Healing Takes Time

When we’ve experienced traumatic events in our lives we may become consumed with those events. It can be difficult to overcome them but it can be done. We may have to seek help from professionals because of the pain we’ve endured. It takes time to heal fron traumatic experiences. For some the pain could subside quickly and for others it can take many years.

Sometimes we hold on to pain because our pain hasn’t been validated. We need to know why the pain occurred and the healing has to involve more than an apology. No one is immune from experiencing hurt and pain. We deal with it in our own way and no one can tell us how long we should heal from our pain. The healing process depends on how in depth the pain is.

When we experience painful events it takes something out of us. We can get through it but the victim and the person and persons who caused the pain must acknowledge it. Some may feel as if they’re not capable of overcoming the pain and heartache. When we’ve suffered greatly we may not understand why the suffering took place. Once we have an understanding of it. It will be easier to get a hold of it.

We will have to endure hardships. It will help us develop. We may not want to go through the challenges and it’s difficult to suffer through. We may cry night after night until the hardships leave us. In time the process will be complete and we will bounce back to who we were created to be. If you’re going through. It will pass it may take years but in time the heartache will cease. Sometimes we may think we’ll never get rid of the hurt but we can and will if we want it to leave us. We must allow the healing to continue.

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Surrendering to Love

The pain and the moments where suffering was great. It leaves us, it may not leave us right away, but eventually it will. The heartache and the thoughts of closure. Does love hurt? Well it can. The love that one may consider love. It can feel like there’s no room to breathe. Love isn’t suppose to be painful. It’s not suppose to control and abuse. It doesn’t ¬†belittle or fade. Love stays. It grows and it produces. Should we call a man a man when he harms a woman? Yes, he’s still a man, maybe a broken one.

Sometimes we have to spend our getting to know ourselves better. Finding that common ground. If we allow so called love to knock us down then we become slaves to it. No love will chip away at the mind. Love is compassionate, understanding, and kind. It listens and it goes the extra mile. Love doesn’t if it does then it was never there. Some fall in love with love. The idea of love. The thoughts a fairy tale. A long walk on the beach and a vase full of roses. How can anyone deny love?

Sometimes we may want to believe that love has found us but love starts with us. If one doesn’t love themselves then they won’t be able to love others. The love we feel for ourselves will grow into others areas and when people see how well the love flows then they’ll want to be apart of it. Love conquers. It doesn’t harass or attack. It attracts and it can travel near or far. Once we love ourselves then love will find us.

It can’t be hidden. It’s expressive and it encourages. Love doesn’t discourage. It’s continuous and it’s felt in all kinds of places. Who doesn’t want to be apart of love? Even if they behave as if they could care less about love. They’re displaying falsehood. Everyone wants to be loved. If we displayed more love then we would be happier people. Bitterness takes the love away and it can cause so much damage. Bitterness destroys and it can make people disconnect. Move further and further away.

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Allow it to Flow

Imagine being in a place full of tormoil. A place where you pretend it’s rosy but it’s full of thorns. Where you wonder when the rollercoaster ride will end. Life sometimes is hazy. We make decisions that rip us apart and we stay where the damages our great. We may wonder how do we heal from being poked with thorns?

Time heals, communicating, and praying. Have you ever wondered how you made it through somethings? It’s not easy facing pain, especially pain that lasted 21 years. Where you pretend to be fine but inside you’re scared. What makes us put up with so much? We must forgive and sonetimes it won’t feel as if it’s easy to do. God always knows what’s best. He knows exactly what we need.

Having peace in our lives is a blessing. When the storm moves and we’re able to breath. It’s amazing. Many are silent about the things they face behind closed doors. They’re afraid what others will say or think. They bottle the pain all up and put on that brave smile. There’s hope even when we think we won’t heal from something. We will. We can beat it. We can “overcome.”

The brokenness goes away. The sun shines again and we see a better tomorrow. If you’re in an abusive relationship. Talk to someone, don’t pretend it’s, peachy. That will only deepen your scars. After the door closes, allow the good things to come in, allow happiness. All the pain that filled your world will go away. In time the memories of the hostile events will cease.

Sometimes we hang on to things that aren’t good for us. We forget how to love ourselves. We lose ourselves and we wonder if we “deserve better.” We do. We deserve to live productive lives. We deserve to be treated with respect and to be loved. Loving ourselves is one of the most important things. Believing that we we have worth is something we should constantly tell ourselves.

“Trust the Storyteller and the Story.”

Featured Image Belongs to Tiki33 T.Paulk