Distance Yourself From the Negativity

Sometimes we have to learn how to remove ourselves from negative environments and keep our distance when it comes to negative people. Negativity drains our energy and if we’re constantly surrounding ourselves around it then that negativity could rub off on us. If a negative person is trying to invade your space then they should be aware of it. Perhaps they may not realize that they’re being negative but then again there’s people who want to throw negativity at you.

We will have not so good days and it’s not always easy not to feel a little grumpiness but it shouldn’t be that way all of the time. There has to be some time for positive thinking and communications. Sometimes we’re caught up in trying to make peace and which we should make peace but we shouldn’t allow anyone to fill our minds with negative thoughts. We can also be peacemakers by leaving the scene of a negative environment. If one refuses to be positive then they may be dealing with misery. They have to be willing to conquer that.

Sometimes no matter what one does or says, some people will want others to feel bad, they want others to feel exactly how they’re feeling. They will make cynical comments and even taunt their targets. That’s way too much negativity to deal with and although it can be difficult to turn the other cheek. It’s best to do so because you don’t want to follow their negative trail. Sometimes negative people try to test others just to see if they’re able to get a response.

Yes, one may want to respond, but the negativity will continue when that happens. Not everyone wants to be positive. Some may feel that being positive won’t get them what they want. Positivity comes with a smile. It feels better and one looks better when projecting it. Positivty can go a long way. No one knows just how much one may need some positive words to get them through their day.

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Keep on the Path You’re Designed to Travel

It doesn’t matter what people try to do. You have to keep going in the right direction. People will try to come up against you.When this happens. Understand that you have something special and not everyone wants that special to come out so they will try to get rid of it. Don’t be surprised who will try to do this. If a million people want you to stop living your dreams, don’t do it, it only takes one to believe in you and that’s you. There’s decisions to make. Either you decide to stop what you’re doing, ignore the trouble makers, or you can choose to find other methods to get what needs to be accomplished.

Think about this. If you’re not doing something huge then people wouldn’t either bother. When you expose your gifts people will become angry and some will try to stop you but what’s for you is for you. A lot of people have stopped living their dreams because of fear.They fear that people won’t accept them and if people are unwilling to accept who you are then you don’t need them in your life anyway. if you’re talked about, judged, and taunted then it’s best to find ways to get through it. Positive ways and be prepared to be attacked more. When you try to go higher in your position, in your relationship, within your dreams. The attacks will come harder but when you develop to “transforming your mind.” Things will get easier to deal with.

It doesn’t matter where the lashes come from. It can be online, in your home, on your job. It’s best to find solid ground. No one can stop us unless we give them permission to do so. Some people are intimated by what others accomplish. They may dislike the path that you’re taking and it irritates them. It doesn’t matter how much irritation others feel when you’re walking your purpose. Keep going and keep believing that you deserve to make it to your destination.

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Sometimes it’s for Development Purposes

Sometimes we go through certain things because we need to change some things in our lives. It could be because God wants us to get closer to Him and focus on the good. Life is filled with all sorts of situations. We will go through pain and sorrow. There’s no way of getting around it but where there’s pain there’s pleasure. We will experience the good and the bad. If we never went through anything then we wouldn’t appreciate a thing.

Life is what we make it and yes sometimes we will fall down but we have the capability to get back up. There will be those bright days and there will be those gloomy days. We should appreciate all of them. A lot of us have felt more hurt than we would like to have gone through but it can either make us or break us. Going through pain is suppose to build us. Make us stronger and of course that won’t work for all but if we have a never giving up mindset then we’ll be just fine.

Our thoughts sometimes get the best of us. We sometimes think of the bad before the good. We allow negativity to embed in our minds and when the positive comes. We may not recognize it. We can do so much but it’s hard to get things done when we’re down and out. That’s why it’s important that we surround ourselves around positive people. Those people who will lift us up.

It helps to read some good books and listen to soothig music. That will help our thoughts. We sometimes get into tough situations because our mindset isn’t where it needs to be. We all need someone and anyone claiming they don’t, they’re not being truthful, no one wants to be totally alone. If we keep thinking about the good then good will come into our lives. Too much negativity can ruin things for us.

Occupy Your Mind With Good Thoughts

When we fill our minds with thoughts that are unhealthy, we start to do unhealthy things, our minds are like a temple. We should take care of it. Thoughts that generate stress for us should be avoided. We should spend limited time with people who try to get inside our heads. This happens a lot on social media. Instead of people following God’s plan. They want to follow “their own plan.”

Be careful who you spend time around, listen to people’s words, if they’re negative or if they seem as if they’re coming against you, stay clear of these people or at least keep your eyes open. Not everyone wants to see us strong and healthy. Some want to invade our minds and want us to miserable. Unfortunately we will come in contact with these people but we shouldn’t allow it to bring us down.

There’s things we can do to make our minds healthier. We should be some time reading an informative book or information. Spen time with like minded people. Listen to music that uplifts us. Walk around and be one with nature. Take mini trips and het more involved with hobbies that you enjoy.

Find Your Inner Peace

Spend time with yourself and enjoy it. There’s some soothing music on YouTube, meditation, and mind relaxation music. That will help us experience peace. Try some dance steps that will make one feel better and this is also soothing.Sitting in your backyard will help soak up some sunshine and help us stay connected with the outdoors. Not too much sunshine but enough to generate energy. If we feel drained. We should sit, lay down, or take a warm bath. Crossword puzzles helps our minds stay engaged. It not only keeps our minds active but it helps keep dysfunction thoughts out. Watching informative and educational shows on television will fill our minds with knowledge and it will help keep our minds connected.

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