Deception Revealed

There’s so many people that need assistance, there’s the homeless, and those who have health conditions but what about those seeking help in the most deceptive ways? We all have gone through or are going through something. One of the most irritating things is when people use deceptive ways to receive help. They may try to say that bills are one amount but they’re another. They may use tactics to try to make people feel guilty for not helping them.

It’s one thing to need help, we’ve all needed or need help at some point, but to be manipulative is just wrong. Pretending to help others but wanting the money back is not really helping. Borrowing is one thing but when something is given. It shouldn’t be expected back. Of course there’s a heart for those that truly need help but for those who are trying to trick people in order to receive it will be “exposed.”

Some people will pretend to allow families to stay in their home but have a motive. They may see them as opportunities to gain. Gaining deceptively won’t last. You’ll be surprised who’s willing to make you look like a fool. There’s no hand outs, who wants to throw money away, well people do it but I’m not sure if they really want to do it? There’s nothing wrong with giving and being kind but we have every right not to allow people to take advantage of us.

When people try to make things look one way when it’s really another. They’re doing a disservice to themselves because it will come out. It can be difficult when one knows that another is being deceptive but they have to put on that I’m stupid face. Asking for help would be an easier solution than trying to do underhanded things in order to receive help. We can do things in order, tell people how we feel, do it in a respectful way. I think I’m getting tired of people taking advantage of situations and others . Thinking they have a right to do so. What and who gave them the right?