We’ll Have to Come in Contact With the Difficult and the Toxic

Oh yes indeed we’ll have to face some very difficult people and the more we try to ignore the behavior at times. The more madness the individuals may come up with. Who wants to be bothered with trouble makers all of the time? Gosh. Read? Perhaps shutting everything down will at least help generate some peace. Not receiving a message or responding to some silly questions.

Difficult and Toxic oh my

Some people will be difficult no matter what. Do something and difficult. Don’t do anything and still difficult. Sometimes it’seems best to bite our tongue because the wrong words could just spill out and there’s no return. So many choose to remain silent when dealing with difficult people. Some will tell the individuals where to go. The best thing to do is find something positive to engage in. However Sometimes the behavior needs to be addressed.

Some are difficult because they’re trying to gain something. They will try to irritate the dickens out of a person. Oh my “word.” Just ridiculous. Try shutting down devices and someway and Somehow they’ve found  a way to bother a person or persons.

What’should wrong with some people? Sometimes it appears as if humanity is lost. Some are throwing out toxins because they’re trying to stop a vision. Yes, there will be some who will go out of their way to make things difficult for others, yes they will. The person could be going about their way but some could care less. Never allow toxic and difficult people to cause a meltdown. They’ll try.

Trying to wear out their competition in order to take control. Don’t allow the difficult ones to do so. Some are exposed to the toxicity everyday. Find ways to generate peace. No one should get down and out because some are so ridiculous. Try putting some ideas out there and see how many try to create a disconnection. Just being difficult.

Some people will ignore difficult people continuously and never offer a response. When some try to “Make Things Happen.” There will be some resistance. Yes. Toxic people can be draining. Day in and day out spilling their toxicity. Trying to drive others mad. While trying to do so. They may just end up with the insanity.

Here’s an Interesting Post About Dealing With Difficult People. By: Tanikka Paulk

“Difficult People are Like Crabs in a Bucket. The Poor Crab is Just Trying to Escape.” By: Tanikka Paulk  ( Tanikka Paulk). by: Tiki33

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Surrounding Ourselves Around Positive People is Important

Imagine being around a group of negative people everyday. Can you imagine what that would do to one’s mental health? Negativity is like a dumpster filled with overflowing trash. That’s why motivational speakers are constantly insisting that we find people who have the same or similar goals as we do. We all have bad days but there’s some who are never or rarely positive. Those are people we should limit our time with or avoid altogether.

Positivity will help us along the way. We can get more done when we surround ourselves with positive people. If we find ourselves around negativity then we should quickly find some positive words or information to process. We don’t want negative thoughts to be embedded in our minds. It can eat away at us like a disease. We can choose to accept negative communications or not. Sometimes we intake way too much information. We can discard some of it, especially if it isn’t beneficial to us, and if it won’t add any value to our lives.

Sometimes people are unaware of how negative they are and once it’s brought to their attention they try to work on it. There’s some who may choose to be negative over being positive. We can separate ourselves from the negative bunch. We should find positive activities to engage in. That will help us if we’re constantly being exposed to negativity. The world won’t be filled with all positives but we should digest as much positivity as we can.

Some of us are living in environments where there’s more negativity than positivity and the behaviors end up being apart of us. If we find that we’re becoming negative then we should find activities that will generate positivity for us. Our mental health is important and it can be affected by being surrounded by too much negativity. We should try to engage in healthy conversations.

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It’s Simply up to you

People will try all sorts of things to try and detour us away from what we’re purposed to do. Our purpose can not be prevented. We can slow down or speed up a bit but what’s been set for us will be. It doesn’t what people say or do. They can not stop the “devine plan.” We have to tune a lot of things out in order to advance to the next level. Sometimes we’ll have to disconnect from certain people so that we’re in a position to get more done.

God already knows what we will and will not accomplish. He gives us choices. Either we follow a plan or we miss out on opportunities that are designed for us. We will experience times where we wonder what’s next. Those are crucial times. We should meditate and pray. If one doesn’t believe in prayer then they should reflect so that getting off track is avoided. Delays will occur because everything won’t go smoothly. We will learn to adjust to mishaps that will occur on our path. Of course some wonders will occur because somethings won’t make sense at first.

The more we tune out things that could hinder us the better off we’ll be. People will try to stop us from proceeding. Once we build toughness. Their efforts will lessen. Everyone is gifted and have the ability to accomplish some great things. If we don’t allow ourselves to share our talents then we will be doing a disservice to ourselves and others. As time goes on. We will learn how to deal with certain situations better.

All the hoopla that goes on will lessen. When we’re on our journey we have to continuously embed positive thoughts into our minds. If not then we will become sluggish and feel despaired. Everyday we have to tell ourselves that “we can get it done.” If we refrain from encouraging ourselves then we’ll slow down for sure. Not saying that we won’t accomplish our goals but there would be tremendous delays.

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Somethings Don’t Belong There

We can control how we perceive things. Our thoughts are very important and we should fill our minds with positivity and enlightening information. There’s a lot of junk floating around, especially on the internet, if it isn’t positive then it won’t add any value to our lives. People are entitled to feel and say what they want to say for the most part. Sometimes noise is generated to get someone’s attention.

That’s why so many choose to read inspiring quotes or listen to inspirational music because negativity runs rampant. We can choose what we listen to and we can choose what we watch. We may not always say positive things but we should at least try to. Surrounding ourselves around positive people is important. It’s beneficial to our mental health.

We simply can’t expect to live positive lives if we’re surrounded by negativity. Our minds need to rest. When our sights are on dysfunctional information. We become what we receive. So it’s important that we find healthy activities to engage in. Reading information that’s full of jate can make us irritable. When we expose ourselves to enlightenment. We feel rejuvenated and our minds become healthier.

Not all communications are useful. Some of it is junk that should be tossed in the trash. More and more people are turning to yoga and meditation so that their minds become clear and the stress leaves them. Listening to unhealthy communications can leave us stressful.

If we continue to dwell in places that are negative then we will suffer greatly. We can quickly tune out negativity. As soon as we see something negative we should quickly think of something positive. Our minds are wired to think about the negatives more than the positives. That’s why it’s important to fill it with positive thoughts. Motivational material and videos can help us be more positive. Positive thinking can take us far but negative thinking can hinder us. We should want our minds to stay healthy. We have to do what we can to make sure that it happens.

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How to Obtain “Inner Peace”

Peace is necessary in order to obtain movement. We’re immobilized when there’s no peace of some sort. We become consumed with frustrations and insecurities when there’s no peace. We can find peace in so many ways. One way one can obtain some peace is to forgive themselves and others. Another way is to read God’s words. Those words are filled with comfort and listening to spiritual music is way to develop calmness. It helps so that we’re not in tuned with the destruction’s of the world. We can not allow anything or anyone to steal our “inner peace.”

We should come to a point in our lives when things don’t upset us easily and we should allow joy in our lives even when things don’t go our way. Whatever God has for us will be good. Sometimes we have to spend less time with those who try to steal our joy. We may have to disconnect from those who want to see us unhappy because they’re miserable. We don’t need it. We can be happier by doing the things that we love and spending time with our Creator. There’s no need for our health to decline because of stress related to people or things that we have no control over.

We cannot control what others do or say but we can choose how we’ll react to it. Once peace is found then we don’t worry about what will be said about us. We should focus on the important things and do what we need to do so that we’re “progressing.” Progress is a wonderful thing. People will try to hinder us from whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish. If it’s something that will move us ahead or help others, people will try their best to hinder it, we should find ways to avoid it.

Inner peace is something that may take awhile to develop. It can be generated through the peaceful words that are in our bibles. There’s peaceful people who will offer us some comforting words. We should hold on to those comforting words because they will make us feel better even when trials arise. The world can be consumed will all sorts of dysfunctions that doesn’t mean that we should bring the world into our homes,. hearts, and minds. Keeping our minds healthy is so important and that can happen by allowing positive thoughts in.

Trying our best to be as positive as possible will help us generate “peace.” God is peaceful and Jesus is peaceful. Thinking about how much they love us is a great way to find peace. Of course we may not be at total peace but any amount of peace is a good thing. We don’t have to destroy our hearts and minds with the words that can seep into our lives. We can quickly think of positive words after we’ve heard some negative ones. If we “Spread Some Love” then that will certainly generate some peace. Love conquers and it covers multitudes of sins. “Peace & Love.”

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Giving and Positive Living

We should all want to live a positive life. We should love and help others when we can. Surrounding ourselves around positive people will create happier living. We can’t expect to be productive when we’re surrounded by negative people. That will make us feel depressed. Being positive produces positive living. It helps us to be more productive.

If will filled with positivity and we’re happy then we’ll feel good about giving so that others can have a better. We should try to be happy and have good thoughts. This doesn’t always happen but we should at least try. Being upset and disconnected won’t make us feel satisfied. We can’t be our best in such conditions. It’s a great feeling when we’re able to lend a helping hand. Our days can be better with positive thoughts and we can feel better with a small.

Not allowing positivity in can really put a damper on our day. Of course bad days will come our way but we can feel better when we think about things that offer joy. Our friends can help us feel better by offering some of their positive communications and calming energy. It’s important we live lives that aren’t always riddled with stress.

When we’re stressed we’re unable to think clearly so it’s important that we surround ourselves in peaceful environments. Living a better life can occur through joy filled actions. If we’re consumed with negativity. We won’t flourish and we won’t prosper. When we’re feeling good. We want others to feel the same and we’ll do more.

If we’re not unable to be surrounded by positive people then we should engage in positive and healthy activities. Life can be so enjoyable if we think about things that will offer us peace. Peacefulness within us will lead us to make this world a better place even if it’s just one step at a time. Positivity helps in so many ways.

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Some Call Them Haters and Some may Call Them Miserable

When one comes across people who aren’t too pleased about their assignment and what they’re trying to accomplish then they will have to learn how to deal with these people in the best way possible. Oh no, it won’t be easy, and there may be times when one wants to grind their teeth. Trying their very best to hold back words.  People who work hard at trying to bring others down aren’t happy people because if they were then they would be occupying their time with something positive.

The best way to deal with a hater or a person trying to bring you down is to pray for them. They’re dealing with their insecurities and aren’t coping well enough to stop their behavior. Imagine someone having to deal with a mother and a husband trying their very best to stop them from accomplishing their goals because they feel insecure and unfulfilled in some way. We all have talents and gifts and if we decide to not utilize them then that’s on us but don’t try to drag someone down who chose to go after their dreams.

Some people will pretend to be supportive while working on sabotaging everything a person tries to accomplish. Insecurities can ruin relationships and it can tear people apart. We should keep those who are dissatisfied with themselves and their lives in our daily prayers. Not everyone wants to see others blossom. They may not feel happy with not living up to their full potential so they have to try to weigh one down in order to make themselves feel better.

I would suggest that one keep going and in fact they should work harder to reach their goals and to help others “rise.” We may not be able to fix those who are insecure about their lives and their accomplishments but we can try to inspire them by showing them that they can’t stop our “shine.” It’s quite sad when having to deal with people that are using crab mentality, especially if they’re close to the individual or individuals they’re trying to drag under.

Do you know that some people will work harder to bring others down than they will on their jobs. It appears that haters work 24/7. It’s as if they breath dysfunctional. If you’re dealing with something like this then you may want to pray and find positive outlets to get you through the (sour minds gang). They need some prayer and need to find a way to make their lives better. If you’re creative in someway then you already know that some people won’t be pleased with it. For those who love seeing other people better themselves and ‘grow.” You deserve around of applause.

Not everyone is built the same and some are so filled with troubles that it spills onto everyone else. This will occur if we allow it to occur. Sometimes just giving them a look of disappointment will at least let them know that they’re so wrong. If you find that people are working overtime to weigh on you then you should work overtime to “build.” The crab mentality is a way to keep others down and why would anyone want to be down? Shouldn’t we want to advance, grow, and “prosper?” Well, I suppose some people feel as if they don’t have it in them so they rather spend their time trying to throw a wrench in someone’s dreams.

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Find an Uplifting Place

There’s nothing like being surrounded by positive people. Listening and reading positive communications. Sometimes we listen to people who aren’t in any position to encourage themselves let alone others. Our lives will be better if we surround ourselves around people who want to do better and see others excel. Those who are intimidated by others success won’t be happy and will behave negatively towards them.

When people are in no position to uplift us. We should at least “uplift” ourselves. A lot of times uplifting ourselves is the most that we would have. It’s so important that we build a positive mindset because a positive mindset will help us achieve more. Have you ever came in contact with someone who rarely offers positivity? When we find ourselves in a situation where there’s no uplifting going on then we should find a peaceful place.

Peacefulness relaxes our minds and in order to obtain it we must remove toxicity. Sometimes we keep people in our lives who are filled with toxin. They’re so envious that uplifting is further from their mind. We should protect ourselves from those who try to bring our moods down. If they want us to feel bad about ourselves then they’re toxic and toxicity can create havoc in our lives.

One of the things that prevent people from uplifting others is intimidation. If someone is intimidated for whatever reason then they won’t be able to uplift anyone until that intimidation is lifted. Envy can cause people to want to bring others down and tear their world upside down. Not everyone will be with us and that’s something that we must accept but there’s ways that we can deal with it.

What’s important is that we keep ourselves happy. Occupy our minds with good thoughts and stay encouraged. When we come in contact with those who want to see us fail we must remind ourselves that they can’t not create failure for us. If we want to “rise” and overcome then we must be willing to remove the doubt so that we can proceed. Surrounding ourselves with those who believe in us will make a world of difference.

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We Should put joy in our Lives

Sometimes things can get pretty hectic and we need some relief. There’s no need no reason why we shouldn’t enjoy our lives. Sometimes we get so stuck with trying to make things better for others and we forget about ourselves. Life can be challenging so why shouldn’t we have some fun? We should laugh and smile. There’s a whole lot to be thankful for. Our happiness is very important in fact our happiness can make others happy.

Enjoy your time with family and it wouldn’t hurt to watch some funny movies with them. Laughter puts us in a better mood. It lifts us up and there’s a lot of people who could use some “uplifting.” We don’t have to be stuck in a rut. There’s a lot of fun activities available to us. Spread some joy around and embrace people. There’s a reason to be joyous. Some may say, “What’s That?” Being a live is joyous. If we’re able to get out of bed and complete tasks then why shouldn’t we be “joyous?:”

I know there’s some people who would frown at joy because they’re going through so much but with the right attitude we should expect great things. Be filled with joy because we’re “blessed.” Each day that we breath in and out, there’s a blessing or blessings that are delivered to us, we should be thankful for that. There’s music surrounding us and that seems pretty joyous. Create joy.Make someone’s life a little easier.

Could you imagine not having any joy in your life? There’s people that live in misery because of their environmental conditions or mindset. We can live peacefully and we can encourage others to make things better not only for themselves but for others. Putting a smile on someone’s face is a blessing in itself. If we’re not feeling joyous then we should surround ourselves around joyous people.

Sometimes being in troubled environments can bring us way down and we may not feel like smiling or pepping up. There’s a lot of reading material that will help us be joyous. Seeing positive words and hearing them produces happiness. The world is filled with a lot of violence an despair and we need to be surrounded by positivity. Our minds can’t focus on issues all of the time and that’s where joy comes in.

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Difficulties Build Strength

We may want to be apart of the easy road but easiness is far and between in life. We will have to go through some trials in order to get us to where we need to be. Sometimes we may not understand how to solve this problem or that problem but through faith we learn how to do this. There’s days where we would avoid difficulties.


Difficult it may be  but I can overcome

Things may not be the way I expect to but with Faith God will do what He will do

Time offers all of us a chance to get better

Some of us have to go through some stormy weather

The difficulties in life sometimes weigh on us

If we get on our knees and pray

God will certainly make a way

He knows exactly what we need

He loves us

Yes indeed

No problem is to large for our Father

He will bring us through

Thoughts Flowing

Ponder away ponder today

Letting the good things in

Relaxing and meditating

Creating a peaceful space

Passing clouds loving nature

Putting words together so that flow

Thinking of the next place where one shall go

Thoughts flow about

Letting in and letting them out

Focus on within

Loving self and thinking again again

Cozy Night’s air

The wind seeping through the window pane

Bundling up in the warm blankets

Feeling a little free

It’s cozy and comfy so lovely

Cool breezes against my skin

Being thankful for tonight’s air

I’m so glad this cozy feeling has met with me

Love, love, love the coolness

Sometimes we need to settle somewhere and think about somethings that will create peace. Life comes with all sorts of struggles and being able to meditate on good things is a blessing. Pondering while the weather is cool is truly a blessing. We’re so blessed with so many things. Even when we go through the storms. We should be thankful because those trials will make us stronger.

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