We Simply Have to Keep Going

It doesn’t matter what life throws our way we have to face whatever it is we’ve been given to deal with. If we have a setback then we regroup and then proceed with our tasks. We sometimes become immobilized by trauma but a traumatic experience can lead us to where we need to be. Nothing in life worthwhile will come easy. We must push ourselves a little harder and refuse to be defeated.

If we settle for staying in one position then we may miss out on golden opportunities. It’s important that we move about in life. We experience challenges that will mold us and help us grow. Standing still and waiting for the right moment just won’t do. Sometimes we have to walk, run, hop or skip to get to the next level.

We can’t expect too many things to happen without “movement.” Our goals and anything that we want to accomplish has to be done through continuous action and the ability to transform. Our hopes and dreams can’t come true if we’re unwilling to go after them. Some days may require that we make more effort than the previous days. Whatever we do. We must have the will to keep going. Sometimes allow our minds to convince us that we shouldn’t reach for the best so we settle for the least.

We shouldn’t feel unworthy of the best. Our hard work and dedication will be recognized but we must keep climbing up the ladder. We have the ability to do great things for ourselves and others. Opportunities can be sent our way but we have to want them.Don’t hesitate to take action.

Move in the right direction and experience what you’re destined to experience. Continous effort will generate results. We may not be where we want to be but with movement we will be further than we were yesterday. Believe that it’s possible to reach the top of the hill with lots of effort. We may not give it our all every single day but with movement. We will be lead in the right direction.

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Patience is Wonderful

It may not happen when we want it to but with patience it will. If we just keep moving and wait for the right time then things will fall into place. Our efforts don’t go unoticed. There’s rewards through hard work and dedication. If we just hold on. It will work out in our “favor.” We have to believe it will and “faith” is trusting and believing.

Each day that we’re here we’re provided an opportunity to prosper. We prosper by action and by not rushing the process. Our prayers won’t go unheard. Our will to keep on keeping on will provide us with dirextion to the right destination. With our patience we can accomplish a whole lot.

Aa,we learn to be more patient we will receive greater blessings. That call we’ve been waiting for will occur. That opportunity we’ve prayed for will be handed to us. The doors will open with abundance. We simply have to continue to build faith and allow our Father to work things out.

A lot of times we’ll miss out on something because we refuse to be patient. If we rush it then we can receive the minimum when we deserve the maximum. People misconceive because they’re not patient. They won’t believe something will happen until it happens. They won’t have enough patience to be confident.

With patience opportunities are lost in the wind. Those goals won’t come togethet if we settle for less. We grow through learning how to wait. Wait on the right opportunity and wait on the right timing. Timing makes a difference. What we need will find us. All our needs will be met through faith and patience.

How many of us have messed up something because we refused to be patient? We wanted something to happen right then so we rushed it and messed things up. Don’t rush. Rushing can get us in trouble. When the time is right then it will come. We have to believe that we deserve to have the good because we’ve worked for it by getting closer to our Heavenly Father.

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Challenges Generate Improvement

Could you imagine if we never faced challenges? We would probably stay in the same position, there would be no changes within us, and we would be miserable. Why? Because we wouldn’t be fulfilled. People are sent to us to challenge us. To motive us. We would slack off if no one or nothing challenged us.

Without struggles there would be no “growth.” There’s a lot of people who have been through the fire. Without that fire, they would stop moving, they would settle for less instead of “greatness.” We can’t go through life taking easy routes. Of course we need to take breaks but we shouldn’t ever consider giving up.

Sometimes you have to start from A to get to Z. There’s no silver spoons, no easy way outs, there’s challenges. We have to be brave and face them. Life is full of adversities. We may feel weary when facing challenge after challenge but that weariness wears off. When we think about how far we’ve come. We won’t mind being tired. Accomplishments don’t happen overnight or should I say, “greatness doesn’t happen over night,” it takes time. Sometimes we become disappointed because we expect things to happen right away. It doesn’t always work that way.

There’s always room for improvement. We may not want to hear others criticizing us but not all critics are uncaring people. Some are there to make sure we live up to our potential. If we didn’t have them then we would probably do the minimum. Why settle for less when we can have the best? We should be thankful for those challenges. They make us better.

Some people may want to give up and in because they’ve faced toughness. They may not consider that the challenges won’t last always. We will reach a destination. One must be willing to accept that the road won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

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