What is There to be Expected?

Some may expect a lot, too much, or perhaps some aren’t expecting much at all. Sometimes the loads may seem heavy but there are many ways to conquer. Pausing to think of what exactly is so important and needs my attention. Yes, I’ll say that some folks absolutely shouldn’t “receive” my attention. My attention is deserving. “There’s the misjudgments but there’s also the solutions. I’m a problem solver.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Disagreements of my presence and where I shall head to so many have either been vocal or they’ve thrown out messages which some are unread. Why? I’m aware of how many are trying to attack. Whether verbally, mentally, or in some cases physically. I’m able to control my anger. In fact I’m glad, excited of the upcoming events, Life events. Meaning “different” stages in one’s lifetime.

Too focused to pay close attention to what they’ll try to do. If any penny was taken which I have plenty I won’t fret because I’m blessed. What I have some want. I’ve given birth and I’m grateful one of the most awarding experiences. Some are unable to witness or “experience.” Blessed! I’ve seen the meanest words but I’m able to proceed. What’s important is adhering to the goals, objectives, and the climbs.

Climbing continues. The pushing back isn’t. Why are so many after you? The anointing. Read “scripture” and learn about the troubles which mankind will face. It’s as if I’m desired by mankind. They can’t seem to get enough of me=Tanikka Paulk. As if they want me! Almost as if they’re lusting after you=Tanikka Paulk. More than looks they’re way too in tuned with my every “movement.” “Wanted!” You are wanted yes you are.”  One is before and one is no matter how many are clicking after you=Tanikka Paulk. I’m called one. Only one (Tanikka Paulk). Meaning no other person or persons can be you=Tanikka Paulk.

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What are People Saying About you???


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“The Climbing Will Continue Until . . . . by: Tanikka Paulk

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Peace is Nice That’s Me!

Some may view my attitude like Scrooge but I’m nice but will say what I’m feeling at anytime. That’s right. There are so many continuing to try to agitate but I’m so in tuned with my peacefulness that I’m gliding by. It’s better to proceed than to push backwards. Yes, sometimes there will need to be backwards motions but forward progress will incur the “right” results. “There is a reason or perhaps reasons why I’m moving along proceeding on my journey. There is a purpose for you!” (Tanikka Paulk)

Where am I to head to next? Somewhere is how I’ve viewed my journey. Despite what they’ve thought I would do my confidence has allowed the continuing. Oh I’m nice but some have really tested my patience. Oh yes indeed. Their outlook on what I’ve accomplished and what I’m to accomplish has caused some form of confusion. There is certainly more to discover and there is more to adhere to. My movement has probably surprised the crowds. They’ve witnessed my niceness.

Here I am and perhaps will be going to an “undisclosed” destination. If they’re aware of all of my ventures then there could possibly be some disturbances. my prayers continue. I’m thankful for what I’ve been able to do thus far. God has allowed thee to see, to discover, to imagine what some haven’t dared to imagine. There isn’t anything wrong with imagining. “There is always reality. “Some really do need nice some have caused irritation but I’ve learned to manage frustration.” BY: Tanikka Paulk

There are some wanting to test my patience but oh there is glorious movements anyway. There is prosperous glorious adventures although some may think otherwise. Time continues to move along and that’s great! What’s said isn’t always what’s needed. There is the “ability” to tune out however some of what’s said can be of great usefulness. I’m blessed no matter how I’m perceived. Oh the challenges aren’t in any means causing decline for this woman. No, no, no! The disruptions have taught actually and there is joyfulness in knowing that I’m apart of my own realness. Amen!

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Disagreements but Many Achievements Despite the Conditions

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Progress can be Made After the Mind is Renewed

There are so many reasons why some aren’t prospering. What one thinks is extremely important. It’s very “important” to free the mind from all of the negatives. To change a line of thinking. Add more positive experiences into one’s life. To become renewed and free from all of the toxins which can surely make their way in when being surrounded by toxic individuals. What we believe can become embedded within the mind. It’s better to spend less time surrounded by negative people than to take in their negative ways.

The way we think can alter perceptions. Thinking that there’s no hope or thinking that what every person is saying is correct can stop or prevent excelling from occurring. Not every spoken word is held with truth. There are some who have a motive can will try to alter a person’s perception in order to gain in someway. In order to avoid such tragedies from occurring. There has to be a decision to think differently. Perhaps limit “communications” with individuals who are mind controllers. The ones who try to send words in order to brainwash others.

If there’s no thinking or positive thinking entering the mind then there will be no renewing. Words are used for good and to cause individuals to become doubtful. The ones who try to introduce doubt have an agenda and in order to keep the mind from becoming ill. There will to be some blocking out. To avoid being interrupted by what others are doing and saying. Shut off the means of communication in order to “obtain rest.” Some choose certain words \to cause individuals to doubt their reality.

If there are people who are trying to cause insanity then they’re the ones to keep an eye on. There’s no need to spend lots of time trying to figure what will be their next evil plan. Reading motivational material and listening to soothing music can help keep persons up beat. There are some who will always be deceptive and continue to alter the mind. Trying to stop “positive thoughts” from flowing. Some are simply distorted and will do whatever it is their minds lead the individuals to do in order to prevent whatever it is they’re trying prevent. “Keep Sane by Removals, Avoidance, and Blocking out Certain Individuals.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Have to Keep my Mind. Yes Indeed.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Receiving, Giving Away, and Appreciating

In life there will be a lot of receiving. The receiving of what is needed but there’s a lot of giving as well. Some may not witness everything that is given. We don’t have to share everything given to others. “Life” is to be appreciated and some may not appreciate at all times. There will be days where it seems as if gloom as made its way in. No matter what arises we should continue to remain hopeful. There should never be all receiving and we’ll also need to be careful with too much giving.

Not all giving will be appreciated. Even if it’s not appreciated we shouldn’t stop giving. Making contributions to society is important. Even if the contributions are small. Even the poor are required to give. Not all giving includes money. Sometimes time will be more appreciated than money. Life can be unpredictable and at any moment we can receive blessings. In order to receive blessings we’ll have to go through a lot of trials. When the time is right we’ll receive more then we’ve received before.

Some will try to hinder blessings but what’s for us is for us. No amount of resistance will prevent the blessings from arriving. We must understand when we expect certain things to occur and another direction comes into play. If the timing is off then we’ll have to wait for the right timing. Once we’ve experienced what needs to be experienced then we’ll receive. Some may expect to always receive and never consider giving.

There has to be some give and take in life. We’ll have to work for some of the abundance and other times we’ll receive gifts from previous works we’ve done. There should be no despair if “destinations” are taking longer than expected. Eventually we’ll reach the position we’ve been working for.

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Someway and Somehow Better Ahead

There will be some changes. Some may not be pleased with the changes because they’ll want things to stay a certain way. We shouldn’t sit in self pity and feel despaired. There’s hope and where there’s darkness there’s light. We’ll get there and of course getting there may take some time. Up, up, and up! We should feel victorious. Love conquers and the world would be filled with darkness is there was no “light.” Shinning a light in a dark and hateful place will be the work of “peacemakers.”

We should believe that brighter days are ahead. Troubles don’t last always. There’s a time for everything. A time to laugh and cry and a time to “rise up.” If people want to do better and want to “prosper.” Then those things can be done. Have the faith and the blessings will pour in. Far too long people have tried to hold others down. Why? Because of fear. The fear of certain people getting ahead is scary for some. “Brighter Days Ahead.” Through continuous action and faith. The changes that so many want to see will come fourth.

Those who refuse to shine a light. Oh well. Those who want to shine their lights should do so. Share with the world. Demonstrate that there is good even in a dim situation. The sun will rise and sunshine will be spread all about. There will be smiling faces and happy people being expressive. When light is shinning some become offended. Shine your lights anyway. There will be so much light that darkness will run away.

One day the troubles will fade. Those who are trying to cause others to stay in the same place because of their own securities will be surprised. They’ll wonder how some grew in such an unstable place or grew within a troubled society. Yes indeed, better days are ahead, and when the time comes. There will be so much “abundance” and some will wonder how those who were at the bottom. Reached the top. Shine, shine, shine.

“Shine a Light in a Dark Place and Watch and see What Happens.” (Tanikka Paulk)


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Push Foward With Confidence

One doesn’t have to look for adversity. Adversity can find anyone but adversity doesn’t have to beat us down. It can knock us down, set us back, but it doesn’t have to defeat us. We should have enough strength to push forward. It doesn’t matter how many problems invade our lives. We shouldn’t allow them to hold us down. We should become stronger and hold our heads up high.

Sometimes we have to block out anything that will disrupt our “movement.” We can go forward but we’ll have to release somethings. There’s troubles all around us and we have a choice what we want to do with them. We can hold on to them or we can try to solve them. All of our issues may not be solved at once but they can be solved.

Although setbacks may occur. We shouldn’t allow them to be embedded in our thoughts. If our thoughts are off track then we will have difficulties moving. Taking one step at a time is apart of movement and movement is apart of growth. Once we realize that setbacks doesn’t mean that we’ve been defeated then we will realize how important steps are.

Some people may be afraid of any type of movement but we shouldn’t be. To move and push ahead we’re progressing. Progression helps us prosper. It helps us develop. We can’t grow if we stand in the same position. We must rise and push our way through, up, and higher. It doesn’t mattet how hard it gets. We should be bold and create opportunities for ourselves. We can accomplish a lot but we can’t be fearful of creating steps that will lead us to prosperity.

Allow ourselves to develop and ti be molded will please us. There’sa whole lot opportunities for us but we can’t grab hold of them if we’re not willing to grow. Push, push, push your way through and get over to the side that will offer “abundance.” We can do great things but we have to move towards them.

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Prosperity and Abundance

What shall be shall be. Some may consider prospering has everything to do with money. It does not. There’s so many areas where we can prosper. Our minds, hearts, and health can prosper. Some may perceive being prosperous as being rich. How di we define rich? One can be rich in giving. We can be rich in our spiritual “growth.”

Prosperity depends on our outlook of it. Everyday we “prosper.” If you accomplished something then you’ve prospered in some way. It doesn’t matter what others think about our lives. If we feel we’ve prospered then we’ve prospered. Obtaing a promotion is considered to be apart of prosperity. Elevation means to move up to grow so isn’t that being prosperous?

What About Abundance?

Abundance is when we have plenty of something. For some it’s having plenty of money. Some people have an abundance of cars. Visionaries have an abundance of ideas. We must look beyond the norm. If we think beyond then we’ll receive beyond. A poor man is considered having very little but he or she may think they have a lot. Perhaps they may not have a lot of money but they may have a lot of compassion.

Our views are sometimes altered. If we allow our thoughts to experience beyond the norm then we will perceive prosperity and abundance as more than money. People constantly define people’s worth on how much money they have. They’re thinkinh process isn’t prospering. To some it may be out right ridiculous. What we perceive is what matters.

We should tell ourselves that we’re prospering. That we will and have our gifts abundantly. If we encourage our minds to think of what is possible then we can certainly make it a possibility. Sometimes we get in a mindset that leads us to thinking negatively. We may think that we don’t have this or that but in actuality we have plenty.

If we have food, a bed to sleep in, and water to drink then we have more than si many others. Some are without a morsel. We may not have all the things we want but if we have the things we need then we’re already prospering. Think prosperity and abundance. Focus on growth and elevation so that we can create better lives for ourselves, our families, and others.

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Envy is Like a Disease

Envy can destroy our surroundings and the people who will stand for us. One of the saddest things is when a husband is envious of his wife. When that happens it create a world filled with pain but it can also wake up a wife. Another sad thing is when a mother is envious of a daughter.

What people fail to understand is that we all have talent. If one chooses to earn a degree then we should be happy for them. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t earned something. There’s other ways to blossom. Husbands should be encouraging and supportive. It can sometimes be hard to do if there’s a disconnect but spouses shouldn’t go against one another.

If people could only look within themselves and realize that we’re all special. There’s too much fire and not enough water. If God gave all of us a gift then why are we intimadated by other people’s gifts? We should embrace one another and encourage one another to “shine the light.” We can do some great things when we remove envy.

If we focus on getting better then our minds won’t allow us to feel envious of another’s accomplishments. If a husband can’t encourage his wife then someone will want to encourage her. We can’t continue dimming lights. We all have something to offer. Smile and be glad that God has “blessed” us with gifts. Some may use their gifts to do no good but we all gifts that can help others.

It’s very disappointing when people don’t appreciate our talents. We should appreciate what’s been placed inside us. We should nuture those gifts and shine. We don’t have to hide away because some people are intimidated by our talents. If we do that then we’re doing a disservice. It’s unfair to make someone dim their light because of fear and intimidation. God doesn’t want us to hide. He wants us to tell our stories and help others. If people are trying to bring you down then they must see “greatness.” Don’t hinder someone’s growth. Encourage them to elevate.

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Make it a Productive one

Productivity is something we should all strive to be apart of. Being productive will change things for the better. If we’re not trying to reach our goals then we’re that accomplishing what we should be accomplishing. Wasting time on things that will add no value to our journey won’t lead us to where we need to be. Even if we do one thing that is related to our goals. It means that we’re being productive. If we indulge in those things that will lead us off course then we’ve settled for setbacks.

In order to accomplish more. We must go in silence and do things so that there’s no distractions. If we really want to make it to our destination then we may have to travel alone. There’s a lot of ways to be productive and refraining from those things that aren’t beneficial to us is one way. We’ll come across people who want us to become unproductive. They may do all sorts of things to make sure that we don’t reach our goals. We shouldn’t allow it but being distracted at some point does occur and when it does. We should immediately find a way to get back on course.

Some have disconnected from certain friends and family because they didn’t want them to achieve their goals. They may feel intimidated and when intimidation comes into play. It can discourage the ones trying to make “positive changes.” It’s important that we include those who are seeing eye to eye with our goals. Those who want us to achieve “greatness.” They’re the ones who will make sure that we’re being productive. Anyone trying to knock your goals is dangerous. They add no value to your journey and they may have to be in the dark about a lot of things.

Never allow people to hinder you from achieving. They may have omitted their dreams but that doesn’t mean that you have to do the same. Find the best techniques to use when it comes to productivity. Utilize your skills and obtain more knowledge. Visionaries will add value to other “visionaries” lives. They have common goals and they’re happy for one another.

We should “build” relationships with those who want to prosper. They want more than the standards, they want bigger and better things, they want to see others prosper. Those are the ones who should be on our team. The ones who are out for themselves can’t add value to any team. Teamwork requires building a foundation. A foundation that others can benefit from. We can’t benefit from people who want to being others down. Those are the ones with the crab mentality.

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Believe That you Deserve to Advance

If you’re trying to advance in your life or career then you already know that you will come across challenges. Removing the fear is necessary, when fear comes into play, it’s hard for anyone to get to the next level. There’s nothing we can do about challenges but how we deal with them makes the difference. Some people are afraid to grow. They fear that failure will meet them but if there’s no attempts to create “movement” then failure is a sure thing.

Yes, advancing will take a lot of work, but it’s rewarding. We should want to be apart of the growth but not everyone has the confidence to go for it. It helps to have a support system that will encourage you and others to move forward. A lot of people deserve to have a better career and to have a fulfilling life. Our mindsets sometimes leaves us without certain things. We may think that we’re unable to “progress.” Of course if you believe you can’t then you won’t.

Hard work breaks down to smart work. In order to advance one must be willing to put in the work and they have to be willing to learn more. Staying in the same position won’t create advancement. There’s people who will try to stop you from advancing but their attempts won’t prosper if you’re confident in what you’re doing. One can’t go without determination. Having that “determination” will get you closer to the position you’re working so hard to obtain.

Find the best techniques and it’s wise to listen to motivational messages and watch videos that will help you stay motivated. Don’t deprive yourself of positions and areas that will help you “improve” in life. Anyone who tries to do better deserves opportunities. Trying is a big part of succeeding. Advancing will occur in time but if there’s no confidence it won’t go the way one would expect.

Believe that you’re capable of getting better and achieving even the most complex tasks. Some days will require that we work harder then others but it will be well worth it. Don’t despair if something doesn’t right. It eventually will and then you’ll notice that the road gets smoother. We have to believe in ourselves even when it appears no one else believes in us.


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