Give it to Them Straight

We do not have to tolerate mess. I don’t care how kind you are. No one has to tolerate disrespect. There seems to be a lot of it on the internet. The bashing, hating, and segregation is ridiculous. If we don’t like something then we have every right to be vocal about it. People become envious and some may have no clue what they’re being envious about.

The amount of discrimination is so nauseating. People behaving as if the world owes them something. As if certain people are their personal slaves. Well no one should be a slave. Sometimes it’s best to distance yourself and assist those who appreciate it and for those who don’t send some prayers their way. The whole thing about this group not liking that group is twisted. What about “unification.”

We have to stop sitting back and expecting someone to help us when we won’t do it ourselves. Stop with the little guy owes you something because they don’t. We should be cheerful givers but if one is really observant then they will notice that a loy of people aren’t so giving. They may be in the business to receive though. There’s more critics than mentors.

Sometimes people try to avoid being gritty but when they get ready to speak their minds then some people may not like it. Too bad. No one should be a pushover. It doesn’t matter how nice, kind, and compassionate you are. We should be trying to stick together. We don’t have to hold hands and sing “We are the World” but we should at least respect one another.

The way some push others it’s no wonder why some people live as hermits. Humanity exist but we may have to dig a little deeper to find it. The caring seems to be on some other planet. Loving one another isn’t hard but for some it may seem that way.

Featured Image Belongs to T. Paulk