Clap Those Hands and Stomp Your Feet

There’s music around. Life is to be enjoyed and if you’re not enjoying it then you need to find out why. There’s no time to waddle in misery. We have to “shine.” Raise those hands up and give thanks for your life, your children’s life, and your families life. If you were able to get out of bed this morning then that’s something to shout about. Clap, clap, stomping.

Some people aren’t happy because they’ve convinced themselves that they don’t deserve to be happy. If we just think of one thing that has added value to our lives then we will begin to form happiness. Not everyone wants to see us happy but we shouldn’t dim our lights to please others.

We should be “hopeful” not hopeless. It makes no sense for us to sit around and feel as if we’re not accomplishing anything. If we’ve done one thing each day. We should be thankful for that because some aren’t able to do anything at all. Perhaps we should listen to more upbeat music or talk to happy people.

We should surround ourselves around people who are uplifting. Clapping our hands help lift our mood. So many people are going through hard times and they could use some encouragement. It doesn’t take a dime to encourage someone. We may go through trials but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t feel joy.

If we just hold on then things will turn around. We don’t have to live someone’s else’s life. We should focus on our own. If we’re in a negative environment then we need to find a positive outlet. Where’s the happy people? It seems that unhappiness is the norm. When people are happy they want to see others happy. That’s why it’s important that we smile. It canake us feel better. We should supply our minds with good thoughts. Listen to positivity and tune out the negativity.

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Dealing With Someone who has Anti Social Personality Disorder

Anti Social Personality Disorder is a mental condition which is one of the hardest conditions to treat. What makes Anti Social Personality Disorder hard to treat is. 1. The one diagnosed with the condition refuses to go to therapy 2. Refuses treatment. So anyone having to deal with the manic episodes, unrudely behavior, and impulse control issues will need therapy themselves.

A person with this disorder usually doesn’t think before reacting. They’re easily irritated and are cruel. When the mania wears off. They may display gentleness. It won’t last long. They rarely plan ahead and are great manipulators. Anyone dealing with them must be on guard. Hoping with someone who has Anti Social Personality Disorder is draining. I should know because my husband was diagnosed with the condition about a little over 6 years.

It’s one of the worst mental disorders I’ve ever seen. Possibility due to the fact that the person refuses treatment. In order for me to keep my sanity. I pray and listen to spiritual music. Just because someone has Anti Social Personality Disorder that doesn’t mean that they can not be somewhat functional. My husband is a Correctional Officer which may not help with the condition but he seems to enjoy being an Authority figure. Most imates are diagnosed with Anti Social Personality Disorder.

A person with the condition aren’t very keen on Authority. They can get into lots of trouble on their jobs but because of the diagnosis. They’re able to kerp their jobs but may be reprimanded. Anti Social Personality Disorder also consist of angry outburts. Anything can set them off. Living with them may be unbearable. It is justed to stay in seperate homes or seperate sleeping quarters.

Sometimes people end up feeling sorry for them and that could cause them to be more dysfunctional. One must be firm and have a take no mess attitude so that they’re not ran over. People with such personalities will try to take advantage of others. They’re very self obsorbed. Most of the time they take action if it’s beneficial to them. A person with the disordet could normally be a kind and gentle person but due to disorder it’s basically not a reality.

If you’re dealing with someone who has Anti Social Personality Disorder then you may want to find positive outlets. It’s not easy dealing with someone who has this mental condition but either we find ways to deal with it or we remove ourselves out of tge situation. We must protect our mental health as well.

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Don’t go With What you Don’t Know

They will tell you to research. Investigators are told to investigate but a lot of times people will just go with what they here. If someone says something, especially negative, they automatically assume it’s so. The words in the Bible are filled with truth but people’s words may not always be so. Sonetimes people will say things just to make trouble for others.

We have to be cautious and not accept everything. People have lost their lives because someone chose to believe what they heard and not what is so. When we find that people will go with anything then we need to keep our guard up regarding them. A lot of the believing anything occurs when we don’t mind our own business.

If we spend too much time minding other people’s business then we won’t have time to attend our own. The trouble comes when we focus on the wrong things. So many of us fall into the trap of focusing on things that will add no value to our lives. It’s important that we keep our focus on our duties.

We can’t adcance if we’re busy attending to other people’s lives. We will forget about our homes and become addicted to someone’s else’s life. That’s why it’s important that we engage in positive activities. There’s so much joy in life and although we may suffer through things. There’s still joy. If we can try our best to enhance our lives and the lives of others.

Of course we may want a little action in our lives but if that action makes us enter homes uninvited then problems will arise. Perhaps we should start giving out more hugs and less criticisms. We shouldn’t criticize on word of mouth. If we didn’t see it happen then how do we know? Let’s love and grow together. Allow people to live their lives. Life is short and we should enjoy it while we can.

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You can’t be an Achiever by Giving up

Some people will want you to stop doing what you love. They may try to detour you away from your dreams for lots of reasons but what if you decided to give it up? Would you be happy with that decision? Probably not. We can’t give up on things just because people expect us to. We should pursue our dreams and find the path that will take us to where we want to be.

We should want to conquer those things that we feel passionate about. We have to continue to believe in ourselves and stay on the path that will take us to our greatness. If we listen to the noise then we will stop or at least have setbacks. No one can live our lives for us so therefore it should be up to us to strive for success. Even when people think we’re unsuccessful. We should think success. Feel it and breath it.

Our gifts have a right to be utilized. We shouldn’t feel the need to hide our gifts. W will come across people who would rather not see us succeed and that’s just apart of life. We should want it more and we should want to prove them wrong. ¬†Too many people give up on their dreams because they care so much about what people think. We should care about people but we shouldn’t allow them to dictate our lives.

Believe in yourself and refuse to give up. The challenges will arise but that shouldn’t mean that we’re unable to make progress. Our success is based on our thoughts. If we think “success” then we will become successful but if our thoughts our focused on what others have to say then we won’t be driven to be better. The process may be slow but if we believe wed’ll get there then we’ll get there.

In order to reach a certain level of success. We have to allow positivity in. Negativity will hinder us and it’s a distract that we could do without. People won’t always be happy with our movement but if we can make ourselves glad then that’s success in itself. Be determined despite what others think or say. There will always be someone who will try to ride our coat tail. They will try to knock us down but even if we fall. We should get back up and move, move, move.

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Avoid the Negative Ones

Some people will refuse to be positive and we have a choice whether we want to deal with them or not. If all they can offer is negativity then it’s best to avoid them or at least limit any contact with them. People who are constantly negative are either seeking attention or unhappy with something. We may have some bad days but most of us will try to be positive and peaceful but there’s some who just hand out bad vibes. It’s up to us whether we want to be positive or not but all that negativity is draining and who needs?

Sometimes you have to shut everything off. Technology can help in so many ways but it can also be used to spill darkness. Some may use it to get all of their frustrations out and others may use it to “inspire.” We can delete those unwanted communications and surround ourselves with inspirational people. We will be exposed to negativity at some point but we don’t have to deal with it all the time. We should face challenges but too much negativity can wear on the body and mind.

There’s a lot of positive people in this world, people who really care about others, and those who have filled with love. Those are the people we should try to connect with. Sometimes we will have to remove some people from our circle so that we can enjoy what life has to offer. If someone doesn’t want to project peace then they can hit the road. No need for anyone to be constantly bombarded with nonsense. If you’re a visionary then it may be wise to surround yourself with other visionaries. They’re more than likely willing to be positive and “spread some love.

We need to keep our minds healthy and exposing ourselves to positive situations will assist with that. Some environments are filled with confusion and we should find away to project peace and if not then we should find environments that will offer us some nurturing. Sometimes we’re unaware how negatively negativity can affect us. It’s best that we find healthy environments to be apart of.

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Do Good Anyway

It’s not easy to turn the other cheek when people are doing things to you but it’s better to do so than to not so. When we do the right thing or do good things for people. We will feel better and we please God. It’s better to go that route then to be spiteful. What people do to us doesn’t go unoticed.

I’ve always frowned upon bullying but no matter how many people express their concerns about it. It will take place. It’s the way people think. Even if we’re being bullied. We shouldn’ allow it to turn us into hateful beings. Now, we have a right to not deal with people who bully us, we have to protect our minds. Doing good anyway is a blessing in itself.

Of course we will do things that some may not preceive as not good but if we figure out it isn’t “good” then we should decide to get on that good bandwagon. There’s great punishments for doing bad things to others. We all know that evil is in the world and we will come across it. When we do we have to figure out how. The best way to do that is to carry our faith with is. Keep God and Jesus close and continue to do good.

There will be some instances where our minds will want to shift to bad ways of thinking. When that happens we need to insert good thoughts in our brains and get back to doing what is right. Caring for others is something we all should have within us but for whatever reason some stray away from it. It can happen when we’ve been hurt severely. The world is rough and if we don’t be careful. It can make us hard and cold.

It’s important to love one another. Embrace others and encourage others. I will never stop loving people no matter what they do to be but I may keep my distance. When that happens, I’m loving some people from a distance, and I’m protecting my sanity. It’s unfortunate that everyone isn’t considered but that’s how it is.

“No Matter What. Love Will Always be Within me.”

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Allow Peace to Find us

We may spend lots of time being surrounded by people who mean us know could. Destructive presents can put a damper in our lives. The more we’re surrounded by positive people, the greater our chances for a happier life, negativity can make us feel down if we allow it to. Anyone trying to weigh our bodies and minds down isn’t healthy. Healthy people will try to “uplift” and create a better world not only for themselves but for others.

Sometimes we have to avoid certain people. Yes, we should be “peacemakers,” but we should also use wisdom. If people are trying to cause suffering then the best thing we can do for them is to “pray.” Prayer works. So many may not believe that but it’s gotten me through those dark hours. We’re entitled to choose who we want to give our energy to. If the person or persons is worth the energy then we’ll continue to give it to them and if not then we may remove ourselves from their presence.

There’s a lot of negativity in this world and there’s a lot of positivity. We simply have to focus on the positivity not saying that we won’t ever allow the negativity to get next to us but as time goes by. We can get better at focusing on the positive. Sometimes we’re in environments that create a bit of stress for us and we need to find some positive outlets that will help us be happy.

Some people may choose meditation as a way to relax when they’ve been exposed to stressful situations. Meditation is great because who allows our minds to relax and our bodies to be calm. Calmness will also make us happier. Doing breathing exercises will relieve some stress. We shouldn’t spend our lives filled with stress. We have to enjoy ourselves and see the beauties of the world. That’s why it’s important to engage in healthy activities and spend less time with those who create havoc in our lives.

“Our Energy Belongs to us and we Have to Decide who Deserves to Have Some of it”

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