The Social Media Craze

Why is social media so popular? Social Media attracts millions of people and if you have a brand or business then you’ll definitely want to be connected to the most effective social media sites. Any business owner who isn’t connected to social media may find that their sales decline due to lack of exposure. Who wouldn’t want to gain exposure for their brand or business? Artists are starting to realize how important social media is.

Not only is social media important but being “social” is just as important. Those who are business minded or in business should know that there’s more to added your page or banner on sites. One must be willing to virtually socialize so that people get to know them and yes, that also includes entertainers, and promoters. Virtual promotion is a great tool. If one is unwilling to connect with others then they won’t see an increase in views and sales.

Artists must stay connected. Connecting with fans is a smart business move. The fans are the ones who make sure that artists stay relevant. They are the reason why artists are in the positions they’re in. Connecting with others will generate a personal relationship that’s needed on order to stay in the game. Some artists and entertainers may feel that there’s no need to connect with their fans but they’re wrong and if they’re unwilling to then they will be sitting in the back watching others rise.

Any one in business should use the most effective promotional tools. Their brands should stand out and they should be current. We’ve all heard of entertainers and artists being forgotten because they’ve been away from the scene so long. That just shouldn’t happen in business period. If one wants to continue to grow then they must be willing to stay up to date. In order to stay current they should be socializing on social media. Of course so many of them have busy schedules but when there’s time. Everyone needs to make a living and for those who have brands. You already know what it takes to keep that brand tight.

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Coming From Behind the Scenes

Some of the most profound actors and entertainers are or were shy but once they hit the stage or movie screen all of it goes out the window. Denzel Washington is shy but he’s a brilliant actor and Michael Jackson was pretty shy but he was an amazing entertainer. They both made decisions to allow their God given talents to “shine.” We do not have to hide our gifts. We should be happy that we were given something special and we shouldn’t keep it to ourselves.

Come From Behind the Scenes

If you want to rise you’ll have to be willing to put yourself out there. Too many people are afraid of what will happen if they put themselves on the front line. Nothing will happen if you don’t try. How will people know exactly what talents we have if we’re too afraid to let the world see them. If we want to succeed then we will have to make some moves. No one can expect to “prosper” without putting in some work.

There’s nothing wrong with showing our talents to the world and especially if those talents will help others. One has to be willing to remove the fear so that they’re able to perform in front of others. Promote yourselves and others. If you’re a writer, blogger, musician. If you’re an entertainer, singer, dancer then you must let people know who you are. Without doing so you won’t flourish. It may take time to reach the status you want to reach but it won’t happen if you’re not willing to come from behind the scenes.

Working behind the scenes will need to happen but there’s more to it. Promotion is a necessary tool for any business. Artists are finding out how effective social media promoting is. Social Media is one of the major tools used today. It’s very effective and more and more are joining in our social media promotions. Some sites offer “Business Promotional Tools.” We can’t expect growth without any promotion.

Don’t be discouraged if at first people aren’t so thrilled with you coming out of the shadows. People aren’t that keen on change at first but once they get use to you they will want to see more of you. Everyone has to start at the bottom, lets say almost everyone, some have been fortunate enough to go to the front of the line. In order to succeed we have to believe that it can be done. It can’t be done if we’re too afraid to put ourselves out there.

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Don’t Expect That

We all know that social media sites are filled with entertainment but those sites are also used to socialize and interact. Without interaction one can’t expect to be recognized. Some will sit silently and avoid being social even if it’s a little. Let’s take Twitter for instance. Twitter consist of Tweets but people are refusing to tweet the way that they should.

If you’re a writter, blogger, or business owner then it’s important that you “promote” your work. How can one expect to promote without sharing their work and others? I’ve seen people tweet information that just sits and that would make it seem as if Twitter is ineffective but it’s bot.

If people refuse to work on promoting their work then they can’t expect to “generate traffic” which generates income. There should be no fear in generating attention when it comes ro your business. If we refuse to interact then we shouldn’t expect much.

It’s as if people are afraid to help others and fear of helping themselves. A successful business man or woman did not become successful on their own. Someone somewhere helped them at some point. We can’t do it alone. At times we may think that we can but no way.

We can’t tweet it ourselves so does that mean that people are patiently waiting for someone to tweet their work? There’s people on Twitter who never tweet. Doesn’t make very much sense. Being on a social network requires some interaction and socializing. I don’t know if people really consider that.

Promoting requires that we communicate. We expect to progress with the same methods. Sometimes we have to change things up a bit. If you find yourself in a hole then find a way to get out of it. Some may wonder why aren’t their websites driving traffic. Well, if people don’t know that it exist, then the traffic will be awfully low. What will you decide to do? We will stand still without movement. There comes a time when we have to do things differently.

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Need a Little Laughter

Can we get some laughs or at least some chuckles? Sometimes life is too serious. Some days are are, are, I’ll leave that alone. We need some laughter. A few jokes won’t hurt. Clean ones that is. There’s the mean comments, the sarcastic comments, and the way out there comments. We need some comedic comments.

Hey, a little funny along with some marketing, may help generate the necessary attention foe those brands. Oh yes, if you’re trying to “elevate,” then you will need to be “creative.” Add a little spice to thiis so called social media. Enough with the meaness. That’s played out. Remove the bullying and sell those products. Increase those album sells. Come on guys.

Listen, listen, we can do some epic things. Put some smiles on people’s faces. We should be uniting not fighting. Lets see how creative we are. What can we do? Perhaps the “comedians” will come out. Huh? Well even if they don’t. We can do some big things. Marketing and Promoting go hand to hand. If you want to progress. You have to come up with sonething catchy. Be extraordinary. Yes, yes, yes. We can do a lot with a little but we must put our minds to it.

You can try putting some funny lines alongside your product or products. The key is to grab people’s attention. People want something different. Something “BOLD.” Sometimes it takes sitting in a room with silence. You can ponder on some ideas. We should be encouraging and helping one another out. There will be those who want to forget about the laughter because they want to compete. There’s room for all of us.

Ate ready to “rise?” I am. We want ro move forward not backwards. Think outside of the box. Run with it. We all have talent and we have every right to let it “shine.”

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