Attracted to Peacefulness on the Real

There are so many ways to experience peacefulness. Yes there could be the havoc but there is also the solitude. The best thing to do is to find where (donde)? the peace occurs. Although there’s exposure to harsh environments there are also ways to limit the time spent in such environments. Does one really need to accept what the others are trying to project? No. There are the troublemakers and what can one do about the ones trying to cause trouble? Allow the peace to enter.

Training the mind to become connected to positive thinking. Smiling is an awesome way to experience “the peace.” Being surrounded by peacefulness and allowing peaceful friends to be apart of our lives helps. “Yes I’d rather be apart of peace and enjoy the creations in which God has made so therefore there will be moments of enjoyment.” By: Tanikka Paulk. I’ve discovered that listening to soft music and the birds will help generate calmness.

There’s certainly lots to discover and what so many could be missing is the best ways to enjoy the solitude. Seeking and “have seek” to find the joyfulness in which so many aren’t trying to allow in. Reading also allows the stress to decrease. Less stress could incur better experiences. To experience such things is absolutely a blessing. How many are selecting to do so? It seems as though there are more wanting to cause disruptions when there should be more trying to build up.

What will tomorrow hold? Perhaps that’s “a question” so many have asked. One may never know what tomorrow will hold but should at least enjoy what today makes. I’ve made my way to such a place. To transform my mind to think on levels in which so many have refrained to think. Just consider the puzzle and how to finish putting the pieces together. Positivity will help one advance to levels in which they’re working to achieve. “I’d rather be positive but there will be times when there is less positivity at least there are the efforts to generate positivity.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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.The Ability to Rejuvenate the Mind

There are so many reasons why the mind experiences fatigue. Being surrounded by negativity can wear down the mind. In order to keep a healthy mind one will need to remove the areas which cause the mind to become weaker. Being surrounded by negative beings can certainly cause the mind to become less productive and weak. “What is Said can Cause Mind Disturbances but There ways to Keep the Mind on the Right Track.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Unfortunately we may focus on the wrong areas and could experience a meltdown.

The Positive Ways to Incur a Rejuvenated Mind

  1. Engage in positive communications.
  2. Surround self around visionaries.
  3. Engage in fun activities.
  4. Read educational material.
  5. Focus on positive areas.
  6. Obtain proper rest.
  7. Take breaks when necessary.
  8. Think positively.
  9. Smile whenever possible.
  10. Spend less time within negative and controlling areas.

Some may not know exactly what it means to be positive. We’re not going to be positive at all times but we’re capable of being positive. To allow the mind to rest is of great importance. So many may focus on what is occurring and rarely spend time to just ponder on the most important areas. There should be time spent engaging in fun activities. “We’re not able to control what others will say or do but we can certainly control how we respond.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There are so many positive ways to experience the inner peace which is needed in order to experience proper balance.

No matter how negative an environment becomes there is something we’re able to do about the negativity and “that” (tanikkap) is to think positively. If any person expect to keep the mind rejuvenated then they’ll have to decide where and when to spend their time. Being in an extremely negative environment often can certainly break down the mind. There should be focus on elevation and living better. Society is riddled with confusions there are so many individuals trying to cause mind disturbances.

“The insanity in which so many tries to project could be the very insanity they’re left with.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The words spoken can either create joy or sadness. There are many choices and I’d rather choose to be positive however there will be times when i’m negative. It’s certainly not easy dealing with broken environments and individuals but there are books which can help create more positivity. There’s so many materials about in which will assist with creating a more thoughtful mind.

The attacks which are experienced haven’t caused my mind to fade. Although there could be some short-term memory there isn’t any insanity. Oh how grateful I Tanikka paulk am. The negative words were seen and heard but I’m refusing to allow any person to have control over my mind. My thoughts will continue to be positive. There is glory! I’m blessed because I’m able to think and able to experience peacefulness. There are so many individuals unable to obtain any peace at all.

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Channel the Emotions so That There is Disruption of the Mind

So many continue to find out there are some who may get their thrills out of trying to cause disruptions but if one is to remain focused then they’ll be able to get a lot done. To have to face the many challenges can result in frustration if allowed. There has to be thoughts of the end “results.” To keep going is key. If any person wants to get ahead then they’ll have to suffer through the adversity and refuse to give up. So many stop right before their breakthroughs. Of course having to deal with a lot of adversity can be so unsettling but there are ways to cope.

Finding the Best Ways to Remain Positive

Of course no person will always be positive, there’s certainly enough to cause some to not be positive at all, having to deal with challenges isn’t easy. For some they’ve just about have lost their minds. So many continue to face the many challenges and may not know how to be positive. I’ve found listening to classical music produces calmness. Tuning out the extras can produce more “productivity.” Not paying close attention to noise makers certainly helps. If more achievements are expected then there has to be a decision to release the emotions which can cause madness. Expect to achieve more, to become better at a craft, to overcome adversities.

To Live Surrounded by Harmony

Music is awesome. There are so many genres to listen to and music certainly produces joy. Of course not all music but one can choose based on what is enjoyed. Sometimes just sitting in a room and listening for hours can help generate more “creativity.” There’s a lot of inspiration through music and the inspiration can also produce more and more creativity. So many have discovered that the music has produced healing. The blues can fade through music. Just take sometime and listen and see what happens during and afterwards. The musical sounds are like an ocean with non stopping waves.

Try to Release the Stress

Relieving stress is a great way to lower health risks. Too much stress can cause the heart to weaken. Find appropriate ways to relieve the stress. There should be some time set aside to just chill out. To mediate on peacefulness. Perhaps reading a book or listening to motivational speeches. Stress has to be released in order to keep the mind healthy. Try thinking of happy events. Times when joyfulness was experienced. It’s quite helpful to avoid being surrounded by too many negative people. The negatives can certainly way any person down. “Obtaining” proper rest is so important. Not doing so can leave one cranky. Moods change when under a lot of pressure and being stressed out.

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Be at Peace By Eliminating the Junk

There are times when one really can avoid being in a stressful situation. The best way to do so is to remove the toxins. Avoid spending long periods with toxic individuals and in toxic “environments.” There will be some who will intentionally try to cause stress for others. If the environments which are riddled with toxins are online then spend less time online. Friendships shouldn’t consist of individuals who are trying to cause problems for others. Friends try to help one another and encourage one another. If they’re not doing so then they’re not friends and can be considered as toxic.

“A lot of people” may end up being under pressure because they continue to allow persons to cause havoc in their lives. There should be no tolerance for such behavior because individuals will continue doing what they’re allowed to do. There should be removals. If they’re on social media then there should consider blocking or avoiding the individuals altogether. No person should allow harassment and should report bullying as well as harassment. There are some who continue to be bothersome. They’ll continue attacking others perhaps to gain their attention or to get the individuals to cease whatever it is that the persons are displeased with.

“If the behaviors continue then there should be complaints filed and in some cases the persons may need to be sued.” Peace has to be generated somehow. It’s really sad that so many choose to harass others and not spend their lives engaging in positive activities. For some they haven’t yet discovered how to generate peace. There is no reason that any person should be bullied or constantly taunted on social media platforms or in any other area. The platforms should be held accountable if the bullying continues. Be at peace by limiting time spent online. Don’t allow any person to continuously cause distress in anyway.

Find peace and do what’s necessary in order to live peacefully. There are some who may not understand when communicated. If the law steps in then perhaps the individuals will stop doing what they’re doing. Yes, there was a time when navigating online wasn’t a hassle but these days so many take to platforms just to harass others. No need to engage in such activities and if there are no solutions then take another course of action. Find the most effective ways to remain sane.

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The Sounds of God’s Creations

To have a day where there’s just peace and joy floating about is truly a blessing. Appreciate the days but especially “the peaceful ones.” Some days we may come in contact with some difficult people and need some down time. Indeed. The sound of cars passing by and birds chirping. Oh wow, wow and another wow! When there’s a lot of chaos about finding a way to experience some peace is necessary. Complete ignoring the same foolishness day in and day out.

How many people really want to live a drama filled life? Everyday filled with drama. No way. So when there’s a day with some serenity then it’s like winning a million dollars. For real. Some people would disturb the dead. That’s how some are and always find a way to get a person down. The technology can wreck some havoc. Of course it’s not really the technology but the users.

Live a life filled with some joy. Just imagine living a life where there is no joy at all. Where nothing but madness and control. Sit and enjoy the quietness. Sounds crickets early but they’re ready for something. Place two hands together and bow in prayer. For some they may not understand what I’m talking about. Just deal with some of the toxins and they’ll figure out why there’s a hooray for a peaceful day.

Society can be filled with some goodness but a lot of wickedness is within society. Closing my eyes and thinking about something good. There has to be some good even when it appears darkness sets in. Nothing wrong with setting aside some time to just listen to the “sounds of nature.” Enjoy the brightness which comes through the window pane. There shouldn’t be continuous stress. Experiencing stressful events everyday can certainly cause fatigue.

Enjoy some time in peacefulness. If there’s toxicity around then find a quiet space and read or just meditate. It’s better to” find ways to relax” then to allow the stress to weigh the body down. We all need some quiet time. Of course some may like a lot a noise around but there has to be a time where there’s no drama going on.

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Sweet Melodies Help Relieve Stress

We don’t have to live stressful lives. There’s so many ways to relieve stress. Some meditate and some listen to music. Having the ability to listen to music is truly a blessing. Once the tunes get going. Every problem seems to fade away. Imagine a world without music. Don’t want to think about it. There’s all sorts of genres to listen to. I’m a fan of gospel music but will listen to R&B, jazz, and pop. When it’s time to really unwind. The soothing sounds of the ocean or forest.

Music is so important and it should stay in schools. There’s music even when there’s shopping. That’s just how effective music is. Music is played so that a baby falls asleep. It’s played in day cares. Music is a big part of so many people’s lives. The days are filled with music and for some music is in their sleep. The melodies can make one rock from side to side. It’s amazing how music puts one in a good mood.

For some music helps when they’ve had a bad day. Even the instrumental music can generate a sense of calmness. Sitting in a room with music going is a great way to unwind. Even playing music can relieve the pressures of life. Music seems to project a glimmer of hope. Just letting the sounds flow about is a beautiful thing. Some listen to music while taking a warm bath. Another way to relax.

Everyone needs their time of peace. Sometimes just laying down and listening to the sound of a waterfall with soothe the mind. Sometimes those sounds are used to help one sleep. Peacefulness is something everyone should cherish. There has to be positive ways to unwind and listening to music is a great way to unwind. It’s also a great way to ponder.

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Debates About “Black Lives Matter” All Lives Matter

So many become enraged over the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” If no one understands why others are upset about it then they’re not thinking deeply. Others may perceive the phrase saying that only black lives matter. When all lives matter so the phrase could create some racial tension. It’s all about perception. There’s nothing wrong with saying that black lives matter but it would be respectful to say that “All Lives Matter.” All lives matter to God and lives should matter to us.

First off even when the phrase being spoken all over the world. People shouldn’t try to initiate a race war. There’s been attacks behind the phrase and other communications that some may perceive as disrespectful. We should be trying to contribute “peace.” I suppose no one considers civil rights or all that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. went through to create peace and to stop segregation. Dr. King wanted all races to unite. It was an advocate for not only African Americans but for “unification of the races.” There will always be someone who wants to get things jumbled up.

We must use our peaceful minds and not be enslaved by negativity. Lives matter even when the phrase is used. Just because it isn’t stated all of the time that doesn’t mean that people are saying that all lives aren’t important. It’s just that African Americans have faced so much discrimination and sometimes the emotions run high so others may perceive that they’re not caring about other races. Not true. There’s been so many deaths related to hate. If love settles in a place then people wouldn’t be so racially hostile and there will be more “calmness.” Anyone trying to start a race war is setting themselves up for failure.

We should respect our culture and we should respect others as well. Some people are so in tuned with drama that they’ll try to initiate a race war and then run and hide. Even if one wasn’t born in the 50’s or 60’s. They should have civil rights history. President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Medgar Evers history. A peaceful mindset can detour us away from thinking that it’s a race battle. It’s not, everyone has a right to show concern for their culture, that doesn’t mean that they’re not concerned about others.

When a group has been through so much they become emotional and they want solutions. We don’t need any added problems. We all can live together peacefully. We should love everyone and stop perceiving that there’s hate because a certain group states concern for their people. Slavery is over but discrimination remains and it needs to cease but the reality is. Discrimination will be here because of people’s mindsets. Love is what we need. We can all leave peacefully if we put our minds to it.

“Unification is Something Dr. King Taught. He Wanted Peace for African Americans and for People of all Color.”

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Sometimes we Have to Shut it all out

When things seem chaotic. It’s best we find a peaceful place. That’s why so many prefer “meditation.” It really helps and we generate good thoughts when we’re in a meditating mode. Sometimes we’re surrounded by people who are disturbed themselves so they want to make sure anyone they come in contact feels the same. Going in a quiet place will release any stress related to dealing with toxic people.

We have find inner peace and that happens when we’ve accepted the things that we can not change. We can’t change people but we change our we deal with them. Anyone that spills toxicity doesn’t need to be in our space at least not for too long. A nice cool quiet place is a good dwelling. We don’t need to be consumed with nonsense. Our minds should be filled with good thoughts. Peaceful thoughts.

Turning the lights off and breathing in or out will make us feel better. There’s a lot we have to deal with so meditating and relaxing can help with calmness. We shouldn’t allow our thoughts to get the best of us. If we’re constantly overthinking then we will feel the effects. Resting or doing something that is peaceful will make us feel better. Some may choose to listen to music and music certainly helps put us in a better mood.

It’s important that we take care of ourselves. We need to take breaks and just tune things out for awhile. If not then we become over stressed and our health could decline. It’s not healthy for us to continuously be surrounded by negativity and we could suffer if we do. So finding a peaceful place is a great benefit. We can find peace. We simply have to release all those things that will cause us to become unhealthy.

Still Blessed in it all

Don’t worry about the storms, the chaos around you, and who’s trying to do what. We can find calmness through our thoughts. We can generate peace where there seems as if there’s none in the atmosphere. We can smile and make someone’s day. Even when trouble finds us. We can still say, “I am blessed,” that’s right. There’s no need to sit in a corner with our heads hanging down.

There’s too much to live for. There’s good in every bad situation. There’s peace even when there’s noise surrounding us. It doesn’t matter what people say, what they do, and what they want to do. God has the final say. We should ferl good about giving and encouraging others to do better. Be hopeful and be happy. Consider ourselves blessed because there’s people going through something awful. Think about mother’s who have to hold tgeir dying child in their arms. If you’re in a position to help someone then do it.

We may complain about the smalkest things and not consider ourselves blessed. If you have a bed to lay in and water to drink and bathe in tgen you’re blessed. There’s people who would love to have a clean cup of water. When people come up against you consider yourself blessed. May soubd strange but if you didn’t have something within you. They wouldn’t bother. Greatness can either draw people together or it can make them irritated. Envy exist.

Call yourself “Blessed” because there’s favor. We can do some remarkable things. We have to believe that we can accomplish a lot of things through “faith.” It’s all good. Those troubles will leave and even through troubled times. We can bless someone. Through the chaos and the tirbulance be blessed. Be cheetful givers. Someone needs you today. We can make this world a better place. Believe and be blessed.

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Stand up for Yourself and Others

Some may become fearful when it’s time to take a stand. Speaking out and up for yourself and others is nothing one should feel ashamed of. There’s way too many people who will ne silent when trouble arises and people are being attacked. People will turn their heads when others are being bullied. Is that fair? Would you want someone to stand up for you?

Compassion is something we should be thankful to have. Having enough compassion to speak out when someone is being attacked. People are so afraid that the atttacks will land their way so they remain silent. What if your child or children were being bullied? Would you remain silent? Some of the bullying would leave if everyone took a stand against it.

We need more “leadership” and less fearful people. People are condemned for every mistake they’ve made but yet people won’t call others out when they’re being abusive and bullying others. Violence continues when there’s not enough people standing agaibst it. People will encourage others to be attacked and bullied but will refrain from encouraging “peace.” Sounds pretty pathetic doesn’t it? More leaders need to develop. Don’t hide, speak up, stand a stand.

There’s a time to be silent and there’s a time to speak. Speak loudly if you have to but don’t sit back and watch children and others be attacked. Some will even stand around while a child is being beaten by a group of people. Having evidence is great but don5video tape and not call for help. What’s wrong with our way of thinking? We criticize people for this or that but won’t say a,word when people are being attacked. In fact a lot of people will encourage it.

There’s more bullies then there’s “peacemakers.” Kind of sad. We have a long way to go when it comes to bullying, racism, and hate. Hate seems to be one of the causes people encourage violence. If we remove hate and project love then there would be a lot of positive changes. Remove envy and encourage people to excel, do better, and make positive differences within society.

“Remove the Hate and Allow the Peace in” (T. Paulk)

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