Poetry in a Nutshell

Surrounded Peace

Peace shall surround me and I will experience tranquility

The world make go around and around but the turbulence shall not get me down

Oh I must admit, it’s not easy going through this event, but with the help from the man above

It’s possible with his unconditional love

I will embrace the transformation that God needs from me

Each day will offer me a closeness to the “free”

If no one believes in me my Lord does and that’s alright with me

I’ve spent many days in wonder but I shall wonder no more

There will be plenty of open doors for me to seek my destiny

Peace shall lived inside me

The joy of knowing that things will get better

It’s better than crisp and clear weather

Time may not wait but God’s Plan is on my date

This is something to be oh so thankful for

Wait a minuet

There’s much more

I shall travel on this “journey” and some will wonder how I made it through

Jesus held my hand all the way and I didn’t forget to pray

Peace will find you too

Just believe and do what God ask of you

Some Shaking Going on

There’s some rumbling and tumbling going on

Time to get one’s attention

Who shall it be

Is you, you, or is it Destiny?

There will be some movement so don’t be alarmed

This is apart of that process you heard so much about

It really can make one shout, shout, shout

Time will tell if you wait on it

The shaking enters so many lives

When it happens don’t be surprised

If one is strong and truly believe

They will make it through the shaking and feel oh so free

Just let it happen and don’t fight

The rumbling will make one stronger and you will be able to endure

Let it happen it’s a gift from the heavens

Believe That you can

Believe in yourself

You can do it

It doesn’t matter what the world has to say

God instilled in you the greatest gifts

Believe that you shall overcome

That the fight isn’t over and you will win

Allow Jesus to be your best friend

Believe that you will make it happen

Believe, believe, believe

Never stop believing in you

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How to Find the Peace you Need

Being calm is important, it helps keep us healthy, the more we’re exposed to stress. The more likely we’ll develop health issues. We won’t be able to avoid stressful situations completely but we can sure lower our stress levels. One way to do this is to remove toxic people out of our lives. if they’re unable to offer some “peace” then they don’t need to be apart of our lives. It’s important that we allow ourselves to experience peaceful moments. We shouldn’t constantly be exposed to chaos.

If we find ourselves being riddled with stress then we need to break away from those areas and anyone who refuses to offer us peacefulness. A little stress will come but too much of it can create other issues for us. When we’re stressed we’re unable to function properly. That can lead to making mistakes that could’ve been avoided if we were in the land of peace. Those who want to keep us stressed should receive an in depth communication from us and if they refuse to stop producing stress for us then we need to do what’s best for us.

No one should want us to be filled with stress, our friends shouldn’t want it, and if they do then they don’t deserve that title. Being able to experience peacefulness is a blessing. There’s some people who rarely get the opportunities to experience peace because they’ve placed so much on themselves. We’ll do that. Sometimes we’ll produce stress for ourselves, worrying about that out of our control. Stress and worry are enemies and they can cause us to be broken and that’s something we don’t need.

We have to find things that offer us peace. Soothing music can produce some peace, meditation, and reading and also help. We shouldn’t be exposed to chaotic environments too long. If we allow the chaos to enter our minds then we’ll start demonstrating dysfunctional behavior. There’s a lot of major issues going on in this world but that doesn’t mean that we have to be all wrapped up in it. We have to relax our minds and we must allow our bodies to have rest. No rest, no peace, no peace means we’re experiencing some chaos and that can be avoided.

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The Open Letter

I thank God for those storms, trials, and challenges. They help build me up. Each day that offers us breath, we can get better, we should want to. Well, God knows what’s in store, He continues to prepare me for battle. It doesn’t matter who attacks me and what hour. God is worthy to be praised. Attacks can either make or break a person but through “faith” all those attacks will cease. I declare “peace” for anyone going through war.

Cyber bullying, deformation of character, harassment comes from the enemy. Anyone who faces attacks should put on the “full armor of God.”  You will need it. Trust God. No weapon that is formed against me or my family shall prosper. Satan is stupid. He attacks God’s people thinking that he can defeat God and Jesus. Jesus told Satan to get behind Him. Enemies I say, “you are behind me. If you weren’t behind me you wouldn’t try to pull me down.” Watch God work miracles in my life.

When you work for Satan. You will receive no pay. I’m not talking about dollars and cents. I talking the rewards from heaven. All that I’be done in my life. I’be asked God to forgive me for. As long as He forgives, that’s what matters, man can choose to forgive or not forgive but without forgiveness there’s no “reward.” I have no room for hate. Hate destroys and Hate belongs to the devil.

What people have tried to do to me, didn’t work, I’m still here, and I’m still praising. I ask my Heavenly Father to protect me from all things that are not of Him. I am strong. I shall not be defeated because Jesus is within me and His Father continues to guide me. Those attacks will cease in the name of Jesus. I’m uniquely designed. Be prepared for God’s punishment when you come up against me and God’s people.

I’m a”Believer of Christ and of God.” I will allow God to work in my favor. Vengeance belongs to Him. My forgiveness has nothing to do with what God promised. He declared that vengeance is His. I will continue my journey and pray for my enemies. I came into this world with “purpose.” My God is an Awesome God. So, there shall be no war without the armor, God protects me. Thank you Jesus. I receive the blessings.

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Somethings are a Blackout

Sometimes we end up shaking our heads with all that arises in this world. People being virtually attacked, others being envious, and environments becoming gloomy. What next? Who knows? No one can predict what people will come up with next. I wonder if social media suffered a blackout, how would people react, what would they do?

There would be ni so clues for them to spill out. Isn’t amazing that people get a kick out of making other people’s lives miserable? What has this world come to? Are people going “mad?” It appears so. Perhaps the whole network should go black. How would people handle that?

Sometimes it’s best to step away. Take a break so that you don’t blackout. No dizzy spells. Finding those peaceful places and gaining some sunshine would help. We don’t need to suffer from craziness due to too much social media exposure.

Don’t become a victim. No one needs to weep because people can’t stop charging at others. When will we unite? Probably won’t happen but shouldn’t we try? Who can afford to blackout because of ridiculous behavior? Lets be apart of unification. Are you ready for that? Again!  Probably not. It would help ro put some effort in it.

What are people trying to accomplish. Are they setting up their own plan? Have they misinterpreted what’s being said? Social media is getting out of hand. What ever happened to the friendly atmosphere? Puzzled. Perhaps things wil get better rather quickly. At least that’s what some are hoping.

I wonder if a blackout occured, how long would it stay that way, would things change afterwards? We could only be so hopeful. The way things are going, we could face more chaos, that’s “not good at all.” We don’t need it. We could do without it. There needs to be some “peace”on social media and all around us.

“Allow the Light to Shine Through us”

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When You’re at Peace no one can Disturb it

People will try to steal your inner peace, the only way they can do that is if you allow it, life is precious and it should be enjoyed. When you’re confident and secure. You won’t feed into negativity. You’ll be at peace with yourself and even with those who try ro come up against you.

If it doesn’t help you grow, make you smile, then it’s something you can do without. Surround yourself with people who want to see you “prosper.” If they don’t want the best for you then they don’t deserve to be in your life. We often find ourselves questioning our past when we should be looking towards our future. No one. Absolutely  no one can stop us from “succeeding.” If we allow people to get the best of us then they will.

Sometimes we have to go away and ponder a bit. We should develop positive friendships. People who do nothing for you have no right to tell you a thing. We have to learn to enjoy those who touch our lives. Those who make us complete. Those who love us “unconditionally.”

Life isn’t easy but we’re built for toughness. There’s people willing to uplift us. Those who want to see us achieve will push us. There’s no progress what so ever without struggles. If we don’t go through storms then we won’t develop strength. We need lots of strength to deal with the adversities of this world.

If the people around us doesn’t push us then they should be around us. We can’t expect things to be handed to us. We have to fight and work for them. Believe that you deserve to make it through every hurdle in life. Let no one tell you that you’re no good enough. There’s always hope in every situation. Failure should live in your heart, mind, and soul.

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