“Is it Really Love?” That’s the Question New Edition Asked

Love comes in many forms. There’s friendship love, brotherly love, everlasting love. Love doesn’t have to fit in one box and it doesn’t have to be said. A person doesn’t have to say that they love someone but love is action. Love is defined by materialistic things. It’s what one does and it doesn’t have to be displayed all over the place. If one says the words but the words don’t match up then perhaps it isn’t “love”

There’s a friendship kind of love ¬†that can grow into a deeper kind of love. Any relationship should start out ¬†with a friendship. It’s more important to be friends than lovers. Some may not agree with that but relationships can fade pretty quickly. If a relationship has friendship connected with it then there’s pretty good change that it will last a whole lot longer. “Is it Really Love?” It all depends on what one perceive as love. Some people connect sex with love and that isn’t so.

People can actually have sex without having an emotional connection. Love comes from the heart. If the heart is connected with another then the love isn’t there. Just because couples stay together that necessarily mean that there’s love there. There’s so many reasons why couples stay together. If there’s a disconnection then perhaps the heart has left the relationship.

Love is not saying, love is doing, love is gentle and kind. Love is respectful and tries not to cause grief but unfortunately even those who love will cause some sort of grief at some point. If there’s no respect then the love is either or the person may not love themselves so therefore they’re unable to love others. Love is closing eyes and thinking of “someone special.” We are more willing to put ourselves out there when our hearts are filled with love.

Love grows. It connects and it “prospers.” Everyone wants to be loved. Love shouldn’t hurt but when one loves deeply one can become hurt because of love. It is a feeling that everyone needs. People develop better when they’re loved. If you ever have to question love then it may not be love or it isn’t the love that one would like to have. We should all love one another but there’s different variations of love.

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