No Matter What you do and how you do it There Will be an Issue

No matter who you are and what you accomplish. There will always be someone who has an issue with it. It may not be easy to deal with at first but once we realize things just are then we will be able to look passed it. Our dreams belong to us but we must be very careful with them not everyone wants to see others excel. We should want to see one another do better, grow, and elevate. Steve Harvey said, “Stop Telling Your big Dreams to Small Minded People.” Pretty blunt but it’s clear what he was trying to express.

If people really thought positively then they would understand that anyone can try to reach the top. There’s no need to fret because we’ve all be given a gift and it’s up to use to seek it or not. Mike Routen said, “Never never never give up on your dreams!” It doesn’t matter how tough it gets or who says this or that. We have to keep moving. If we don’t pursue we’ll be disappointed and filled with regret. Although trying to pursue goals and dreams are difficult. That shouldn’t detour us and we should be grateful that we’re in a position to pursue them.

Just because some people are displeased when others are trying to elevate in some way that doesn’t mean that people should give up. We can’t live for others. We must live for ourselves and do what’s necessary. No one can please everyone.That’s something we have to remember. If we settled for less then we wouldn’t have the best. We can’t do or stop doing things just because someone doesn’t like it. We should be inspiring others to pursue their passions.

There’s people right now who have chosen to let their dreams go because they wanted to please others. They were more concerned with what people were saying then with living out their dreams. It’s unfortunate because they probably would have contributed some great skills within society. We have to remember that people will always have something to say about whatever. That’s how it is but that shouldn’t cause us to be fearful of pursuing what we love.

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If it was Easy Everyone Would be Doing it

Trying to reach certain goals isn’t easy. It can be downright difficult. Some easiness may occur but for the most part it can be tough. If trying to pursue our dreams were easy. A lot of people would try it. Some may be fearful or refuse to go head to head with adversity so they refuse to pursue their dreams. Life isn’t easy and we shouldn’t expect our dreams to be easy.

When we reach our final destination then it will be easy. Some challenges may occur but we should be well developed by then. Sone goals scare people off and that’s unfortunate. Difficulties isn’t for everyone. It’s pretty sad that others rather miss out on opportunities because they feel that things would be too hard. Toughness is apart of living. We can’t avoid the difficulties so why should we avoid pursuing our dreams?

The easy roads are far in between. We may come across some of the easy but all in all we will have to face that adversity. No one should discourage another from trying to pursue their dreams. In fact we all should encourage one another to go for it despite how hard it maybe. Trying to reach certain goals will require us to give it our all. Not everyone is willing to do so. Pursuing our dreams is worth it and although we may feel fatigued at times. It’s still worth it.

If we had it easy then we probably wouldn’t develop and reaching certain goals requires development. We shouldn’t want to stay in one position. Growth is a wonderful thing to be apart of. When we face battles while trying to reach our greatness. We will become stronger for the next set of goals and we shouldn’t be fearful of them. Don’t be discouraged when the difficulties arise. We get theough them and we learn a lot more. Never give up on Pursuing Your Dreams. A lot can be accomplished when the fear is removed.

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It’s Work Alright

When looking on the “outside” it may easy on the “inside.” Oh but it’s not. Not at all. There’s some peeking in and waiting to see if you’re going to “Make Things Happen.” What will one do? Well, work and hustle, let’s be clear here. Hustling is a form of working. It’s working in a nontraditional sense. Completing projects and tasks. Some days it requires working past 3 a.m. They won’t believe it until it’s done.

When you have a goal. You really want to reach it. We all want to feel accomplished. While they’re looking from outside. We’re working from the inside. It’s very rewarding when there’. giving and acknowledging involved. We want to be success so we will go that extra mile. It’s difficult when there’s little to no support. The truth is. People won’t feel confident until they see some results. That’s how that goes. Trying to get to those end results won’t and isn’t easy.

We will have to push ourselves and there will be times when we not necessarily want to give up but we will be so fatigued. Anytime one chooses to make their dreams come true. They will have to accept that hard work will be involved. People could cheer you on or boo you all the way to the end.

It really doesn’t matter who is for us or against us. We shouldn’t stop pursuing those goals and having the desire to achieve. We should put in the work but we should also make sure that there’s rest involved. We can’t accomplish great things with little energy. If you ever want to pursue your dreams.

Make sure you believe that it can be done. Find the best techniques to utilize so that those goals happen. Sometimes we suffer those setbacks and we become discouraged. Never discouragement to get a hold of you. Our thoughts are inportant and replacing them with positive thoughts will help us reach our destination.

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Keep the Vision and Soar

Not everyone enjoys watching someone pursue their goals or dreams and we should expect some resistant when trying to accomplish certain things. Challenges are apart of life but we shouldn’t stop trying to accomplish whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish. Keep the vision even when things seem slow. Visionaries are conquerors and whether people accept it or not. No one should give up their dreams.

That’s why it’s encouraged that we keep our goals and dreams to ourselves but we should allow our talents to “shine.” We shouldn’t discourage others from being visionaries or pursuing their goals. Anyone wanting us to stop moving towards something that will better our lives aren’t caring about improvements. We should want to be apart of “growth.” Although we will face adversity we should move as much as we can. We should accomplish something. Even if it’s one goal out of many.

If we focus on the things that won’t help us get to our goals then we will have setbacks. We should rise above anything that tries to weigh us down. Visions are meant to be pursued. They are meant to be presented at the right time. Sometimes we move to quickly with the vision. We become excited and sometimes we tell the wrong people about our dreams and that could be a problem.

Although we will come across some resistance that shouldn’t prevent us from accomplishing whatever we can accomplish. “Where There’s a Will There’s a way.” If we don’t do what we feel passionate about then we’ll feel as if we’re not living or reaching our potential. We must do what we’re purposed to do. No one can stop God’s plan. Helping others is a blessed vision. Anyone wanting to make positive changes within our communities, within society, and in the world should be able to do so.

No one will understand another visions if they’re reluctant or if God hasn’t given them the sight to see the vision. When people don’t understand it they may not support it. When trying to pursue our dreams we may have to walk it alone. There’s some that will put in maximum effort to try and shut it down. Don’t stop dreaming or believing in your dream and goals. Goals are meant to be accomplished.

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Go Harder, Stronger, and Braver

Oh yes, there’s people who want to squash your dreams, but don’t you let them. They may work hard trying to get you down and out but shouldn’t make you want to move more? The reality is not everyone approves of people pursuing their dreams or creating change. They may be resistant to it and you may be a target of the screams. The best thing to do is to “keep moving.” That’s right. There’s goals to be accomplished and the destinations that need arrivals.

I remember reading about a writer who became a millionaire. He became accomplished but it didn’t happen without some bleed, sweat, and tears. He decided to tell his story after the success. He explained how people don’t really like to touch base on how hard it is to reach to the top. The truth is. It is quite difficult when trying to pursue not only your dreams but other things in life. You will have to come across some difficulties. No matter what occurs. One should keep moving. It’s not about the battle. It’s about how developed you become during the battle.

If you’re a “visionary” then you should surround yourself with visionaries. if you surround yourself with people who are lethargic then that’s what you will become. Those who want to drain your energy so that you don’t feel like moving forward will try to make their way into your life. If one wants to accomplish something then they will have to push their way through the crowd and remember that it’s impossible to please everyone. Don’t even try it.

The naysayers will come rolling the red carpet. They will try to scream all sorts of negatives at you. You can either allow your mind to ponder on them or keep moving. The struggle is real. It truly exist but without it we probably wouldn’t “grow.” The further you get the more you’ll learn about dealing with the resistant ones. They can only stop you if you allow them to. When pursuing your dreams you may find that some will cheer no matter what and others will do it sometimes. It all depends on their moods.

The best cheerleader in such an event is (you). If you don’t cheer for yourself than who will? We are our biggest supporters. If someone tries to discourage you from going after your dreams then say, “alright” but keep going. They will give you a strange look but that’s alright. They shouldn’t have the power to make you quit. We all have something great inside us. Some may not want others to see it and others may not care who sees it. Our gifts deserve to “shine.”

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The Less They Know the Better

It appears that more can be accomplished when everyone doesn’t know one’s moves. When trying to accomplish goals and pursing dreams, it’s best to keep it on the hush, hush. Not everyone will be happy about our accomplishments. They really don’t need to know every move we make.

Some will reveal the importance of keeping your dreams private. Of course we will want to share them with someone but some aren’t thrilled with our ideas. In fact people will spend more time trying to sabotage someone else’s dreams instead of trying to pursue their own. Doesn’t seem fair but that’s how that goes.

Some people have given up on their dreams because of the complexities. The complexities that are generated from people’s actions. Our dreams belong to us and we should embrace them. Sometimes going in silent until a goal is completed is helpful. Too many ideas have lost their way because people became overly excited about them.

It’s unfortunate that some people are inspired that someone wants to better their lives and others. Due to envy or insecurities, people will try to wash others ideas, and goals away. We can’t speak out about every avenue we plan on taking. The ones closest to us should be happy but that isn’t always the case.

They could feel bad about seeing us accomplish our goals. Instead of cheering us on. They may try to stop us from completing our goals. It really puts them in a bad place because no one likes it when someone tries to sabotage their dreams.

Sonetimes we have to be quiet and just move forward. When they ask what you’re up to. Just say, “up to something great” and leave them in thinking. They will want to know but if you tell them then it will be a mistake. We should dream and we should be happy about it. If people aren’t satisfied with our ideas then they don’t need to be apart of them.

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Sometimes you Have to Encounter Others Insecurities

We will come across some people who will dump their insecurities on us. They may try to convince us that we’re not enough or that we’re incapable of completing certain tasks. If we listen to them then we won’t become success. Their thoughts shouldn’t be our thoughts. There will be people who may not understand what we’re trying to accomplish and that’s alright. We can’t control what others do but we can do something about the way we handle those with insecurities. Of course all of us have felt some sort of insecurity but we’ve learned how to not channel it.

We don’t have to accept dysfunctional behaviors. There’s always a way to remove it out of our lives. If we don’t remove it then it will continue to grow and that could create a meltdown for us. It can be difficult dealing with egos, insecurities, and envious behaviors but it’s in the world so we will have to deal with it at some point. We can’t allow it to take us down. Some people are so unhappy with themselves and they will try all avenues to weigh us down.

If they’re insecure then it’s alright for us to suggest that they try to work on their insecurities and of course a professional may have to step in if they’re unable to work on it themselves. People who are envious will want us to stop what we’re doing. They may not be happy with our success so they will try to throw stones at us. Their tactics may hurt but it shouldn’t break us. In fact when others are being envious when it comes to our accomplishments, it really shows that we’re on the right path, people won’t go out of their way to bring someone who doesn’t have what it takes down.

We should try to spend limited time with people who refuse to respect our decision to follow our dreams. If they’re unable to encourage us or they refuse to stop putting us down then they don’t need to be apart of our journey. Everyone has said somethings that they should’ve, either out of hurt feelings, or because of anger but it means a lot when we realize it and we apologize and move forward. If we try to uplift one another then more people will be willing to expose their talents.

Insecure people don’t want to see others blossom so they may try to sabotage someone’s path. We don’t have to loft them but we don’t have to accept their behavior. We shouldn’t stop trying to pursue our dreams just because we come in contact with insecure people. We should keep going and keep believing in ourselves. It doesn’t matter who refuses to believe in us. We shouldn’t be on board with their thought process. Our mindset is what will help us get to where will need and want to be.

Sometimes we get distracted by the noise and the hurt that comes along with pursuing our dreams. If we believe the negatives then we’ll be unable to complete our journey. We should surround ourselves around positive people and do what it takes to “Make Things Happen.” It’s not easy dealing with the mess but if we want to get somewhere then we’ll have to make our way through the crowd. We should be confident and understand that not everyone wants to see us “rise.”

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Foolishness can be Uncontrollable

Some people can’t help but fall in the cycle of foolishness. It can make its rounds when envy, superiority, and masculinity comes into play. When one wants to prove that they’re better and when they want people to see the best in them. They could be headed for foolish road.

It’s a reason why people say, “Stay in Your Lane.” Everything isn’t for everyone. If you’re better equipped to work on a job then why would you keep invading in people’s business? Some people are fueld with competition and they feel they have something to prove. The spectators get a good dose of foolishness.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun but some people don’t know when to stop! There comes a time when foolishness has to cease. When business has to be conducted and all those distractions removed. Instead of trying to make a better life. People are spending more time getting wrapped up in the foolish web.

Sometimes we don’t need to prove anything. Envy is a gateway to foolishness. It will create a long road filled with vicious cycles. Unfortunately some people can’t handle seeing others try to build a better life for themselves. Foolishness is the ultimate distraction.

Those who try to pursue their dreams or accomplish their goals will face distractions. People trying to get them off balance so that they won’t succeed in whatever they’re trying to accomplish. It’s best to avoid certain situations or at least learn from them.

When foolishness keeps going and going just keep pursuing your dreams. There’s always someone who wants to stop it but God has allowed it. You can always tell who wants to you others “rise” and would love to see others fail. The best thing to do is to keep pushing your way through the foolishness.

No one can stop a dreamer but that dreamer. Succeed anyway. If someone wants you to turn back then that’s their problem. Insecure people will try all avenues to make sure others don’t make it to their destination. Remove foolishness and you’ll go further.

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It’s Really up to you

Some people may not have the drive to keep going when adversity presents itself. They rather take the easy way out so that means, they won’t progress, they have the tools to move but fear has hindered them. Why should anyone stop pursuing their dreams? The why is there but there’s so many reasons why people stop or never start.

Too many people are concerened about what others have to say about pursuing their dreams. If you really want it then you will fight for it. You’ll deal with the tears, sweat, and frustration. Yes, there will be some frustration when you’re trying to make it to a certain level, there will be cheers and a whole lot of boo’s. Should the boo’s stop you? Not at all. In fact they should make you want to push harder.

When ever someone tries to knock you down. They’re telling you that they’re afraid you will succeed. Your family and friends should be supportive. Noticed I said, “should,” that’s because it won’t always happen. You may find that a lot of your family members and friends will be against you. They probably are afraid that you will leave them behind.

Don’t feel guilty about wanting better and wanting to do better. We can’t live for others so therefore it doesn’t matter how many people tell you, “no,” you should be the one saying. “Yes.” Of course you will feel a little doubtful but you must quickly shake it off. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you’re not capable or you’re not good enough.

You will learn that saying, “no” is alright, you won’t be able to please everyone. Someone will be disappointed. In fact a lot of people will be disappointed and will become angry with you. You can’t worry about that. If you dwell on it then it will make you sick. Keep on the right path and achieve with a “smile.”

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