Debates About “Black Lives Matter” All Lives Matter

So many become enraged over the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” If no one understands why others are upset about it then they’re not thinking deeply. Others may perceive the phrase saying that only black lives matter. When all lives matter so the phrase could create some racial tension. It’s all about perception. There’s nothing wrong with saying that black lives matter but it would be respectful to say that “All Lives Matter.” All lives matter to God and lives should matter to us.

First off even when the phrase being spoken all over the world. People shouldn’t try to initiate a race war. There’s been attacks behind the phrase and other communications that some may perceive as disrespectful. We should be trying to contribute “peace.” I suppose no one considers civil rights or all that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. went through to create peace and to stop segregation. Dr. King wanted all races to unite. It was an advocate for not only African Americans but for “unification of the races.” There will always be someone who wants to get things jumbled up.

We must use our peaceful minds and not be enslaved by negativity. Lives matter even when the phrase is used. Just because it isn’t stated all of the time that doesn’t mean that people are saying that all lives aren’t important. It’s just that African Americans have faced so much discrimination and sometimes the emotions run high so others may perceive that they’re not caring about other races. Not true. There’s been so many deaths related to hate. If love settles in a place then people wouldn’t be so racially hostile and there will be more “calmness.” Anyone trying to start a race war is setting themselves up for failure.

We should respect our culture and we should respect others as well. Some people are so in tuned with drama that they’ll try to initiate a race war and then run and hide. Even if one wasn’t born in the 50’s or 60’s. They should have civil rights history. President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Medgar Evers history. A peaceful mindset can detour us away from thinking that it’s a race battle. It’s not, everyone has a right to show concern for their culture, that doesn’t mean that they’re not concerned about others.

When a group has been through so much they become emotional and they want solutions. We don’t need any added problems. We all can live together peacefully. We should love everyone and stop perceiving that there’s hate because a certain group states concern for their people. Slavery is over but discrimination remains and it needs to cease but the reality is. Discrimination will be here because of people’s mindsets. Love is what we need. We can all leave peacefully if we put our minds to it.

“Unification is Something Dr. King Taught. He Wanted Peace for African Americans and for People of all Color.”

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