I’m Afraid Society Isn’t Ready for Some Common Ground

Sometimes just looking at the word society is insane. Thinking about all the injustices and all of the dysfunctional behaviors. The good thing is. It appears that the youth are behaving better than the adults. Hooray! If we think society is in a fix try cyber space. Oh my gosh. Did they just throw all the loonies in cyber space or what? Yes, they’re on social media, let’s just say that Facebook seems pretty calm.

What can we do

We can and should pray. That’s about it. We certainly can’t change how others think and we can’t be held accountable for their actions. “To Each His or Her Own.” Absolutely. Perhaps “rebuilding” our circle. Being more cautious when connecting. We may not be able to change the dysfunctions in society but we can control how we think and what doesn’t deserve our attention. No attention for the rude, insulting, disrespectful. Just going about our way and helping the kind and compassionate ones.

If they’re being called on stage, their names being called, and they’re receiving lots of gigs they’re probably the kind and compassionate bunch. Who needs to bother with the ones who dish out stress? Why add more stress in our lives? The make up of society these days has created more introverts. Makes my stomach churn.

Adult bullying and childish behavior. Some unnecessary stuff. Oh, oh, oh. Individuals controlling others from cyber space. Absolutely insane. What? That’s just how dysfunctional society is. Just a bunch of mess piled together. Let’s not talk about the racism which further disconnects two set groups of people. African Americans over there and White Americans over here. Sounds like the 60’s. Well, whoever said that racism was over, if they did then they lied? It’s difficult to keep cool when there’s a whole bunch of insults, racist remarks, and attacks coming at a person but prayer certainly helps.

Imagine how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would deal with some of these people. “We Shall Overcome.” The thoughts are, when, but when? All the marches and rallies and we’re still in a pickle. That’s ┬áright. Still fighting the old good fight. Not to mention same race racism and discrimination. With all the injustices. It’s hard to believe that there’s any existing functional people.

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Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially