Enjoy the Quiet Time

When you’ve heard so much noise. You will want to appreciate the quietness. It’s good to enjoy what life offers. There’s so much to see and so many things to do. It’s a blessing to be able to enjoy that “family time.” Having the second oldest home and hanging out with his brothers is such a “joy” to witness. They’re happy he’s home on break. We all our. He’s trying to relax a bit and he certainly deserves it. Taking the time to breath in and out. Sometimes you have to go in “silent mode.” It can be a bit irritating having to deal with chaos and noise.

We’re chilling out for now. Perhaps watch a good movie later and see what happens after that. We did get to laugh a play around a bit. Spent time with the “King.” The road may be rough but when there’s a whole lot of time invested. It’s best to see what kinks can be eliminated. There will be those days when you don’t feel like saying too much but that doesn’t mean that one is in a bad mood. It’s just that we all need some downtime. Who doesn’t want to enjoy that “quiet time?” I certainly can appreciate and I thank God for it.

This would’ve been a good day for a movie but watching one on television will do. I’m thankful for the communication that took place and decisions to try to improve things a but. A little reading later on. Getting some of that word in me. That will help bring things to where they need to be. There’s nothing wrong with sharing our “testimonies” but sometimes we just want stand on the other side of the crowd. We’ll especially feel that way when there’s been a whole lot of head banging.

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