One Becoming so Many Isn’t Logical

If a nation believes that trying to make one person become so many then the nation will find that their efforts will result in problems. There isn’t any logic in trying to make a person become others. No person will be the same although there may be some “similarities.” Any person thinking that they’re able to become another isn’t mentally in tact. We should make attempts to be self. The individuals who insist on making a person become another won’t receive what they’re looking for. In fact what they’re trying to do can result in being incarcerated.

The Desire for so many to revenge has lead the individuals in situations which is proven to be difficult to come out of. “Logical thinking” can be achieved but some are so power driven that they’re unable to reason and think logically. The desire to invade in areas in which there should be no invasion will result in severe consequences. There should be no need to try and make any person become another. What is just is. What they’re perceived isn’t so. To think that any person can be one person today and another tomorrow demonstrates insanity.

Some slipped into fantasy and have difficulties adjusting to reality. There are some who won’t reason because they’re afraid of being wrong. I’m “myself” and for some they’ll come back and say, “yourself.” If there is one then to make the one become more isn’t logical at all. Persons wanting to rule over persons in order to generated what they desire won’t generate what’s desired but will cause further damage. “Allowing Persons to be Will Demonstrate More Effectiveness and Cause More Stability but if There’s Continuous Efforts to Make a Person be Another Then the Results Will be Won’t Isn’t Desired at all.’ By: (Tanikka Paulk)

The lies told and the misguided information lurking about could bring a person down but if their position is whole then the persons looking to cause a removal will not prosper. So many can not accept what has been destined. Some are simply in denial not willing to listen to any “reasoning.” A lot of folks want to lead the person they’ve perceived to be a pushover to areas which will add no value. Some unfortunately desire to see certain persons fail instead of achieving further. Can’t change a person into another. Nope!

“What was and is Chosen Shall not be Removed It’s Destined to be.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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