When God Says It’s Enough!

Yes God will allow the trials to occur and will intervene when He feels there are lessons learned and there is strength obtained. Job went through many trials and although Job experienced suffering Job remained faithful to God. “Every person must face trials but how mankind deals with the trials will determine the outcome.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There is a battle between good and evil the winner must be filled with love. Love conquers. No man (meaning mankind) can defeat God. So many continue to demonstrate their selfish ways but God knows all things.

God promised that there would be suffering there isn’t a person on earth who hasn’t suffered in someway. Some may demonstrate greater strength and others may appear to be weak or weaker. Strength can be obtained when facing the trials there is more to learn. Wisdom is gained when there are many trials and yes there can be fatigue but determination will and faith will the proceedings to occur. I’m a firm believer in the “Word of God.” I’ve been misjudged and God will administer the discipline. No matter what they think of me=Tanikka Paulk God has declared my anointing.

Jesus Christ weeps and I’ve certainly have shed many tears there will be a time when there’s sadness, gladness, and peacefulness. Although the trials arrive there can also be peace. My peace is obtained by reading the word, prayer, and praising God/Lord the same. When there is death there will be birth. When there’s darkness there will be light. Day is right here light is within and outer. So many have underestimated my purpose. There are so many who’ve doubted me=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to prevent my journey from continuing but God has given the green light.

There are miracles occurring. There is devastation when mankind chooses to disobey God and when they continue to believe that attacking the anointed will position the individuals. Mankind will have difficulties admitting when they’re wrong. They’ve proven that there is lacking of love. Love is what makes the world go round. So many haven’t thought about how their actions will and has affected the population. There should be focusing on growth there should be building up.

There will be many experiences there are lessons learned rather quickly and sometimes the lessons take longer to learn. I’m a firm believer in keeping The Full Armor of God on. There are some war filled but I’d rather proceed with peacemakers. To live peacefully is certainly a blessing. Peacefulness can be achieved in many ways. There are some unable to obtain peace because they won’t allow peace in. Transforming the mind will allow the peacefulness to occur. “I’m blessed and realize that the trials are a way to create the right movements” (Tanikka Paulk). Amen!

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My Place is Already set

Mankind isn’t willing to understand how God operates. Disobedience is mankind’s doing. What God ordains no man can remove yes there may be attempts to try and cause distress but God is always in control. God the Father of Jesus Christ. “There are warnings but how many heed to the warnings?” By; Tanikka Paulk. When persons are aware there could be abundance they’ll try to stop abundance and breakthroughs. Perhaps they’re unaware of what Satan tried to do to overpower God. Was Satan successful? No.

There are clarifications in which so many may miss. God will see that a purpose is fulfilled but the person or persons must be willing to cooperate with God. My prayers are heard by both God and Jesus Christ and no matter how mankind tries to intimidate me=Tanikka Paulk I’m progressing. There is steady movement the chatter isn’t detour. Advancement can occur even when there are shakedowns. “Peace is obtained by learning to handle situations better.” (Tanikka Paulk).

To be free what a glorious thing. There is so much power in prayer. The ones disagreeing about a person being chosen are thinking simple. If they allow themselves to receive peacefulness then they’ll notice that there will be better outcomes. The first attack Satan uses is the attack of the mind. Individuals seem to think the same way. They’re trying to wear down the mind so that they can gain power. For instance technology. So many use technology in order to try and intimidate others.

The power is generated when the devices and computers are turned on. They’re waiting to see when the person or persons will be online in order to project their attacks. How does one manage? “Prayer and calmness.” Proceed even when there is havoc. “Overpowering God won’t occur. God chooses, God declares, God anoints.” (Tanikka Paulk). Be firm and know what God called “you” to be. Their mission could be to try and destroy what God has already spoken about. I’m proceeding and they may not be pleased.

Job was attacked and God allowed the attacks but Satan couldn’t kill Job. Job remained faithful to God and received more than he had before. God will continue to be here or there as long as People allow God to be in their lives then God will remain. Both God and Jesus Christ will. Mankind is destructive just read the Bible and find the wars they create. Peacemakers are needed. “What I’ve faced so many would fall and probably wouldn’t try to get back up again.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

My faith continues to allow the growth to occur. When the door is shut there will be another opening. There are glorious moments. The lies told represent that the person is headed where the uninvited aren’t able to travel. Jesus was attacked by mankind.; Crucified and I’m certainly no Jesus Christ. How did Jesus react? Continued to love God’s children. Love conquers. Jesus loved and still loves. Who am I? They have tried to figure me=Tanikka Paulk out but God has protected Tanikka Shajuan Paulk from the demons. They will try to invade work which will help others.

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Discernment and Facing Attacks

Without the power of pray. We will handle things poorly. When we’re being attacked by the enemy we may try to handle the attacks ourselves. That’s the wrong approach. We must put on the “Full Armor of God.” We’re not fighting against the flesh and blood but against principalities. When we take off our Armor we will be attacked greater. The best weapon to use against evil is prayer.

Any one using the past against others is not being Godly. We’ve all done it and some of us are still doing it. We must pray for healing. Satan will use those closest to us to project attacks. We may try to rationalize the attacks through arguments but that will only make Satan happy. When we remove our pray walk. We remove the protection and those days when we’re being attacked with great force we’ve removed our Armor.

Each time that we pray to rebuke Satan. We should say, “In the Name of Jesus.” We have the power to rebuke him in Jesus’s name. Satan attacks us when we’re vulnerable and he attacks us at bedtime and in our sleep. He attacks the mind. When people claim mental illness. They’ve taken on a lable that isn’t of God. God does not attack the mind and body. Satan does.

When we pray. We should pray for our minds because the mind is what the devil will attack first. When the flesh is trying to operate on your mind. They are being used by the devil. Pray that the weapon formed shall not prosper. Satan uses those who are in our lives because he knows they have the greatest influence.

He will attack anything that is good and anything that will help us. Praying for discernment will help us determine who is with us and whose against us. Sometimes those who portray to be with us are actually against us and those who may seem to be against us may be with us. We won’t know that without discernment.

With the Full Armor we will become frustrated and be without understanding. We will have to go through extensive prayer. We face battles that could leave us in a state of depression if we’re not prayed up. The devil enjoys using husband’s against wives and vice versa. He wants to create division. He isolates. When someone in your life wants to isolate you from others. They’re being used by the devil.

When we feel depressed, feel anger, and bitterness we’re being attacked. When there’s envy. The devil works over time. He doesn’t want us to prosper. He takes away from us. He makes us believe that we’re unworthy and that we’re losing our minds. He will tell us that we have mental illness and certain situations are taking a toll on us. He uses foul language and if we’re not careful that foul language will become our language.

We have to ask God for protection in the name of Jesus so that we’re able to overcome those things that are keeping us from being prosperous. God wants us to prosper but Satan does not. He will try to make sure that we suffer financial attacks. Suffer from sickness and that we become weak. He uses anyone while in their vulnerable stages. He’s a great pretender. He will make things look as if he’s doing good but he’s actually hiding his deceit. He attacks us at all hours. He uses people to sholve us in a corner so that we’re attacked.

No matter how upset we become. We can not fight against evil that way. Our weapons are prayer, worship, and fasting. God wants us to get closer to Him and sometimes those attacks are the answer but that doesn’t mean that every attack was formed to get us closer to God. Being attacked means that the devil realizes that God has something in store for us and he wants to stop it.

He wants to stop our “purpose.” He wants to steal our joy and take our peace. He can’t stand when we work for God. He’s God’s adversary. He will try to work extra hard on God’s people. He wants us broken, angry, and filled with despair. He wants us to feel hopeless and feel as if we have nowhere to turn. If he can keep us away from our assignment then he is pleased.

We have to stop allowing the devil to use us. We can’t fight evil with evil. When people have done or doing harmful things to us, things that upset us, it’s best that we pray about it. The devil uses our anger to create division and tormoil. We have to remove those things that keep us from having a relationship with God and Jesus.

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Rebuilding a Marriage

The divorce rates are high, probably because it’s easier to get a divorce, and because people aren’t willing to make amends. Marriage is work. It’s a better for worse kind of union. An argument or arguments shouldn’t send people to divorce court, it has to be something drastic to cause one to want a divorce, God doesn’t like divorce and He would rather we try our very best to hold the marriage together.

Another reason why marriages fade away have to do with the reasons for marrying. Some people marry because of physical attraction. That is something that most likely won’t last. The physical can fade and when it does then that person will search for the next physical thing. Some marry for money, if that happens, the person with the money will lose the person if the money is no longer there. If one doesn’t marry for love then the changes of the union holding together will be slim. People can learn to love one another and that can take some time.

Couples who have different views may find themselves at war with one another. Until there’s mutual understanding, the marriage will continuously fade, and in time it will be dissolved. It’s important that praying couples continue to pray, reading the bible, and taking time to connect with one another. The best thing that married couples can do is to go to bed without being angry. Set aside the differences and make up before you both lay your heads on the pillow.

It’s time to build stronger marriages and love endlessly. Sometimes we go through deep trials and we consider giving up but it may not be a good idea. Trying to work out a marriage is a good thing, some marriages can’t be saved, and others can be salvaged through dedication. Both parties have to want it. You never know what you will find if you leave the marriage. You could find yourself in worse shape if you did. Pray for your marriage and allow God to guide you through it.

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