To Become to Being To be Free in the Mind

No matter how many times mankind tries to disturb a mind it’s up to the person whether to allow the disturbances. To accept that there are fools trying to cause what could possibly be their own downfall. I’m unable to save the foolish ones because they are without understanding. Just observe some of the behaviors and know that God said fools shouldn’t be apart of our lives. They’ve caused disruptions and they’ve caused their own holes to fall into. I’m on my journey and yet “they’ve invaded” my territory. Almost like persons invading a gangs territory.

Perhaps their line of thinking isn’t where their line of thinking should be. My purpose was designed before my arrival here on earth. So therefore mankind can’t disconnect my purpose although they may try. There is the confidence and it continues to move along where it should. Ye sit=Tanikka Paulk and I’m still residing in Miami, Florida. I’m still able to see the beautiful day in the mirror. There is so much to discover and I’m so happy that I Tanikka Paulk still have the ability to discover. Write my truths.

Obviously God is allowing me=Tanikka Paulk to continue. God already knew that there would be troubles and that mankind would produce their own sufferings. There is the ability to heal the mind by spending time “focusing” on the positives. No person will be positive all of the time but at least allow self to experience the positives. No matter how many words they’ve projected on my journey I’m still motivated to continue. Oh yes having to deal with the silly ones can be tiring but there is time for rest.

They’ve tried to take but God has given. I’m still able to give praise. I’ll shout and I’ll continue to read the word of God. Devil was and will be defeated by God. Satan causes mankind to go after the anointed although mankind has choice some are to weak to resist the devil’s schemes. Satan is a man. No women is the devil. There is only one Satan who’s name was Lucifer. Yes. some may call others devil, but they are wrong. My “ultimate” goal is to make it to Heaven and God already has set a place in the Heavenly Gates for Tanikka Paulk. Amen! Daughter is Eternal Life. Yes, I’m called life, Life, Life! LIFE!

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Some Competitors try to Produce Insanity and Cause a Cease

Are competitors Driving you Crazy?

No. Absolutely not because I’m not going to allow the competitors to get the best of me=Tanikka Paulk. Having to deal with the competition is difficult but there are so many ways to obtain the “peacefulness.” Competitors seem to be unable to compete properly. If a person is great at their craft then there won’t be any need to sabotage. Good competitors will know just how to compete. Imagine competition supplying falsehoods to the public. Claiming that their competition is or isn’t what they’ve claimed. Invaders, some competitors demonstrate insanity, why does some competitors go to extreme measures to harass their competition?

Some do so because they’re feeling inadequate or perhaps need help from the competition. Whatever the reasons are some competitors risk their freedom because they’ve indulged in insanely competition. Ignoring the competition could help but there are some so “determined” to agitate their competition that they’ll continue displaying aggressive behaviors. “Competition incurs risks and some competitors seem to be continuously demonstrating insanity.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There are some proving that their envious of their competition. They’ll either say or project the actions to alert to their competition that they’re envious. If they’re trying to pull down there the person is higher. If they can’t resist annoying their competition then the competition is above. I’ve faced many challenges related to competition. It seems as though there are some perceiving that they can defeat “love conquering.” They’ve “perceived” wrongly because what they thought isn’t so.

My skills have outweighed what they’ve perceived. The challenges have actually build strength. It seems as though there are so many feeling inadequate there should be more confidence related to their craft. The attitudes of so many have brought what appears to be disconnections amongst a race of People. “What will the competition try to do next?” by: Tanikka Paulk. They’ve done enough already but if they’re insane then they probably will try to use some other form of tactics. The weapon forms but won’t prosper. There should be completeness.

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“There is the Open Door to Success and Reaching the Heights.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Taking Advantage of Who?

Alright there’s nothing wrong with being “nice” (tanikka paulk). but some seem to think that I’m under some obligation order. Oh no they didn’t. What’s their malfunction? It seems as though they’re convinced that working for free is best. Every person trying to make a living should be allowed however persons causing a decline in their careers should consider early retirement. “I’ve tried to be very patient but they’re running the free into the ground.” (Tanikka Paulk). Offering free services is one thing but working on sites should incur compensation.

Even slaves where paid working in the cotton fields. Who do they think I am? They’ve went too far and I’m going to stand up. I’m not going to tolerate the abuse. That’s what I Tanikka Paulk meant about changing. There will be more changes to come. No person should tolerate such mistreatment. They’re going to see the meaning “of advocating.” There are some continuing to think that I’m their personal slave. No way! They’ve caused their own problems and now I’m going to find the best solutions to create increases. How many have thought about what they’ve done?

There are many lessons and what some have perceived they were and are currently wrong. Mankind will make many mistakes and what has occurred some of the acts were intentional. The punishments in which every person must face if they’ve acted disorderly but some are punishing based on what they’ve perceived. Yes, there are a lot of People unwilling to admit when they’re wrong. The game playing and shady behaviors cause annoyances. My mind is focused on making improvements. “I’m going to be focused on the areas in which will gather the necessary foundations to build a better society.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

There so many tricks, What will the groups come up with next? Everyday there seems to be some form of disruption. No matter what individuals think of a person it’s what the person perceives of self. There is no way that I’m going to settle for being pushed to the side. The acts committed were foul. There is the ability to create positive changes but how many are willing to assist? It appears as though there are more willing to rip connections apart instead of building. Yes, they’ll want to place the blame on one person, but will they win?”

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Positive Thoughts are Important When Wanting to Elevate

Overcome Adversity by Pondering on the Elevation

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Glorious and Victories of the Day!

What wonders will this journey become of? There’s so many experiences and a lot to explore. The trials will fade and there will continue to be progress. No person can avoid the adversities but it’s important to know how to deal with the many adversities. To be a winner there must be thoughts of positivity. To think clearly, be brave, and to remain confident. So many seem to demonstrate their lack of confidence. How are they demonstrating lack of confidence? The actions and the behaviors.

There is so much joyfulness in knowing that there will be abundance. What God has stored up for persons will be. “I’m encouraged even when the storms roll in.” (Tanikka Paulk). “The ones who continue to try and take away what God has declared for “Tanikka Paulk” will see just what God can do.” (Tanikka Paulk). The disruptions haven’t altered the journey. The noise being shouted throughout the travel hasn’t caused a cease. There is so much to be grateful for. My eyes continue to focus on the prize and the rewards in which so many will be blessed. “I’m Tanikka Paulk and I’m Continuing to be Apart of the Life Experiences.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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So many have been discouraged by the hecklers. To think about stopping the vision, dreams, the ideas would be unsettling. There should be thoughts about making continuous progress. The movements shall continue and no matter how often folks try to remove the purpose in which God has already declared there will be movements. What was set before birth is so. I’ve received the confirmation and confirmations. There’s persons willing to continue to discover so that there will be more abundance. So many have fallen and haven’t had the opportunity to get up again.

I’m so grateful to the helping hands. The ones who continue to demonstrate that they’re willing to succeed further. The economy can certainly use a boost. What more are they looking for? Some would rather place another in my position. The understanding of what God has already designed seems to continue to be misunderstood. My breakthroughs will surely come. The hope is here and although there were so many wanting to cause discouragement. God is here right by my side. He’s kept me=Tanikka Paulk and continues to travel with me=Tanikka Paulk on my journey.

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Accepting What is

“To Understand can Produce More Than so Many can Imagine.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Throw up the Prayer Hands When the Harassment Comes

Harassment is something so many may have to deal with. Do something remarkable and watch and see how many haters some running out to harass. In order to avoid being harassed one would need to go into a cave. That’s right! Why should any gift go unnoticed? Some may not be happy with what’s taking place in their lives and feel the need to harass others. There’s some who act as if they’re getting paid to harass God’s children. Whatever shall one do? If the harassment is continuous then contacting lawyers as well “authorities” is necessary and especially if there are threats involved. Take the names and information and supply the information to appropriate agencies.

There are some who will become envious of what others are trying to accomplish and will begin projecting insults and perhaps some will try harassing a person or persons by phone. There are “many reasons” why some choose to harass others. If they’re angry for some reason then they may start harassing a person. Some are mentally unstable and will harass because they’re not seeking professional help. No one should tolerate harassment. No matter where the harassment is coming from. A lot of celebrities are continuing to be harassed and targeted. Individuals who are trying to rise in some way may be harassed. Once authorities get involved they’ll be able to monitor who the individuals are who are harassing others.

Some may decide to harass others because they’re in need of something and instead of asking properly they’ll start harassing to get their way. Harassment is a way to cause problems for others. To either get a person to stop or start something. Some may do so in hope that individuals stop making any progress. The harassment could come from an ex., a stalker, or someone who is mentally ill. No matter what the reasons are the authorities should be aware of such harassment. They’re in positions to legally stop the individuals from harassing the victim of victims. When some are envious then they’ll do just about anything to make sure they’re “efforts” work.

Some have received numerous threats and there will be some who are too afraid to speak out about the harassment. A lot of advocates are harassed and some activists have been assassinated after the harassment. There are a lot of unstable people in the world and there should be precautions taken. Some may not stop until there’s some sentencing. Jail time. There are some people who will continue on with their antics until there’s some sort of severe consequences projected.

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Tanikka Paulk

That’s a Good Indicator

There’s no need to be doubtful because if there’s haters then ding, ding, ding. Progress is occurring. Something great is happening and the ones who have even a little envy will come out like wolves in the woods. Haters are great for success. They’re the ones who will let us know whatever is on their minds. We can be reassured that we’re on the right track when we have haters. They won’t hold back either. They’re indicate that we’re rising up.

Yes, haters use the crab mentality, but their methods work. The tactics and tecniques motivates the visionaries and others to go harder. Technically haters don’t really hate. Well, some may actually hate, but there’s just a little envy there and they simply need to release it. We should be grateful that we have haters. Not having any haters means we’re not doing sonething right.

Even if we’ve stumbled a few times. The haters will let us know but will be silently cheering us on. The whole love hate thing. After awhile we become familiar with the haters and some may even turn into friends. Does happen. They’re the ones who watch us from afar. Every movement we make. They’re on it. They’ll even wait for the sounds of our feet hitting thr floor. Sounds creepy huh?

Well that’s what haters are all about. Some will even throw obcenities at whoever is being apart of “movement.” For some they’re more focused on war but after awhile they’ll come down and focus on something else. No mattet how disruptivd they are. We must love our haters. They’re helpful and apart of our journey. Anyone who is loved by all is doing it all wrong. Remember even Jesus was hated.

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If It’s Amazing Then There Will be Some Hating Going on

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