Don’t Have Time for That

There comes a time when we can figure out what our priorities are. There’s so many important things in life and sometimes we may get caught up with the not so important things. If it’s something that will weigh us down and something that won’t offer us the benefits of living then we don’t need to be bothered with it. People have way too many other things that they must attend to so therefore one shouldn’t spend their lives focusing on things that won’t offer them any growth. If it’s something that will help us develop then perhaps we should place it on our agenda.

For instance so many of us are spending way too much time on what goes on with social media. Social Media is a great source to use for business and advertising but it can also be used to create depression for others. “Media News Today reported on a study suggesting that Facebook use may feed anxiety and increase a person’s feeling of inadequacy (2012).” Too much social media isn’t healthy and it really isn’t a priority however if one has a brand, business, or needs to use it for advertising then it may have importance but sometimes we go overboard with it and that’s when problems arise.

When something isn’t a priority it can create headaches for us and social media is one of those things. Too much exposure can leave us feeling insecure and unhappy. Egos seems to take place on social media and that could also create issues for those who are effected by the egos and the ones with the egos. That’s why it’s so important that we spend more time in the reality then than cyber space. If we don’t prioritize then we will feel uneasy. Social Media is a great way to socialize but if it’s affecting our health then we may need to step away from it for some period of time.

Not having our priorities in order can create issues in our daily lives. It’s important that we don’t get too caught up with things that won’t offer us what we need for a happy life. We may become so consumed with things that could be damaging to us and that could cause our lives to be in shambles. There’s our homes, jobs, and family that may need our attention so we should focus on those things but if we fail to do so and place our attention on things that won’t help us advance then we will suffer greatly.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially