Leadership Isn’t What you say it is

Leadership is bold and moving. Anyone can claim leadership but can they display it? There’s different levels of leadership. In order to lead. One has to be willing to learn. No one knows everything. We’re continuously learning. We may need more leadership. The youth can use more of it and dedicated mentorship.

Some people may not want to take on leadership roles. It’s not an easy position but it’s a rewarding one. Leaders have to go through the pain. They have to get tougher. If a leader weeps. They may think that they’re not built for leadership but that’s not true at all. Strong people cry. A lot of relief can occur that way.

Every leader has experienced some bad. It won’t all be good. Leaders put themselves on the battlefield. They fight for people’s rights. They face wars and some were close to destruction. Leaders don’t give up but they may take a step back to regroup. Leadership involves “action.” It requires one to be aggressive at times but filled with compassion.

The compassion should be there. One should understand what leadership consist of. It will require lots of work but in time the position will become easier. Although it will be easier. Those rough days will still come streaming in but one will be better equipped to deal with them. Some may enjoy hearing the title but there’s more to it than that.

Leadership shows. It produces what a community or city needs. It involves the will to “grow.” Without growth there’s no progress. We can’t be apart of a movement without a leader. We need more and there’s no denying that. We really need leaders who aren’t afraid of stepping on some toes. Every leader has said something that someone didn’t agree with it. That can’t be prevented.

Leadership involves an increase. Increase in knowledge. Increase in time and increase when it comes to giving. Leaders have to take a lot of flack. They will have to go through storms and be prepared to be yelled at. One has to be willing to take the good with the bad.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially