then we will become more successful in our endeavors. Those who uplift us will help us generate the confidence that we need to elevate in life. We don’t have to settle for the mediocre. It helps to build friendships that will helps us “grow.” If we feel about ourselves when we’re in contact with family members, friends, or even coworkers then we should disconnect from those relationships. Of course we may not be able to do so with coworkers but we should spend the least amount of time that we possibly can.

Believing in ourselves, our goals, and our dreams is very important. We shouldn’t deny ourselves of those things that will help us become better people. Sometimes we come in contact with those who have absolutely no confidence in us and their way of thinking can rub off on us. We shouldn’t allow those thoughts to become our thoughts. We will regress if we start thinking that we’re not capable of doing great things. There’s so much that we can achieve if we just believe that we can get it done. “Believe in Yourself at all Times.”

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Sometimes one has to lay low

With all the competition it’s pretty tough moving the way one would like to. People really take competitiveness serious. They may not care about knocking others down or sabotaging one’s journey. Even when we’re being pushed in another direction we shouldn’t stop trying to achieve. There will always be someone who will want to give us a difficult time.

There’s nothing we can do about competition. A little competition is necessary but too much of it can create destruction. If we find ourselves being overly competitive then we need to step back and give ourselves a pep talk. Once the pep talk is over. We should continue on our way. Anytime we want to do something extraordinary, we better be prepared for friction, there will definitely be some. That’s just how it is.

Some competitors should be avoided. There’s some who go insane when it comes to any competition. Some battles aren’t worth fighting. If we don’t have to deal with the mess then we shouldn’t deal with it. There’s some competitors who dream about destroying their competition. They may create the most treacherous tactics. It really sums up to insecurity.

If one is confident with their craft and gifts then they will feel no need to bully their competitors. Confidence doesn’t try to hinder. It builds. Even if we xome across those who want to see us fail. We shouldn’t allow their feelings and actions to get us down. We can overcome the mess but we have to be strong willed. Without the strength. We would be swollowed whole.

Having some competition in our lives isn’t bad. If the competition causes us to become iritable then we may need to break away for a bit and then come back to whatever it is that we’re trying to accomplish. We can do great things but we can’t get them done if we’re not equipped. Competitors seek out weaknesses and they will try to chop away at their competition. Be careful with competitiveness.

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Believe in the Possibilities

We can achieve a whole lot through action and through changing our mindsets. In order to be “productive” we should surround ourselves with positive people and positive influences. If we’re constantly in a state of negativity then our progress will be hindered. We really should set out to do better. It’s a wonderful thing to be apart of “growth.” We certainly have to believe in ourselves because if we don’t then who will? We can do great things but we must believe that we can.

Listening to negative communications could embed in our minds and that will cause us to stumble. It’s very important that we listen to those soothing melodies and listen to encouragement. Sometimes we have to stand back and just give a long sigh and then start again. Just because something is complex that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. We’ve been given many gifts but it’s up to us to utilize them. If we allow our talents and gifts to go to waste then that’s so unfortunate.

Believe that we can do more then people say that we’re capable of doing. Go the extra mile. If it won’t help us develop then we may want to tune it out. If people are overly critical then we may want to tune them out. We can’t be productive if we’re constantly accepting everything that won’t help us in any way. In fact if it isn’t helpful to you or others then let it go. We can sometimes get stuck in the belief that just because someone says it, it has to be so, not true.

It’s possible but if we don’t work towards those goals then it won’t be possible. We will have to consider a whole lot when stepping out on the possibilities. How many people can we help along the way? Will our journey be beneficial to us and our families? If so then why shouldn’t we go for it? Those who tell us that it’s impossible are the ones who were afraid to try. Trying is a step. Sometimes we’ll have to take small steps in order to reach our destination. A little movement is better than none at all.

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Just Hold on God Will Reveal it

When people come up against you and try to discredit you. Don’t despair because God knows and He will make sure you’re bot swollowed up and Jesus will lead us to God. There’s no way that we can get to God without going through Jesus. The flesh will attack your character, try to bring you down, try to convince you that you have no worth. God doesn’t make mistakes and He would never create a worthless being. We all have worth in good and bad and in every season.

No one has the right to tell us that we can’t do something. If God said it then He meant it. God and Jesus never forsakes us. Never ever so the ugly words that come from our mouths can be rebuked in the name of Jesus. No man or woman can pull us my the hand and drag us to hell. We have every right to live in a peaceful dwelling. Never allow anyone to take your God given talent and bring you down.

We should feel confident within and give when we can. Help ourselves but help others as well. If we allow on minds to focus on everything thing bad someone has to say about us then we will become ill. That can be avoided if we replace the bad with good. Flesh can say anything but God and Jesus can transform us into heavenly beings. We may not always behave right, speak right, but we can do right.

Be confident and believe that you can overcome what people say you are and who they say you are. It’s what God says that truly matters. We should be happy with ourselves and others who try to help others in anyway that they can, we should be “cheerful givers.” Stop allowing people to dictate what we should be doing and not doing. If you took it to God and Jesus tgen there’s nothing to worry about. Be blessed.

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Live Your Purpose

We’re all here for a reason. Some will live their “purpose” and others will just throw it away. We should be thankful that we’re here to give our testimones. Those testimones can help so many. Some feel ashamed to give their testimonies but God wants us to share them so that others will know how good He is. We should know how good God is because His son Jesus died for our sins. Jesus washed our sins away.

Even if you’ve messed up again and again. We can get back up and get back on track. Don’t allow your gifts to go to waste. People will try to tell you that it’s impossible to do certain things. Don’t believe it. Feel comfortable with your God given talents. God gives us what He wants us to have and our gifts were given to us for a reason. Why should anyone hide what God has given them?

Don’t be discouraged by a failure. Not completing something at one point doesn’t mean that one can’t complete it later. We have to believe our capabilites. We can do some awesome things but we must believe that we can. Your gifts are blessing others. Living our purpose will do more than we can even imagine. Be stubborn with your purpose (meaning let no one stop you from living it).

We should be thankful that God trusted us with the gifts He’s given us. Even if we get a late start. That’s better than no start at all. It doesn’t mattet how slow we’re going as long as we’re moving. There’s so much that we can accomplish while we’re here. Don’t feel despaired if you’ve suffered setbacks. That will occur. Keep believing that you will make it to your destination. Embrace your purpose. Allow those gifts to “shine.” Remove the fear and “Live Your Purpose.”

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