It Really Does Take a Whole lot of Strength to Proceed

When facing many battles at once some may become consumed with stress or feel less confident. The ones who have been in training most of their lives will most likely develop greater strength. The strength is needed to overcome the many obstacles which can be placed in any person’s way. The more one accomplish the more negatives will arise. Meaning there will be some individuals who aren’t pleased with where some are headed. They’ll constantly follow the individuals trying to see just what they’re “up” to. Be strong because there will be some days when the troubles is severe.

“It takes confidence, determination, and drive” in order to try to get to from one point to another. No matter how many storms reign in. There should be movement taking place. Of course it can be unsettling when having to deal with some of the most difficult people day in and day on. There’s a phrase which says, “Haters Will Hate.” For some that’s all they know. They may not know any other way to be. There was a person who said to forget about what people are saying. Individuals may try to discourage any movement. Their disagreeing with the movements aren’t a reason to feel less confident.

No amount of disturbances should make a person won’t to stop growing. No amount of noise should cause a cease in a dream, vision, or ideas. The determination is way too strong for so many to even consider giving up on their dreams or goals. I’m certainly pleased with having the opportunity to grow in someway. So no matter what’s been said or will be said I’m going to look up to the sky and will continue to praise God for the many “blessings” He’s supplied. The negatives aren’t my problem. They’re causing problems for so many. There are some who are getting in their own way.

Haters don’t really hate or maybe not the ones who they’re projecting their hate on. Most of the time the individuals are really dissatisfied with themselves. The strength will continue to come. There will be adversity and most of what we’re going through is a way to gain “more strength.” To become the person we were chosen to become.  Too many have fallen victim to discouragement. Some will continue to listen to the opinionated individuals. The ones who are continuous trying to hinder individuals won’t prosper well at least not the way they should.

Don’t listen to the negative voices and when one is on a journey there could be a lot of people trying to make sure the journey doesn’t occur. Don’t ever allow any of the words to cause discouragement. Growing is what some are trying to do and they’re doing the right things. Moving forward and not wanting to remain in the same “position” is a good thing. Of course having to deal with a lot of individuals not wanting to see progress can be difficult but the movement isn’t impossible. “My Strength is way too strong for so many to handle.”  by: Tanikka Paulk

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Featured Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk “The Soil is Needed in Order to Incur Growth.,” By: Tanikka Paulk

Sometimes You’ll Have to Duck and Dodge

Trying to pursue even the simplest of things well what one may seem as simple, could be quite difficult, it all depends on what’s in ahead of us and in the way. Anyone who has ever tried something out of the box or something that one may not consider as normal will generate a lot of attention. Of course there will be people who won’t be pleased about our ‘movement.” Some may want us to stop so that they’ll feel better but don’t stop. No one should ever stop doing what they feel they should be doing or need to do.

Sometimes we will have to seek all sorts of ways in order to “Make Things Happen.” We’ll come up against some of the most puzzling of things but those things shouldn’t detour us away from our destiny. We’re destined to be great. Everyone has a gift and they have every right to share their gifts. It’s not easy at all and yes you will have to jump, run, and duck. All kinds of setbacks will come at you but don’t give up. Never consider giving up!

If it’s worth having it will be difficult to obtain. If you have to go through trial after trial then “grow” and learn from it. If you don’t learn anything then you may be traveling down the wrong path. Push through the pain and the difficulties. You may have to travel alone or someone will come in and try to guide you a bit but don’t expect to have someone hold your hand through the process.

One has to build strength while they’re trying to pursue their goals and dreams. If the fear takes hold of a visionary then they will have to find effective ways to get rid of those fears. The storms will certainly roll in but one can surpass storms if they stay encouraged. Removing bravery will not do. If a person refuses to put away their fears then they will surely fall and may have a hard time getting back up. Keep going no matter how many boulders come rolling towards you. Everyday won’t go smoothly be prepared to fight through those difficult days.

It’s important that growth occurs when one is on their journey. There will be some incidents that will teach us to do things a different way. What worked for one may not work for another. We’ll have to find a way to get through the fire. In order to reach our desired destination. We must go through pain, disappointment, and the unexpected. With all of the mishaps that can occur. Always believe in yourself and always “be encouraged.

“Get Through it!”

Go Through the Storms

We can’t expect to move towards our destination without going through some storms. We have to go through the pain, lessons, and experiences. Of course it won’t be easy but with “Faith” we can excel. The resistance from others will occur. Either we make our way through it or we give up. Giving up should never be an option.

The more we go through the more experience we’ll obtain. Anytime we stand out. It will irtitate someone somewhere. We can’t do anything about what others will do or say but we have control over how we will handle it. When we understand that the difficulties will be there. We’ll know how to deal better. When we hit a road block. We should quickly think of a solution. How will we get through this?

We’re capable of overcoming. Our minds have to be trained to think of overcoming. We have solutions but we have to find the best ones. No one who lived their dreams avoided storms. If they really want them to come true then they will work at it. They will do what it takes to reach their goals. It doesn’t matter how many people want to squash them.

When we experience complexities we develop. Developing should occur while on your journey. We should learn what to do or not do. Of course we won’t know that at first but we will learn. Life is filled with all sorts of challenges. Some may not know how to deal with them effectively. When we find ourselves in a storm. We should take a step back and think of ways to move forward. Move in a direction that will allow us to make the progress needed.

We shouldn’t become consumed with stress. There’s a way and if we’re unable to reach the goals we’ve set for ourselves then we will need to regroup. There’s nothing wrong with regrouping. If setbacks occur, that doesn’t mean that failure occured, it means we needed to redirect those actions.

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Find Other Ways to get it Done

There’s many ways to go about doing things. We should find the best ways, the most effective ways, and those ways should produce “abundance.” Sometimes we try to accomplish something but there’s a fork in the road and we wonder how in the world are we going to get around it. The best way to get around obstacles is to regroup and rethink. We may have to take some time to think about which way we would like to go. Once we’ve declared what will work best. We must stick with it. In order for us to create success. We have to be willing to deal with the good and the bad. We have to have continuous action.

A setback doesn’t mean that a failure has occurred. It means that we may have to try whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish one more time. If we try the second time and it still didn’t work then we need to try it again until we’ve hit the gold mine. Yes, it make take a couple of tries before we’re able to complete the task at hand. If one way doesn’t work then we should try another way. The most important thing is reaching to that desired place. We want to advance and we need to find the most effective ways to make that happen.

We shouldn’t be discouraged when something falls through. It could be the timing. If the timing is off then it won’t happen. It has to be fitting so we may become disappointed until we understand why things went they this or that way. As long as we’re putting in effort. We’re achieving. We can’t achieve anything by standing still. There has to be some sort of “movement” going on. We can conquer a whole lot but we must be willing to go through some storms in order to do so.

“Be Like a Tree and Grow”


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As Long as God and Jesus is There

God and Jesus can soothe us when we feel the troubles around us. They can heal when we’re sick and comfort when we feel sorrow. When feeling overwhelmed with whatever it is that creates it. God and Jesus can fix it. We may not be able to understand and find solutions to every problem but they can.

Sometimes it takes deep meditation with our Creator and His son in order to generate son calmness. We may not understand why certain situations arise or why we have been selected for the frontline but we don’t have to bare it alone. If we place our thoughts on the words spoken by Jesus. We will surely feel comfort.

A friend or relative may not give us the comfort that we need and it is wise to seek the comforts from our  Heavenly Father. There’s a lot to go through in this world and we need some guidance. Man may not lead us in the right direction but God and Jesus will always lead us in the right direction. Faith that we’ll get through whatever it is that causes discomfort. We can get through it and there’s nothing that’s place on us that we can not bare.

We may feel as if somethings are too difficult to face but that’s not so. Life will generate challenges and some are bigger than others. Even if we suffer pain through them. We can find healing through the comforting words from God and Jesus. We shall be restored.

Sometimes we have to spend long periods alone. Alone with God’s words and alone to gather our thoughts. We live in a troubled world so we need to break away from those troubles. We can become consumed with thoughts of wanting everything to come together on our time. It simply doesn’t work that way. God’s timing is the perfect timing. Those problems may find us tomorrow but once we trust God and Jesus to handle them our worrying will fade. We will face all sorts of adversity but as we become more spiritually connected. We can deal with them a lot better. That’s what “faith” does.

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Every Battle Isn’t our Battle

We don’t have to prove a thing. If people are trying to create chaos or want us to react. We really shouldn’t but sometimes it’s needed depending on the situation. We don’t have to be apart of every battle because every battle doesn’t need us in it. We become victorious by ignoring some insanely situations. We won’t win in arguments so we may need to find a better approach to certain situations.

We can’t get anything done through chaos. It can leave us off balance so there’s no need to be apart of it. We can find ourselves in a mess when we try to handle somethings on our own. It can leave us worst off. Choosing our battles wisely is important. We can’t fix everything and somethings will mend on its own. If there’s war going on. We have to find peace in it. Wars will occur and there’s nothing we can do about it but we can decide to be apart of the war or let the war fizzle out.

A lot of times we want a quick fix. We become impatient and we lose focus. There’s solutions to many issues but we may not have our solution for a specific problem. The best problem solver is God. We may not allow him to fix the mess all the time. Sometimes we try to fix a situation and end up making it worse. Sometimes we’ll regret that we tried fix a situation. Sometimes it’s best to take our hands off of it. Time can solve problems as well.

We really have to consider avenues when deciding whether to battle or not. When we’re angry. It will be difficult to be victorious in a battle. We won’t react or think properly when we’re angry. It’s best to be productive and that will keep our minds occupied so that we’ll stay away from some battles. We don’t have to engage in every argument or disagreemen. We can allow somethings to fizzle out so that we can stay clear headed.

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