Attracted to Peacefulness on the Real

There are so many ways to experience peacefulness. Yes there could be the havoc but there is also the solitude. The best thing to do is to find where (donde)? the peace occurs. Although there’s exposure to harsh environments there are also ways to limit the time spent in such environments. Does one really need to accept what the others are trying to project? No. There are the troublemakers and what can one do about the ones trying to cause trouble? Allow the peace to enter.

Training the mind to become connected to positive thinking. Smiling is an awesome way to experience “the peace.” Being surrounded by peacefulness and allowing peaceful friends to be apart of our lives helps. “Yes I’d rather be apart of peace and enjoy the creations in which God has made so therefore there will be moments of enjoyment.” By: Tanikka Paulk. I’ve discovered that listening to soft music and the birds will help generate calmness.

There’s certainly lots to discover and what so many could be missing is the best ways to enjoy the solitude. Seeking and “have seek” to find the joyfulness in which so many aren’t trying to allow in. Reading also allows the stress to decrease. Less stress could incur better experiences. To experience such things is absolutely a blessing. How many are selecting to do so? It seems as though there are more wanting to cause disruptions when there should be more trying to build up.

What will tomorrow hold? Perhaps that’s “a question” so many have asked. One may never know what tomorrow will hold but should at least enjoy what today makes. I’ve made my way to such a place. To transform my mind to think on levels in which so many have refrained to think. Just consider the puzzle and how to finish putting the pieces together. Positivity will help one advance to levels in which they’re working to achieve. “I’d rather be positive but there will be times when there is less positivity at least there are the efforts to generate positivity.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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Progress can be Made After the Mind is Renewed

There are so many reasons why some aren’t prospering. What one thinks is extremely important. It’s very “important” to free the mind from all of the negatives. To change a line of thinking. Add more positive experiences into one’s life. To become renewed and free from all of the toxins which can surely make their way in when being surrounded by toxic individuals. What we believe can become embedded within the mind. It’s better to spend less time surrounded by negative people than to take in their negative ways.

The way we think can alter perceptions. Thinking that there’s no hope or thinking that what every person is saying is correct can stop or prevent excelling from occurring. Not every spoken word is held with truth. There are some who have a motive can will try to alter a person’s perception in order to gain in someway. In order to avoid such tragedies from occurring. There has to be a decision to think differently. Perhaps limit “communications” with individuals who are mind controllers. The ones who try to send words in order to brainwash others.

If there’s no thinking or positive thinking entering the mind then there will be no renewing. Words are used for good and to cause individuals to become doubtful. The ones who try to introduce doubt have an agenda and in order to keep the mind from becoming ill. There will to be some blocking out. To avoid being interrupted by what others are doing and saying. Shut off the means of communication in order to “obtain rest.” Some choose certain words \to cause individuals to doubt their reality.

If there are people who are trying to cause insanity then they’re the ones to keep an eye on. There’s no need to spend lots of time trying to figure what will be their next evil plan. Reading motivational material and listening to soothing music can help keep persons up beat. There are some who will always be deceptive and continue to alter the mind. Trying to stop “positive thoughts” from flowing. Some are simply distorted and will do whatever it is their minds lead the individuals to do in order to prevent whatever it is they’re trying prevent. “Keep Sane by Removals, Avoidance, and Blocking out Certain Individuals.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Have to Keep my Mind. Yes Indeed.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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How to be Happy in a Dysfunctional World

We have to transform our minds. We will be surrounded by people who have difficulties being expressive and or are upset about their lives and they may dish their insecurities and unhappiness on others. We can either be swept in their storms or we can choose to be uplifted. We don’t have to be in darkness just because others around us are. That’s why it’s important that we practice smiling. Yes, we live in a world where people will try to get us down, but it’s up to us whether we will allow that to happen.

It may seem as if compassion is far away. When there’s groups of people who demonstrate that they are unable to show love and are cruel to others. We have to find a way to keep ourselves from sinking into the same boat. We should listen, read, and watch positive messages. If there’s a lot of negativity around then we should quickly find some positivity. How can we do that? We can listen to inspirational music. Upbeat music when keep us in tuned with the melodies and not the negativity.

There’s a lot of fun and happy activities that we can engage in. We shouldn’t allow the troubles of the world to get us down. Of course we should be concerned but we shouldn’t be depressed, especially allow depression in from outside forces, we can keep our minds on healthy information. It’s important that we surround ourselves around people who will uplift us. The most important part is that we uplift ourselves.

Our days may have trials in them but that doesn’t mean that will have to ball up and feel bad about ourselves. We should think of happiness, think of things that make us feel good, tell ourselves that we’re beautifully created. God didn’t make no junk so we should never feel as if He did. It doesn’t matter if half the world views us as being not accepted. We don’t need the world to accept us. It’s our Creator and His son that we should be concerned about.

Being happy is a state of mind. If we think that nothing will go right and no one will care then that’s what we’ll generate. We have to love ourselves first and be happy for others. Some will never understand that the world doesn’t owe them anything so therefore they’ll always be in a depressive mood. Happiness is something we should want and we should thrive to obtain it. We have to be happy with ourselves before others will be happy with us.

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Remove Discouragement From Your Life

We all go through patches of distress. Whether it’s a loss or some other traumatic experiences in our lives. Whatever we go through we can “overcome.” We may not have the support we want or we may sometimes feel as if no one cares. Someone always cares. We should be encouraged and remove discouragement. We have to find that “inner peace.” We can find it through changing the way we think. Our thoughts have a lot to do with how we’ll fair through trials and adversity.

We don’t have to feel as if we’re hopeless, we should remain “hopeful,” and remove those negatives that keep pushing down. There will be people in our lives who try to discourage us but we don’t have to listen to their negativity. We should find activities that we enjoy. For those who believe in the “Power of Prayer” it truly works. Some may not believe that but it’s quite effective in my life. We have to find something that will make it better and not worse.

We shouldn’t sit around thinking that we’re defeated. A defeated attitude will only bring sadness in our lives. We should feel victorious. There’s so much material that will help us get through whatever it is we’re going through. We shouldn’t lose hope. It will get better but we have to believe that it will. Sometimes we hold on to things that we should’ve let go long ago.

We keep people in our lives who discourage us and who hurt us because they haven’t healed from the pain they’ve went through. We can not take on other people’s storms. We have enough to deal with but we can try to encourage others. Encouraging others helps us as well. We have to generate peace. No one should have to live a tormented life. We should love ourselves and allow peace in our lives.

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Exposure of the Slaved Mind

Sometimes our minds become conditioned to believe certain things. When we’re exposed to a negative environment for long periods of time, we become enslaved to that environment, our minds become conditioned to receive negative thoughts. Reading negative comments and listening to negative communication can effect our minds. We become what we’re exposed to. Negativity can come through all avenues. We can hear it on the news, in our homes, and at church.

We must cleanse the mind by exposing it to positive reading, positive people, and positive communications. There’s positivity everywhere even in the toughest of neighborhoods. We have to be exposed to more positivity. Replace hate communications with loving communications. We may have to practice being positive. Let’s start with encouraging one another. If we continue to draw our minds towards the hate then we will be enslaved to negative thinking. Being a slave of the mind is like an incurable disease.

It’s time that we start surrounding ourselves around positive people. We should want to have connections that will “uplift” us. The more we’re exposed to positivity the better our lives will become. We can’t expect to live in comfort if we’re unwilling to “transform.” It may not happen overnight but in time we will get there. If everyone is willing to take a few steps each time. We can make a big positive difference. We should be loving one another not hating. We have to change our mindsets.

Our neighborhoods will flourish if we start thinking differently. Our thoughts have a big impact on our lives. As soon as we make the decision to “change” we’ll see our world in a different light. Change doesn’t happen right away. Sometimes it takes awhile but some change is better than none at all. We can help one another get there. It’s time that we change our thoughts and help the ones under us change the way they think. Some may wonder how are we suppose to do that. We can demonstrate it and through our demonstrations. They may be willing to make some changes whether minor or a complete turn around. This can occur through love and embracing. Don’t be a slave to your mind.

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At the Right Time

All we have to do is be patient and things will come together. We may have one idea of where we want to end up but God can put us in another direction that is more fitting for us. Our timing may not be the right time for us to be where we need to be. If we’re in the midst of a dysfunctional situation. We don’t have feel despaired. Our turn around could be near but we must do what is necessary to make sure we “receive.”

We may come in contact with people who will help us along the way. They may be there for a reason, a season, or for a long time. We shouldn’t rush things. God’s timing is the right kind of timing. He knows what we need. He knows when we’re in need. We will face troubles but we can set out to travel on the right path. If we rush “the process” then we will be out on something great.

Too many people get caught up with rushing things because they’re in a difficult situation. Difficulties are apart of life and we either “grow” from them or we suffer from them. Our directions could be off if we’re not thinking clearly. A twisted mind could set our right way into a dark way. If we take some time to think and allow God to do what He needs to do then we’ll be alright.

We may feel that our way is the right way and sometimes we’re right and sometimes we’re wrong. Even if we make a mistake when it comes to our destination and where we need to be. We can get back on track. We have opportunities to make it right. Obtain what is needed in order to “advance.” Our patience is so meaningful. We can use it to our advantage. Waiting isn’t a bad thing. Our wait time can be the best time.

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Negative Environments and Negative People Don’t mix

Sometimes we find ourselves in a negative environment and although we may be trying to come out of it, we’re still in it, and it can be damaging to our health. Negative environments can cause of to feel horrible. If we’re in a negative environment for too long then we will become negative. Negativity is a destroyer. It’s important that we find positive surroundings and positive people to be around. Some people may not understand just how draining negativity is.

Sometimes it’s in our homes. For some they may have to deal with negativity everyday because it’s in the workplace and even in church. It doesn’t matter where negativity lands. We don’t have to deal with it. It’s possible to shut negativity out. Some environments will always have negativity in it and that’s unfortunate but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t visit these environments. We can offer some positivity and if the negativity is weighing us down then we should limit our time there or remove ourselves altogether.

Dealing With Negative People

Some may wonder how they’ll be able to deal with negative people. You know, those people who are headed your way, but you end up going the other way. Some people don’t realize how negative they are. In fact we’ve all been negative in some ways. When we’re exposed to excessive negativity. We become adapted to it. We shouldn’t be exposed to negativity all of the time. It generates stress and it creates chaos. The best way to deal with negative people is to allow project some positivity. If they become overly negative then we may want to avoid them altogether. Sometimes we’re unable to do something about someone’s negative communications or negative thinking.

Negative people are that way for a number of reasons. They could be having a bad day or something isn’t going right in their lives. We may not take time out to find out why some people are so negative and sometimes it create more issues trying to figure it out. We should try to embrace them and if that doesn’t work then we may need to distance ourselves from them. Negative people don’t have to be apart of our lives but sometimes it can’t be helped. We should try to be positive and that can be difficult at times but as long as we’re making an effort that’s better than not making one.

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Don’t Allow Overthinking to get the Best of you

Sometimes our thoughts run from us. Thinking too long and hard can cause issues for us. We have to allow our minds to relax. We don’t think to over think. It can keep one up for long periods of time. There’s simplicity but we may not allow it in because our minds are racing.

When we over think. We tend to over analyze situations when situations are simple. If we want to keep our minds peaceful. We should avoid thinking about those things that will cause our minds to race. Thinking about something positive will stop the over thinking. Some words, actions, and communications can embedd in our thoughts. That’s why we’re encouraged to think positive.

Finding ways to relax our minds will produce better health. Stressful minds aren’t healthy at all and it can create a break down. Thinking of things we love will help precent us from thinking about something negative. Thinking too much will put us in a bad mood.

We have to learn to control our thoughts. Reading good books and engaging in positive activities will take on minds off of unhealthy and long thoughts. We don’t need to think about anything that won’t generate peace but realistically we will at some point. We shouldn’t ponder on it too long.

Sometimes it can be difficult not to think about certain things but if it’s preventing us from sleeping then we need to toss it to the side. There’s so many things that can occupy our mind. Mediatation is a great way to stop us from over thinking. We should try to most effective and positive ways to help us gather our thoughts. We can do without allowing our minds to be stressed. Too much stress can also cause health issues for us and that isn’t good for our minds. Don’t over think it won’t make us happy.

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Transferring the Negative Into Positive

A negative situation doesn’t have to stay that way. Although it may be difficult to be positive when there’s a whole lot of negativity it can be done. If we limit our time with negative people and our time in negative environments then we will find ourselves being more positive. It’s important that we try to be positive because negativity can cause our health to decline.

We shouldn’t want to be surrounded by negative communications and people too often. Of course we will experience some negativity sometimes and in some cases quite often. If we’re unable to avoid negativity then we should find ways to improve the negative environments. We should find positive words and allow them to embed in our minds. Communicating with positive people will help keep our environments with partial positivity.

Even a little positive will help us in some way. If we’re constantly exposed to negativity then we become negative and may have difficulties becoming positive. We should try reading positive material and exposing ourselves to positive music or any activity that’s includes positivity. Life can be stressful so we need to relieve the stress and that can happen through positive experiences.

Sometimes we come in contact with some very negative people and that can leave us feeling down. In order to be lifted up we must find uplifting things. If the negativity is in front of our faces then we need to chanel that negative energy by thinking about something positive. Negativity doesn’t have to be apart of our daily lives. We can certainly be apart of positivity. Finding positive outlets will help us feel better

It’s so unhealthy when we constantly come in contact with negativity. We have to find those positive places. A change of scenery will help develop some positivity. Our minds also need to be focused on the positives if not we will suffer a decline.

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Avoid Negatives and Smile

There’s some people we rather avoid. You know the type. The ones who want to be so involved that they rather give others a kick in the rear. When you see them coming, you move quickly in the other direction, that’s the type of energy they project. Too much negativity can be damaging but of course we can’t totally avoid the bad but we shouldn’t always be exposed to the negatives.

Some people may not know how to be positive so therefore everything they say or do may be perceived as negative. Sometimes negative vibes are shown because they need to gain attention. If there’s communication about their negativity and they still demonstrate it then it’s best to avoid them altogether. We don’t need to surround ourselves around people who will only drag us down.

Negative Environments

Negative environments are like an epidemic. They’re sometimes so out of control that it makes us want to stay far, far, away from such environments.  If we’re exposed to such environments for too long then we will become frustrated and fatigued. We should find positive people to share our time with and we should be exposed to some positive environments.

If we’re surrounded by negative people too often and too long then we may become negative as well. Negativity has shaken up people’s lives. Too much of it can affect our minds and that’s why we shouldn’t be exposed to it for too long. We should want joy and to be able to celebrate life. That’s hard to do if we’re consumed with negativity. We have a choice whether we want to keep company with negative friends or family.

No one has to be consumed with the negatives. If we find ourselves feeling frustrated because we’ve been exposed to negative people and environments then we should find a way to relax. Negativity generates stress and we certainly can do without stress. It’s best to find friends who love seeing people “prosper.”

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