A Response to a Song: “Who do You Believe in?”

First off. “I’m a believer of God and Jesus Christ.” The Heavenly Father who loves everyone of His children unconditionally and His Son Jesus who died for our sins. A believer in Adam and Even meaning a man and a woman union. A believer in self and in confident individuals. Believe there should be more compassion and understanding. I’m also in a believer in the rights of all people. Believe African Americans should be treated fair.

Believe street violence should be controlled. Every child deserves to obtain a good education. There should be more mentor-ship. Believe there should be more leadership. The schools should be tougher when it comes to bullying. There should be more rules to prevent suicides related to bullying on and offline. African American History should be apart of the curriculum in schools. There should be more teachings related to “civil rights activists.” The world should be more peaceful.

Believe there should be “more kindness.” More giving individuals. More protection for citizens. Instead of building more prisons perhaps more educational facilities. I’m believer in encouragement. Allowing others to make their own decisions and allow some privacy. Believe more people should be supportive. There should be an increase in protection in at risk neighborhoods.

More time should be spent reading in class. I’m a “believer” in the heart of even the most stern individuals. Everyone has heart and although some may pretend to not care. There’s care. There should be more communication. Effective communication. Women shouldn’t have to beg men to take care of their children. College education should be more affordable. There should be more recreational facilities for the youth.

The bullying laws should be enforced. Social Media platforms should protect their members better. “Citizens have a right to be free from harassment.” Qualified candidates for jobs should be hired and not discriminated upon. The testing in school should be minimized. There should be more forgiveness and a lot more love.

Author’s Notes: I’m a Writer, Blogger, and Visionary. Advocate Founder of The Remarkable Person Project and Life Experiences VP (Visionary With a Purpose).

“There’s Hope Even When Others Claim Otherwise.” By: Tanikka Paulk (Tanikka Paulk)

“If There’s Some Good Then That’s a Start.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Why do so Many Lack Compassion

What caused so many to lack compassion? It would be helpful if society had more compassionate people. It appears as if kindness has gone out of the window. The more we”re in contact with aggressive and negative people. The more our lives will be disrupted. We will soon become angry and that’s why we should distance ourselves from the ones who are always negative. Everyone has something to deal with and some just choose to take all of their frustrations out on others.

Perhaps some should consider putting a smile on and trying to be happy. If some effort was put in to generating kindness. We would notice a more stable society. Too many angry people. Some always yelling something negative but rarely engage in positivity. No one should spend lots of time in an environment where there’s no kindness. What about love? What about peace?

It’s difficult for so many to be apart of “growth” when they’re constantly in contact with unruly individuals. Just taking a nice long break creates rejuvenation. It appears that on one hand the world has gotten more chaotic. With more love there would be less war. We simply don’t have to be surounded by madness. If only one person is filled with love and we’re surrounded by their love. We certainly can find that we’ll be in a better position.

Too much hate. Hate will never be able to solve a problem. Compassion solves numerous problems. Just a simple small can generate some sunshine. Imagine being a room filled with angry people. That’s just how it is sometimes. Not an effective environment. That’s why we have so many issues within society. A lot of angry youth destroying property and ending up in the juvenile justice system.

More care is necessary. A whole lot of love will create transformations. As long as there’s more hate than love the we will find continuous outbreaks of rage. How can we generate more love and compassion? We can do so by supplying more. Loweing the crime rates and overcrowding of prisons by displaying more compassion. Allowing love to fill a room and just flow all about. We certainly can use it.

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Undermining the Voice

When there’s a voice trying to express what so many need to hear. There’s a great disruption. Some may not be aware of the consequences of disturbing those who are ” on assignment.” Some may use deceptiveness to disconnect the voice from communicating with the audience. These occurences happen when people become insecure. Some aren’t very fond with change and not fond to have to witness some “elevating.”

“The Voice on Assignment”

No matter how hard some may try, they’re unaware of how their efforts will cause grief for those who are disruptive, after awhilethey’ll realize that their deceptive deeds are useless. Being on assignment can attract some of the meaness people. For those who are chosen. They’ll have to be alert and understand that not everyone is compassionate. Some won’t be concerned with the consequences of disrupting one on assignment.

In an effort to tarnish the voice character. People become irritated by the fact that the very person they’re trying to hinder continues on. Stringer, wiser, and more alert. Each time one uses deceptive tactics. They’ve placed themselves in a position to receive harsh criticism. No hidding behind walls. They’ll be placed in front for the dissecting of their acts.

Those who are disrupting one’s assignment are doing a disservice to so many. If the assignment includes assisting a lot of people then some will become upset with the disruptiveness. Those who need and want the assistance won’t agree with the ones that are trying interrupt the voice. Although some receive signs that what they’re doing is wrong. They’ll continue on the path because they’re believing that somehow. They’ll make some headway.

Evil doesn’t win but people will do evil anyway. In hopes that some of their efforts will cause the one on assignment to give up. What’s destined for a person will be so.Anyone trying to do something that so many preceive as not being of the norm. They’ll be ridiculed. Although the negativity will try to make its way in. There’s so many ways to block the negatives.

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What a World we Live in

We live in a society that is riddled with hate. A selfish society and it would be worse if there was no love at all. It’s hard to imagine our world being without love. No compassion or no empathy. This would really be turned upside down. Instead of people trying to lift others. They’re trying to pull down. Some may not have a care in the world.

Sometimes all we can do is smile and wave. Hoping that it bounces on others. Perhaps people have grudges because they feel their life isn’t so grand. They just aren’t happy. We have enough challenges within our society. We certainly need the extras. It’s a bit sad that we’re not able to be friendly or encourage others.

We certainly can use an “lift up.” Bring a little joy where there’s a whole lot of rain. There’s so many things that we can do to make society better. We can generate a lot of positive changes. Shouldn’t we want to live in a better society? I certainly would. Wr,don’t have go around skipping and holding hands but we can offer some hope.

There was a time when people were so intuned with helping one another. They seemed to be more concerned. Even their conversations were filled with liveliness. What happened? Did we become more robatic? Perhaps people are so consumed with stress and they don’t feel like greeting or helping others. We certainly can’t expect to strive without some compassionate.

People may not understand how effective love is. It can create some of the deepest changes. It can turn a gray guy to blue. We certainly have a tough society. People are either too busy or they’re just not concerned about others. Whatever the reasons are. We really need to tighten things up. Make some dtastic changes. Living in a bettet world is a dream.

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Making a Difference Somewhere

Even if something starts out negative. There’s hope for the positive. Positivity can be found in a negative situation. We won’t go through life without experiencing some negative situations. We should learn something from life experiences. We all have the capability to make a positive difference.

We shouldn’t perceive that even the most negative person or persons are always negative. There willl come a time in their lives when they’ll engage in positive events. Change is a given. Making a difference in someone’s life will occur. We all experienced coming in contact with someone who has made an impact in our lives.

We could reach someone on in another country, state, or city. No one will generate all bad or all good. Even with bad experienced a positive outcome can occur. Try to think about a time when you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. How did it make you feel?

Life is ever changing. We’re changing. Even when someone behaves disorderly. They can offer a teaching experience to someone somewhere. If we look beyond mistakes and differences then we will find a positive change. Even negative words can cause someone to make a positive change. They can take the words and create a new person. New person meaning a “transformation.”

We should be happy when we’ve made a difference in someone’s life. That means that we’ve “inspired” them some how. Sometimes someone else’s lesson can provide a lesson for us. That clearly shows that a difference occure. Positivity can exist in all areas. Sometimes we don’t allow our thoughts to grasp it vut once our minds are open. We’ll see it.

We don’t even need to leave our homes in order to provide a positive difference. When we smile, we can offer someone hope, and that’s a big difference. When we feel discouraged. Somehow someone finds their way to our discouragement and helps take it away. We all have the gift to make a difference. Some use it often and some not so much but at lease they’ve made a positive change in someone’s life.

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Personal Growth can Inspire Others

We should want to improve in some way. Everyone can use some improvement. Changes will occur whether we want them to or not and we should want to see positive changes. Sometimes we receive that light bulb that tells us that we need to improve our lives so that we’re able to “grow.” Sometimes we’re told that we did to make those changes but it’s up to us whether we want to make those changes. Personal change is important. It can offer us many opportunities. It can open and close some doors.

If we’re unwilling to change so that are lives are more fulfilled then we can’t expect anything greater. In order to advance we must make some changes. Whether it be big or small but any positive change can create better living. We can’t expect our surroundings to change if we’re unwilling to change. We may have to deal with people who are unwilling to change in some way. If this happens then we must decide whether we want to deal with their decision to not change. It’s important that we make some adjustments within ourselves before we “encourage” someone else to change.

It would be nice for a partnership to decide to change together. That way both parties stay on the same page. If we want to live peacefully then we will need to change areas in our lives. We should change our environment if it’s filled with disruptions. If we’re in chaotic environments then it would be difficult to change. Change isn’t always easy. Some people are so use to things being one way and they may be reluctant to change.

No one should be forced to change but if there’s a love for themselves and others then they will desire to change. Changing in anyway shouldn’t be forced, at least not at a personal level, but if one wants to elevate then they would need to change some areas in their lives. We shouldn’t fear change. We should embrace change, well, at least embrace positive change.

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The Days Offer Improvement

Are we really wasting time? Even if we make a tiny step, that tiny step is improvement, we mad an accomplishment. It’s a wonderful feeling when we decide to make improvements on ourselves. It takes courage to do so and we should take advantage of improving our lives when the days are offered to us. How many people refrain from improving in some way? They may fear not being accepted because they’ve changed in some way.

Whether we improve our skills or improve our minds. Improvements are a way for us to flourish. There’s so many ways to improve. We have 7 days in the week to do so. One of the ways we can improve is to believe that we will get better. Listening to motivational messages will help us and creates better environments. The more that we improve. The better our world will be.

Improvements occur when we surround ourselves with those who encourage people to strive for the best. If we surround ourselves with those who are striving to improve then it’s highly likely that we will want to do the same. Those who disapprove of our changes will only bring us down and we should continue on the path of improvement. There’s choices in that matter. One can either limit their time with people who tea us down or one can completely eliminate them from their lives.

Positive thoughts will inspire us to be better people. Helping others is apart of improvement. Removing toxic people out of our lives is a great way to help us live better lives. Toxicity can cause us to experience a decline. Improving ourselves will help us help others “improve.” A little movement is better than none at all and if we’re making some progress then we should be thankful for that.

Society could use more “growth.” If we all make even the smallest changes then we will see our society improve. It won’t be perfect but it will be better and better is a whole lot of improvement. Everyone can benefit from working on themselves. Working on ourselves will encourage others to do the same. When they notice positive changes within us then they will be willing to place those positive changes with themselves.

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A Little Inspiration Goes a Long way “Smile”

Our focus should be on the things that matter. The things that truly inspire us. If there’s no inspiration then we probably won’t get what we need out of it. Everyone has the capability to “inspire” but some choose not to do so and that’s up to them. We have to be driven by something in order to accomplish some of the things that will get us to where we need to be.

How can we Stay Motivated?

We can stay motivated by telling ourselves that we deserve to have that dream. We deserve so much more. If we feel deserving then we we’ll want to stay on course. We shouldn’t allow the thoughts of giving up in our minds. If we do that then we won’t accomplish the things that will help us in the long run. Another way to stay motivated is to listen to motivational videos and read motivational quotes. They help out tremendously.

How Damaging can Negativity be When You’re Trying to Stay Inspired?

Negativity can be very damaging. It will drain your energy and you will want to stop being inspired or inspiring others. Negativity is like a cancer. It can slowly take your life away. Too much of it and you can become depressed. It’s best that those who love to inspire others surround themselves by people who love to do the same. Surround yourself around visionaries and people who enjoy being positive. The negativity can send one off course and sometimes it’s hard to get back on course.

Who Inspires you?

I often found that my inspiration comes from the Lord and Jesus. My earthly inspiration came from my grandmother and great grandmother. They strength that they had within them was remarkable. They’ve saw so much and withstood the battles they had to face. I was truly connected with my father’s mother because we had so much in common. She faced a lot of adversity but still found time to encourage others to stand by “faith.” The love that she had for her family and anyone she came in contact with truly amazed me.

My great grandmother was a giver. She would give to those who needed and she would often pass by and hand some money in my hand and then walk off with a smile. She raised me so the connection was strong. She faced discrimination up close and she would tell us some of the stories that made my eyebrows go up.I tried to imagine going through some of those things but my mind couldn’t handle it. You don’t forget about those people who make an impact on your life.

“Inspiration is Something we Shouldn’t Hesitate to Share”

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Will That Dream Come True

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a “Dream” and do you think it’s fulfilled? Dr. King made lots of changes and he sacrificed for us. We still have a long way to go. Unity is what we need but how many are willing to achieve it? We can not prosper when we refuse to help one another and demonstrate love. If we continue segregation within the African American race then we won’t be able unite with any other race.

Self hate is the worst kind of hate. Who told you to hate one another? There’s no accomplishments with tearing one another down. There’s the complaints about unfairness but how can others be fair when you refise to be fair to yourselves. How can a group of people “grow” with self hatred? Pulling one another down won’t produce positive results.

We should encourage one anothet to do better and contribute some positivity to society. How can we stop the violence? If you turn on the news you will see a mother weeping for her teenage son. A mother cries out for her 7 year old son. Gun shots heard every night in some neighborhoods. How many lives have to be taken before we realize that we have a serious problem?

Miami Dade County Superintendent stated how remorseful he feels every time he attends a student’s funeral. It was sad to watch a police officer cry when he gave details related to the shooting of a 15 year old. Why do we believe that violence solves problems? Children are being attacked while going off to school. Without love, there’s no movement, no advancement.

We can’t complain about the law if we continue to give them reasons to be fearful. Yes, some of it has to do with discrimination, but a lot of it is fear. When you’re constantly seeing violent behavior. Your thinking focuses on that. That’s where the profiling comes into play. If people are unable to see African Americans demonstrating respect and love with one another then they will be unwilling to demonstrate the same.

“Love Changes Things”

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It can be Done if you put Fourth the Effort

We live in a hard world. There’s not a day that goes by that some bad news is reported. People are doing some of the most unspeakable things. Not everyone will be nice or treat us the way that we want to be treated but that shouldn’t stop us from doing “good.” It isn’t always easy to turn the other cheek. Yes, we will become angry when people cause harm to us, but with prayer we can overcome it. When we understand how the world works we’ll be able to deal with it better.

If we’re willing to grow then we must be willing to take some of that pain through our growth period. We should strive to be better and do better. If we put in the effort then we will be able to accomplish the things that will get us to our heavenly home. I don’t want any part of hell do you? I don’t want to think about it. If we need to make some changes then we should make them. The world would be a better place if there was more good.

Where there is darkness, let their be light, we are the light but we may not always allow the light to “shine.” There’s good inside of us and although we may make bad choices in our lives. That good is there. Even when people cause us pain we should try to heal and remove those thoughts because if they stay in our minds then we will do or say things we will regret. Let the light shine and be a blessing to others.

It doesn’t feel good to be talked about, lied on, mistreated in anyway but with the help from the Lord and Jesus we can overcome those things. Pain is in the world and we can’t control what others do or will do but we can change ourselves. It may take some time but putting in that effort is a start. We can handle things better when we meditate on the Lord. We’ll have a better understanding of how we can’t change things but we can change the way we deal with certain situations. Have a blessed day!

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