There Will be Plenty of Reasons to Scratch my Head

Just thinking about how some are so irritating can be like a migraine which keeps coming back. Why are so many so out of control? There are many reasons why. For some they’re not receiving what ever it is that they want. Some do so because of the situations they’ve stepped into. There are some who do so because they’re trying to prevent what they may not want to occur. To ponder on the best ways to get around such annoying incidents is necessary. To discover the most peaceful ways will help “create calmness.” Too many are in tuned with where a person is going and what they’re planning on doing with the rest of their lives.

What we decide to do is choice whether right or wrong. Too many wanting to be in control and not realizing how they’re sabotaging their own lives. There’s way too much focus on one’s private “life” which can result in some not getting a handle on their own lives. We’re facing troubling times. Too many causing destruction and not even concerned about their own well being. No privacy at all. There are on lookers right now. Watching to see what will occur next. So many may feel uncomfortable being watched at all times. Can be annoying and to not only be watched but to have to deal with all sorts of behaviors can be a nuisance.

There are days when shutting down is necessary. Not having to deal with all of the drama. Of course there’s no way of getting around problems but some are creating more and more “problems.” In the long run doing so will cause more headaches for the individuals. There are some who refuse to just stop being a nuisance. When the time comes the actions could receive severe punishment. Why can’t some just live their own lives and stop dictating others folks lives? My isn’t everyone’s business.

If we’re not careful what so many may try to do can become frustrating which can lead to a breakdown. Some do not understand how they’ve placed themselves in sticky situations. Some simply don’t know how to come out of it. They’ve stepped in areas in which there was no invitation. Have sabotaged what can be used as good. Caused so much chaos that there’s more troubles then there are positives. Not saying that more positivity can’t “be developed.” “Perhaps some should consider how destructive they are.” (Tiki) Tanikka Paulk

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The Journey is Filled With Challenges

Don’t be dismayed when faced with many challenges while on the journey. The challenges build growth and that’s where we gain experience. The best way to cope with challenges is to feel confident that we’re overcome the adversity. Life can be quite challenging. There’s always hope. Doesn’t matter how many people try to hinder progress on the journey. “Visionaries” excel anyway.

Not everyone will understand a visionaries vision and sometimes many challenges arise because of it. Not everyone is meant to understand. No amount of challenges should discourage a dreamer. In fact we all should push harder. Refusing to give up. Continue to be confident. Never be afraid of the adversity. The adversity creates “development.” There will always be at least one person who provides encouragement. The first to encourage should be self.

It’sounds important to have patience. Success takes time and although the journey may be filled with lots of adversity. There should be times of joy and continued growth. There’should no need to be overwhelmed but if stress occurs. Taking brings is necessary. It’s very  difficult to work while being overwhelmed. Some meditation will help and regrouping.

There’s a lot of unpredictable situations while on the journey. May not know exactly how to deal with the situations at first. That’s why  it’s important to take some time out. Anyone who has traveled the journey realizes just how challenging the journey can become. Some days will be filled with fatigue but when the “determination” kicks in there’somewhere no stopping the visionary.

If we’re expecting to get ahead then we’ll have to find creative ways to do so. Sometimes we’ll have to be very secretive in order to make it to the next stage of the journey. There will be all sorts of road blocks. The hecklers will heckle about. The critics will shout out their extreme criticism. Don’t be discouraged. No amount of heckling or criticism should stop the shine.

Don’t allow others to dim the light. So many will try. Apart of the whole process. If we’re able to get through the most difficult patches on the journey then we’re on the right track. “Rise up!” No time for thoughts of failure. If there’s attempts then failure has surely occurred. Keep believing and continue to enjoy the experiences all the journey. The journey won’t totally complex.

“The Storm Will Pass Over. Be Patient, Confident, and Full of Faith.” By: Tanikka Paulk  ( Tanikka Paulk)

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I’m Afraid Society Isn’t Ready for Some Common Ground

Sometimes just looking at the word society is insane. Thinking about all the injustices and all of the dysfunctional behaviors. The good thing is. It appears that the youth are behaving better than the adults. Hooray! If we think society is in a fix try cyber space. Oh my gosh. Did they just throw all the loonies in cyber space or what? Yes, they’re on social media, let’s just say that Facebook seems pretty calm.

What can we do

We can and should pray. That’s about it. We certainly can’t change how others think and we can’t be held accountable for their actions. “To Each His or Her Own.” Absolutely. Perhaps “rebuilding” our circle. Being more cautious when connecting. We may not be able to change the dysfunctions in society but we can control how we think and what doesn’t deserve our attention. No attention for the rude, insulting, disrespectful. Just going about our way and helping the kind and compassionate ones.

If they’re being called on stage, their names being called, and they’re receiving lots of gigs they’re probably the kind and compassionate bunch. Who needs to bother with the ones who dish out stress? Why add more stress in our lives? The make up of society these days has created more introverts. Makes my stomach churn.

Adult bullying and childish behavior. Some unnecessary stuff. Oh, oh, oh. Individuals controlling others from cyber space. Absolutely insane. What? That’s just how dysfunctional society is. Just a bunch of mess piled together. Let’s not talk about the racism which further disconnects two set groups of people. African Americans over there and White Americans over here. Sounds like the 60’s. Well, whoever said that racism was over, if they did then they lied? It’s difficult to keep cool when there’s a whole bunch of insults, racist remarks, and attacks coming at a person but prayer certainly helps.

Imagine how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would deal with some of these people. “We Shall Overcome.” The thoughts are, when, but when? All the marches and rallies and we’re still in a pickle. That’s  right. Still fighting the old good fight. Not to mention same race racism and discrimination. With all the injustices. It’s hard to believe that there’s any existing functional people.

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Give Thanks in it all

We may not understand why people come up against us or why they would choose to waste their time trying to knock us down. The main reason it occurs has to do with their issues that they’re unable to deal with. We shouldn’t fret about it because they will have to deal with more than they realize. Give thanks when people misunderstand or use mean tactics. God is working somethings out in your favor.

We may feel as if we’re unable to deal with certain people or things but God has equipped us with strength that will get us through. The best thing to do when dealing with situations that leave us weary is to pray and pray for those who come up against us. Our prayers are heard and we will come through whatever comes our way. What others do to us has something to do with them. Praise in and out, up, and down.

If a person didn’t have “greatness” within them then people wouldn’t bother. We must remember that Jesus was ridiculed for being who he was. He endure great pain and he wept for us. If people were unconcerned about how they treated Jesus then they’ll be unconcerned about how they come up against us. We should be joyful and filled with love because God assigned something great for us and some become intimated by it.

Moving forward with our assignments will drown out the noise. The people who love us will love us and the people who don’t will show us. Even if a mother turns against her daughter. The daughter should give thanks. A mother is a blessing from God but God isn’t pleased with any mother who refuses to embrace tgeir child or children. Even when the relationship is in turmoil. We still should be “thankful.”

We may not be able to control what others do to us but we can do something about the way we deal with them. God knows what we go through and through our giving thanks and praising Him. He will rectify the situation and deal with all accordingly. Be of good courage and know that good is present even in bad situations. Blessings to all 🙂

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Life is Filled With ups and Downs

There will come a time when we feel a life’s blow. We may through some unbelievable things and wonder how we’ll get through them. It can be rough at times but if we’re filled with hope then we can come out of it like a champ. Have you ever been through somethings and felt as if it was going to eat you alive? Well, we can feel that way at times, especially when we have to deal with so many things at once.

Sometimes we have to find a place where we can gather our thoughts and try to deal with the things that arise the best that we can. No one can or should expect no troubles. We will go through something and when we do. It’s best that we have a support system but if there’s no support system available then we need to pray our way through. Of course prayer and works will help us obtain solutions.  We will be challenged sometimes it’s for a moment and other times it’s for long periods of time.

Although we may experience some pressure and some distress. We can surely overcome any obstacles that heads our way. We won’t face anything that we’re unable to handle but if we allow it to handle us then we can suffer a breakdown. When there’s on problem, there’s two, and three. It’s how we handle the problems that make the difference. Life is filled with all sorts of problems. We’ll have some good days and we’ll have some bad days. What we do with those days really matter.

Sometimes it takes us awhile to learn how to deal with the complexities in life. We may not know exactly how to deal with them at first but with time we’ll be able to handle them better. Sometime we allow our problems to get the best of us. We may try to deal with them and sometimes we’ll need some assistance dealing with our problems. Problems are apart of this world and we will have to learn how to deal with them.

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