Remain Focused in Order to Become More Accomplished

Oh no can’t lose the focus there’s way too much to accomplish. There should be more and more develops shouldn’t there? Yes, yes, yes! So therefore there will need to be blocking out the noise. Noisemakers could disrupt what needs to occur. There could be a lot said but does any person have to listen to what’s being said or even posted? No! Movements continue and focusing should continue. There’s a lot or areas to cover so how many are traveling currently? There are lots and lots. Some are unable to be seen but they’re coming along should all come along? No!

Eventually there will need to be a breakaway. If there’s is any desire to arrive at a certain destination then there has to be a decision to let the passengers off. Saying “goodbye” will need to occur. Some will certainly be displeased with having to be told that they aren’t allowed “to continue” to travel. On some journey’s there are none traveling and there will be times when the person will have to travel alone. Progress is what’s right! I’m exploring and certainly have discovered what some have thought I’d never discover.

Thinking of the many ways to make it from this position to that one (Tanikka Paulk). Here I am and soon there I will be. Oh how some are anxious to know exactly what’s planned. There’s no need to know at this time (Tanikka Paulk) because there are so many in tuned with trying to sabotage. Oh the competition seems to be ongoing. “Yes there has to be focus in order to achieve what really needs to be achieved.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Determined. Some may have thought that I’ve lost my motivation but the motivation is still here.

I’m firm enough to stand up for my dreams. Competitors will try to intimidate but it’s up to me=Tanikka Paulk whether I’d allow their intimidation tactics to work. There was a decision long ago to remain confident and proceed on my journey in which God had already declared. Some have forced their way on my path but there will have to be the projecting “of boundaries.” The keep away sign. There are some who shouldn’t be allowed to travel because they are disruptive and will try to dismantle my progress.

“Advancement Could Intimidate Some but That Doesn’t Mean That There Shouldn’t be any More Progress.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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All we Have to do is Keep Going and Remain Hopeful

Sometimes we may wonder why things aren’t coming together the way that we would like them to. There’s reasons for that. It may not be time or we’re not remaining focused but if we keep going. The right door or doors will open up. We can’t force it but in time actually what we need will arrive on time. If we pursue the things that are right for us and the things that we love. We will do just fine. Having “hope” is very important. We shouldn’t give up because things seem to be going slow or not going exactly as we planned.

Even when we plan things they can fall through. We shouldn’t be discouraged if it does. We can make it through and although it may take longer than we would like it to. We can accomplish it anyway. Having setbacks is apart of life. We should be encouraged even in our darkest hours. Our time will come when we will be in a position that will offer us better living.

It takes time. It takes time to develop “greatness.” That won’t happen overnight and we shouldn’t feel bad if it doesn’t. Think how long cheese takes to develop. Life’s Goals will take a lot longer. Anything that requires a lot from us will take time to marinate. Sometimes we become over anguish and we try to rush things. We quickly find out that we should avoid rushing things.

We can succeed but we must put action in place. Without any action there will be no “progress.” Sometimes we’re not ready for the “Big Dream” until later in life. We shouldn’t feel bad if we become successful later in life. It could be God’s way of molding us. Until we’re ready, we won’t receive that gigantic reward, but we can continue working towards it.

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Push Foward With Confidence

One doesn’t have to look for adversity. Adversity can find anyone but adversity doesn’t have to beat us down. It can knock us down, set us back, but it doesn’t have to defeat us. We should have enough strength to push forward. It doesn’t matter how many problems invade our lives. We shouldn’t allow them to hold us down. We should become stronger and hold our heads up high.

Sometimes we have to block out anything that will disrupt our “movement.” We can go forward but we’ll have to release somethings. There’s troubles all around us and we have a choice what we want to do with them. We can hold on to them or we can try to solve them. All of our issues may not be solved at once but they can be solved.

Although setbacks may occur. We shouldn’t allow them to be embedded in our thoughts. If our thoughts are off track then we will have difficulties moving. Taking one step at a time is apart of movement and movement is apart of growth. Once we realize that setbacks doesn’t mean that we’ve been defeated then we will realize how important steps are.

Some people may be afraid of any type of movement but we shouldn’t be. To move and push ahead we’re progressing. Progression helps us prosper. It helps us develop. We can’t grow if we stand in the same position. We must rise and push our way through, up, and higher. It doesn’t mattet how hard it gets. We should be bold and create opportunities for ourselves. We can accomplish a lot but we can’t be fearful of creating steps that will lead us to prosperity.

Allow ourselves to develop and ti be molded will please us. There’sa whole lot opportunities for us but we can’t grab hold of them if we’re not willing to grow. Push, push, push your way through and get over to the side that will offer “abundance.” We can do great things but we have to move towards them.

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It Will Surely Come

With patience our time to obtain what we’ve worked so hard for will come. It may not come today, it may not come tomorrow, but it will come. We have to believe that our pain, struggles, and hard work isn’t in vain. We don’t go through trials for nothing. We have to go through in order to gain. Patience will offer us what we need.

We may want things to happen quickly but rushing the process could be a big mistake. If it goes a bit slow that’s alright. Slow can help us gather what is needed for the next level. Time will tell whether we’ve done well enough to obtain whatever it is we’re going after. No matter what one says. Going a little slower isn’t a bad thing.

Sometimes more can be done through slowness. A slow pace requires “patience.” We all can use some of it. Everything doesn’t have to be a rush deal. Rushing something that needs care could result in it falling apart. If there’s no deadline then we can pace ourselves. Good things take time. Great things take more time.

Our work doesn’t go unoticed. We will reap the rewards and benefits but we must wait for them. Some will come right away and the larger rewards take time. In the meantime we must continue working through a patient attitude. For some it may take sometime to learn how to he patient. For others something occurs in their lives that required them to be patient.

Yes, they’ll be chuckles about how slow we’re working, but that’s isn’t of importance. What we need to concentrate on is getting there. “A long road is better than no road to travel.” (T. Paulk). We don’t have to do things like everyone us. We can do things the way that work for us. We shouldn’t fret about going slow. Slow work. It gets the job done.

Everything isn’t a race. If you want something crisp then it’s best to get it just right with patience. Not everyone has it. Some despise patience because they’re always in competition mode. We work to earn. We perform to be rewarded. We give to bless others. Forget about the crowds. A great job can certainly be conducted when we work at a slower pace.

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Silent Isn’t Always Silent

Just because we’re being quiet that doesn’t mean we’re not being expressive. Sometime quietness is a wise option in order to generate peace. We can go about our way in silent mode. Getting so much done when there’s little noise. It’s almost like being “out of sight out of mind.” We can advocate quietly. We don’t always have to be heard but we don’t have to erase our words.

Sometimes in order to keep order and peace we need to move swiftly without making loud noises. We can whisper what needs to be said and those who are unable to hear it aren’t meant to hear it. Just because silence is taking place that doesn’t mean that no action is taking place. We don’t need to see everything. A lot of beauty can be viewed in “silence.”

Some work will require that we’re vocal and some won’t require any sound. We need to experience peacefulness and that could be done with moving about in quietness mode. Some may wonder why some choose to be silent, especially those who do it often, it could have sonething to do with development.

We can hear a lot when there’s noise reduction. We can hear instructions and we can accomplish a whole lot by going about with silence. Not all leaders and advocates use speech to in order to accomplish. We can write in silence and we can perform in the quietness.

A lot of writer choose to be incognito because they realize so much work is done through it. When it’s time for them to use vocals they may choose to do so. We will figure that peace is something to adore. Just hearing birds chirping about is enough sometimes. Getting things done is something we should want. It can be done through noise reduction. Less vocals and more action will incur progress and we should want to “progress.”

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Don’t be Engaged in Mess When There’s Work to be Done

When we have tasks to complete then we must get to it. We’re on a mission to “advance” and wasted time could hinder that. People will try to prevent us from completing certain goals and we must resist their motives. Nothing gets done through play but something gets done with work. We shouldn’t consume ourselves with all work but when it’s time to grind then we should see to it.

Move forward even when there’s noise. We should look pass the noise and accomplish whatever we need to accomplish. There’s nothing wrong with taking breaks but too many will hold us back. If people are working to hinder “progress” then they can not work or assist in anyway. Those who refuse to allow people to accomplish something that will benefit others then they’re not suited to complete taks with you or a team.

We should do all that we can to achieve. We can either achieve a little or achieve a lot. It’s simply up to us. If we want to be successful at anything then we will need to block somethings out. Sometimes we may need to put on some headphones and work with soothing music. Too much noise could be distracting but it’s possible that we can achieve great things through it if we “focus.”

Focus on the path at hand and work through any challenges that arise. Make sure to find the best techniques that will assist with accomplishing more. Even when we’re presented with mess. We should find ways to eliminate the mess and move forward. If people make attempts to stop what we’re trying to accomplish then we can either allow them to do so or we can forget about their tactics and “get the job done.”

Don’t feel discouraged when others are trying to stop the process. Progress anyway. No man or woman succeeded by allowing the noise to cause them to stop. If we stop moving then we won’t make any headway. Work when it’s time and don’t worry about what people are trying to do. A team will develop when there’s people who want to get ahead. “Work Through the Mess.”

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There’s Good in bad Situations

There’s good bad. Positive and negative. In’s and out’s. Ups and downs in life. Even when it looks gloomy, there’s hope, there’s something to look forward to. Where there’s pain. There’s joy. It won’t rain always. There will be some sunshine. Appreciate the sunshine. When we’re going through. It can be hard to imagine a “breakthrough.”

Life is difficult at times. It can sometimes get messy. When it does. It’s important that we find a way to get through. A positive way that is. There will be stress but all of our days doesn’t have to be filled with stress. We have to have some downtime. Imagine if hope didn’t exist. What would it be like? Quickly get that out of your mind. We must remain “hopeful” even when we experience pain. Pain doesn’t last. There will be that “open door.” Things will continuously change.

Life doesn’talways go the way we plan but we should allow God’s “organized plan” to be apart of our lives. We should take risks and experience new things. There’s joy in it all. Tears dry up and life goes on. There will be sadness but happiness isn’t far behind.

The birds will chirp, the sky will look amazing, the rain drops will create music upon one’s window pane. We’ll travel some tough Journeys but it’s worth it. There’s a reason why we go through certain things. There’s a lesson in it all. Anything that’s worthwhile won’t be easy. There will have to be some work put in.

We should enjoy those who listen to us. Who respect us and who truly care. No matter what we go through. We shouldn’tgive up. Giving up should never be an object. Trials are about of life and we’ll battle something but through courage, prayer, and understanding. We shall overcome. What ever you go through. Stay hopeful. There will be a “breakthrough.”

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