It’s Best That They Don’t Know

When you find yourself having difficulties trying to get things done. It’s best that you find the most “private” ways to do that because there’s so many watching other people’s moves and they find pleasure in trying to hinder those moves so one has to be smart about those moves. Not everyone will be happy for us and we have to keep in mind that misery tries to make others miserable. Sometimes we have to learn to be “silent.” That’s right.

It doesn’t mean that we’re shutting people off or out but it does mean that our silence means to “stay out of my business.” I often imagine how celebrities deal with people always invading their lives. I remember seeing Kanye West’s daughter asking the paparazzi not to take her pictures. They didn’t listen of course but they should’ve allowed her to enter her dance class in peace.

I suppose that’s why so many celebrities wear disguises when they head out. Perhaps there’s a lot of them that enjoy all of the attention. When people go all out to try and make other miserable then that’s when it’s no fun. If you have plans and ideas, it’s best to keep them private, not everyone wants you to succeed. Some people may not want you to succeed at anything. Especially if they have a very competitive spirit.

It’s great when you have people around you who are willing to help you “change the game.” They will help you make your moves privately and that generates a “smile.” We may think that other people will have the same heart as us but it’s not so. We simply have to continue to learn what works and find the best solutions to the problems. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what we do. There will always be someone who disagrees.

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Is it Worth it

A lot of people are becoming well known through social media. I viewed a show called the Westbrooks and it made me think how social media affects people. Is it worth hanging around social media when it creates stress. One of the sisters on the show was weeping because of the comments she views from some of her Instagram fans or haters which ever one prefers.

Where does the social media career path lead? How did this whole think come about? Lets face it, people can be cruel, and it seems social media has no boundaries. I’ve read numerous articles where psychologists claim that too much social media exposure causes depression. Too much of a whole lot of things can cause a meltdown.

If social media is causing more heartache than happiness then one should consider limiting their time on social media or getting rid of it altogether. No social media site is worth risking one’s mental health. If it isn’t beneficial then social media needs to be on your keep away list. Of course not all social media sites are the same. Some sites will set “boundaries.”

Those social media sites that allow dysfunctional behaviors to persist are allowing it because they benefit from it. There’s a particular social media site that seems to have very little rules. Can you guess what site that is? Did you say, “Facebook,” you were right.

Not protecting members could lead to numerous lawsuits. I’m not sure if founders are concerned about that but they should be. The fact is, the anonymity allows people to use bullying tactics in order to intimidate members, sad but true. Should people be concerned when signing up to social media sites? Yes, the risk of private information being exposed is high, and there’s not enough safety measures.

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