It’s in the Name and it has a Purpose

Every person is here on earth for a reason at least a reason but there are some here because there is a “heavenly purpose.” There are duties in which mankind administer but there are more important duties in which God the Father of Jesus Christ demands. How many are truly living their purpose? Some shy away from their purpose because they are afraid. “My continuing is and was designed no matter what mankind thinks there was a purpose declared and I’m trying to live my purpose.” by: Tanikka Paulk

So many have trued to disconnect what God has ordained do they not realize that they will never be more “powerful” than God? Some appear to be mindless with any sense at all. Their actions demonstrate that they are without any understanding. There are so many insisting on disconnecting me=Tanikka Paulk from what God has said it to be. I’ve demonstrated that I’m so. The Bible will state that it is so. There is “goodness” here and although there are so many refusing to accept thee. I’m going to continue anyway because it’s what God wants and because it’s within thee.

There shall be the focus on the important aspects of this journey. No matter what I’ve been perceived to be I’m what is called “be.” There is greatness within and there are some continuing to refuse to allow their own greatness to flourish. There should be the proceeding and I’ve conducted what so many have been afraid to conduct. Puzzled? Perhaps they perceive one way when there is another direction to move into. There seems to be the constant battle about first, right, and rightfully.

Instead of trying to tear down perhaps they should consider what building consist of. The armor continues to remain and for good reasons. My head plate will continue to remain because it’s needed. There are attacks and the attack of the mind is what so many will try to project. To be apart of logical thinking certainly consist of the skills. To be encouraged despite the “environments” is a blessing.

There will be movements even when the movements aren’t seen. There can be duties performed without involving the technology. There need to be moments of of quietness. There is a shield in which God has placed because there shall be protection of “Daughter.” God proclaimed  to be so. There is the advancements, the objectives, the goals performed. Although there were setbacks there are continuous movements perhaps there should be more where they’re unable to see. “To continue involves productivity and isn’t that what is needed and is to be desired.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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I’m Qualified for That Mission

There’s too many People failing to understand that all persons aren’t equipped to travel on the journey. No matter how many times it’s explained there seems to be some refusing to accept that there will be no invitation. There’s certainly difficulties if there are many uncooperative People. There should be at least some consideration to understand. The focus is to accomplish the set goals in order to create stability. The economy certainly can use a boost. There are invaders and the ones trying to sabotage shouldn’t receive an invitation. “The ability” to understand seems to be far between some of the membranes.

The mission is to incur higher revenue. Imagine if budgets continue to dip then there could be individuals being laid off and suffering economical distress. How many are willing to assist how many really are concerned about growth? When there are achievements to accomplish then there should be cooperative People. Are they concerned about increases or are they simply focused on causing decreases. The mission shouldn’t be every person’s mission because there are some refusing to become “qualified”. There must be “visionaries” on such mission. That is right.

When there’s growth then there will be more stability. There could be less homelessness but so many are so focused on their selfishness that they’re unable to visualize. There is more than dreaming occurring. There is no time to waste on babysitting the insecurities in which so many seem to project. The ones believing in the abundance are the ones qualified to travel on the journey. A visionary should consider and observe the qualified. Most of the time the person will have to travel alone. Having too many hanging on could result in delays. “To consider the most effective ways to assist the economy is what is needed.” By: Tanikka Paulk

I’ve encountered persons continuing to cause havoc because they’re really afraid of prosperity. The challenges and adversities could create greater strength but too much pulling and there could be broken bridges. They’re not looking ahead there seems to be some continuing to look backwards. There should be further developments. There should be positive thinking and sights on what will help the entire world. Some have confused themselves by refusing to see what is in front of People. Look closer and there could be “connections” beyond imagined. “There will be accomplishments in which some could be taken back by. It’s the wait and see.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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“The ray of hope begins with developing a positive mindset.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Believe in the Possibilities

We can achieve a whole lot through action and through changing our mindsets. In order to be “productive” we should surround ourselves with positive people and positive influences. If we’re constantly in a state of negativity then our progress will be hindered. We really should set out to do better. It’s a wonderful thing to be apart of “growth.” We certainly have to believe in ourselves because if we don’t then who will? We can do great things but we must believe that we can.

Listening to negative communications could embed in our minds and that will cause us to stumble. It’s very important that we listen to those soothing melodies and listen to encouragement. Sometimes we have to stand back and just give a long sigh and then start again. Just because something is complex that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. We’ve been given many gifts but it’s up to us to utilize them. If we allow our talents and gifts to go to waste then that’s so unfortunate.

Believe that we can do more then people say that we’re capable of doing. Go the extra mile. If it won’t help us develop then we may want to tune it out. If people are overly critical then we may want to tune them out. We can’t be productive if we’re constantly accepting everything that won’t help us in any way. In fact if it isn’t helpful to you or others then let it go. We can sometimes get stuck in the belief that just because someone says it, it has to be so, not true.

It’s possible but if we don’t work towards those goals then it won’t be possible. We will have to consider a whole lot when stepping out on the possibilities. How many people can we help along the way? Will our journey be beneficial to us and our families? If so then why shouldn’t we go for it? Those who tell us that it’s impossible are the ones who were afraid to try. Trying is a step. Sometimes we’ll have to take small steps in order to reach our destination. A little movement is better than none at all.

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Action on top of Action Equals Action

In order to generate something. There has to be “productivity.” We have to take action in order to obtain change. Depending on what type of change we’re searching for depends how the change we’ll receive. We must use our minds to develop the positions inwhich we seek. We can’t expect something to occur without action.

Even if the process takes longer than expected. We should still move in the direction that will produce positive changes in our lives. Sonetimes we’ll need to be forceful. We must refuse to give up. Make headway even if some days seem to be slower than others. Action is necessary when trying to achieve something. An idea flourishes through continuous action.

“If we want to obtain then we’ll have to go through pain” (T. Paulk). Going through pain will strengthen us but we must allow it to do so. We can’t expect “greatness” without going through adversity. Our actions depend on how far we’ll go. If we want to overcome then we will need to let some things go. Sometimes it’s old habits and sometimes it’s people who try to weigh us down in life.

Action can occur lightly or it can occur in large quantities. Whatever we decide will depend on how much distance we’ll generate. We can’t be afraid to take action or at least we should remove the fear. Our lives can change at any moment. We must be prepared to act. Everyone views action in their own way. They’re perceiving whatever they believe action is.

Our decisions determine whether we’ll win or fail. Giving up on our dreams is failing. Keep moving despite obstacles is winning. Movement has to occur if we want to advance. We can accomplish some great things by moving. Sometimes our actions will entail moving at a slow pace. That’s alright, as long as we’re moving, that’s what’s important.

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