Don’t act as if it Hurts to Help Others

Some people may not want or some are just don’t in the position to help others. Even if you don’t have much. There’s a way to help. Remember that kind words help people. Just try it and see how much of an impact you’ll have on someone. Helping others creates a more positive community. As you have probably heard on the news, a lot of communities suffer from compassion, and they need to see compassion in action.

Matthew 5:16 says, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in Heaven.”

John 15:12 says.”This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you.”

Those scriptures tell us that we should demonstrate good works and love one another. God doesn’t honor hate and neither should we. We should try to help others when we can. Even if there’s not much to give that’s alright. Even a morsel will help in someway. It’s alright to have a little selfishness but givers are selfless. Our world could use more givers.

Let’s continue to demonstrate love and try our best to “inspire” others to not only give but to live their dreams. Sometimes people need a few words to inspire them to do what they’re capable of doing. Love can bring communities together.Love can remove segregation and discrimination. We need more love don’t you think? There’s people in positions to give but refuse to do so. What people do with whatever you give them is up to them. You’re not responsible for how or what they use it for. You’re job is to “give” to someone somewhere.

Perhaps finding a homeless person and buying them a meal. What about buying an underprivileged child or children a pair of shoes. You can even take some time to speak to the youth about getting back on track. There’s a lot of ways that we help others. Helping others blessing them and will bless you as well.

My great grandmother use to hand out money like candy but she also received envelopes full of money. She believed in blessing others and she lived to be 101 years old. There’s no need for us to hate one another. Although we may not agree all the time but we should still love and embrace one another. Continue to demonstrate love.

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A big Celebration

There’s a big celebration happening around the world wide web. Oh what ever could that be? The celebration of joy and happiness. The celebration of feeling free from negativity. Shouldn’t we be happy, shouldn’t we want to prosper, we should feel the “joy?” It’s a lovely evening and the peace surrounds us. Smile from ear to ear and enjoy what life has to offer.

We’re celebrating over there at Bubblews. Why? We believe that spreading love and kindness is contagious. Why should we be grumpy? We’re feeling the presence of God on “Twitter.” Let the “tweets” roll. Oh TSU I haven’t forgot about you. You’re in this too. Google+ with all the cuteness, those animals sure are cute, you’re a joy to be around as well. Blogjob, you’re shinning brighly, helping us gain our fair share of joy. Love, love, love you all.

We’re continuing to allow the positivity to flow. That’s right. Having fun, celebrating a “lovely life.” Lets continue to be uplifting and care about our neighbors and friends. Please oh please don’t let this celebration end. It’s so nice to have such loving people trying to “rebuild.” Lets make this happen again and again.

Bloggers, writers, and business owners. Lets do our “share.” Show the online world that we truly care. Be encouraged because here’s to a brand new day. We will work and we certainly won’t forget “play.” Laugh and feel so free. Avoid all of that negativity. Lets be loving and make this place better. Caring about one another and sending out some sunshine.

It’s your time, your time, your time. We will continue to make these communities grow. Your financial situations will get better, your stress will cease, just “believe.” Continue to create positive friendships and watch the positive changes. This is what we need. Keep celebrating and continue to be happy.

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