To Perceive to Advance Despite the Circumstances

There is the ability to advance beyond what some can’t even imagine. There seems to be so many continuing to believe that they can alter my perception. No matter what’s said persons will believe whatever it is that they want to believe. I’ve been challenged so many times but it’s my determination which leads you=Tanikka Paulk to the where. I’m able to smile when being challenged. There is hope if they’re steadily trying to gain my attention then they certainly are in need. “My perception won’t be altered because I’m continuing to keep on the Full Armor of God.” (Tanikka Paulk)

There is so much focus on my journey and the ones who’ve tried to sabotage it they will see that there will be more abundance because of what God has declared. Mankind may cause destruction but God will intervene when God needs to intervene. There have been many disruptions the groups of People continue to try and cause setbacks but I’m so filled with my own reality and although I’ve imagined what it would be like to “move” at the said distance perhaps there will be the moves in which they are unaware that’s how there will be the greatest progress.

What is it that they’ve “perceived.” There seems to be the disconnection between the purpose and their walk. My journey shouldn’t include all because my purpose doesn’t belong to all the individuals. They’ve tried to alter what has already been stated. Why? The competition perhaps there are so many thinking that they’re able to remove what God has already set. My place was set before my birth. There are many viewing what I’m continuously trying to incur. My line of thinking hasn’t swayed. There is the “Transformation of the Mind.”

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I’ve learned to focus on what truly matters and the words spoken which add no value aren’t allowed in my circle. The ones who’ve tried to cause confusion because they’re displeased with my position will notice that what they’ve tried to do won’t pull my name down. “God already declared that Daughter is to be in the highest position and yes daughter is a ruler.” by: Tanikka Paulk. As a Daughter is Tanikka Paulk. There isn’t any hopelessness within me=Tanikka Paulk and me=Tanikka Paulk is also thee. Continuing because God is allowing the purpose to continue.

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My Place is Already set

Mankind isn’t willing to understand how God operates. Disobedience is mankind’s doing. What God ordains no man can remove yes there may be attempts to try and cause distress but God is always in control. God the Father of Jesus Christ. “There are warnings but how many heed to the warnings?” By; Tanikka Paulk. When persons are aware there could be abundance they’ll try to stop abundance and breakthroughs. Perhaps they’re unaware of what Satan tried to do to overpower God. Was Satan successful? No.

There are clarifications in which so many may miss. God will see that a purpose is fulfilled but the person or persons must be willing to cooperate with God. My prayers are heard by both God and Jesus Christ and no matter how mankind tries to intimidate me=Tanikka Paulk I’m progressing. There is steady movement the chatter isn’t detour. Advancement can occur even when there are shakedowns. “Peace is obtained by learning to handle situations better.” (Tanikka Paulk).

To be free what a glorious thing. There is so much power in prayer. The ones disagreeing about a person being chosen are thinking simple. If they allow themselves to receive peacefulness then they’ll notice that there will be better outcomes. The first attack Satan uses is the attack of the mind. Individuals seem to think the same way. They’re trying to wear down the mind so that they can gain power. For instance technology. So many use technology in order to try and intimidate others.

The power is generated when the devices and computers are turned on. They’re waiting to see when the person or persons will be online in order to project their attacks. How does one manage? “Prayer and calmness.” Proceed even when there is havoc. “Overpowering God won’t occur. God chooses, God declares, God anoints.” (Tanikka Paulk). Be firm and know what God called “you” to be. Their mission could be to try and destroy what God has already spoken about. I’m proceeding and they may not be pleased.

Job was attacked and God allowed the attacks but Satan couldn’t kill Job. Job remained faithful to God and received more than he had before. God will continue to be here or there as long as People allow God to be in their lives then God will remain. Both God and Jesus Christ will. Mankind is destructive just read the Bible and find the wars they create. Peacemakers are needed. “What I’ve faced so many would fall and probably wouldn’t try to get back up again.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

My faith continues to allow the growth to occur. When the door is shut there will be another opening. There are glorious moments. The lies told represent that the person is headed where the uninvited aren’t able to travel. Jesus was attacked by mankind.; Crucified and I’m certainly no Jesus Christ. How did Jesus react? Continued to love God’s children. Love conquers. Jesus loved and still loves. Who am I? They have tried to figure me=Tanikka Paulk out but God has protected Tanikka Shajuan Paulk from the demons. They will try to invade work which will help others.

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How did Mankind Consider the Color red as Wicked

Mankind is disorderly how does the red words spoken by Jesus Christ transform into badness? Mankind’s line of thinking. When Jesus speaks the words will be in red. There are so many blinded by what’s in the world. The Universe, there are so many without Jesus in their hearts, that’s why they’re so confused. Light will outweigh the darkness just look into the night sky and see how light shines through the darkness. “Destructive Ways Will Lead Troubled Minds Down the Wrong Path. Their Thoughts Need to be Transformed.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

What God has for a person God has already said what He wanted. So therefore no matter what changes mankind has made there will be God’s words which will hold value. There are words representing certain colors but why has mankind decided to view the color red as bad? There is goodness but how many are willing to allow the goodness to flourish? It appears as though there are more disobedience which mankind projects than there are obedience.

Ever person has been disobedient and we’ll have to suffer. God isn’t pleased when mankind decides to change the words spoken by Jesus into wickedness. The words are powerful just look in the Bible and find that the words spoken by Jesus are in read. Jesus Christ isn’t and wasn’t a wicked man. Mankind’s thoughts has caused crumbling but God can and will build. “There will be some unwilling to listen or to admit to rights there are some who enjoy wrongs.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There is a reason why I’ve mentioned what’s in the title. Red represents The Blood of Jesus. Look at how mankind operates. Where is the love? How many actually truly follow what God and Jesus Christ has supplied? There appears as if there are many nonbelievers. Some may claim to know the word of God but are unwilling to follow any of what God has said. Red isn’t what they’ve perceived read to be. Jesus Christ was and is good so why does mankind think that Jesus words have little value? Going to the word.

Just Look inside the Bible and Find That the Word Spoken by Jesus are in red. by: Tanikka Paulk 

Author’s Notes: “What Tanikka Paulk is saying.” I’ve been challenged as a writer and challenged as a Child of God there will be some disagreeing with what is said and there are some disagreeing with what God has spoken. There is an opportunity to look and see what the word has to say. Reading, studying, understanding. What I’ve said has been confirmed. Mankind could disagree but God will and has all power. I’m continuing for many reasons and I’m blessed even when they project hateful words.

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It’s in the “Perception”

It looks that way but is it really? Hmmm. Well our minds can go places. We may think one thing when it’s actually another. Have you ever misjudged something or someone? You may have thought they were one way until you find out different. This happens because our minds will automatically jump to the negatives. Why?

This happens because of our little and sometimes to no “Faith.” If we think we saw something then we will be convinced that we did. Our minds can play tricks on us. Even our words can do that but the word of God does not. He said it and He meant it. Faith is by hearing. Hearing the word of God.

Things can fall apart because we assume that what we saw was the real thing. Think about this. When law enforcement asks to give account of what occurred, how many have given conflicting versions of the incident, their minds couldn’t quite grasp what really occurred? They used their perception. We will think what we want to think and believe what we want to believe.

Through prayer and reading God’s words. We’re able to think clearer. Not everyone will believe that but those who do already know the goodness in it. When we have negative thoughts then it will show but when it’s positive then things will turn around. Everyone has misjudged something. Our actions aren’t always perfect but we are. Assuming can mess things up but if we allow God to lead the way then things will “fall in place.”

Sometimes people will believe certain things because they want them to be so and others times they just allow negative thoughts in. We may not be able to convince people to believe what is said but we can at least tell them. That’s why it’s so important for Spiritual Leaders to continue to preach God’s word. People may not want to hear it, believe it, or feel it but we should continue to teach it.

“What’s Your Perception?”