How to get From the Negatives to the Positives

We’ll come across some of the most negative individuals. Some may never let up because of their own insecurities or because they’re forced to behave in such a manner. Whatever the reasons are we should consider how effective being apart of positivity can be. Being surrounded by negativity often can cause declines in so many areas. There are some continuously being negative all of the time. No matter what a person does there will always be some who will disagree with what they’re doing. In order to remain whole a person will need to lessen their time spent in such environments.

There should be time spent reflecting on positive events. There is a lot of negativity online due to the fact that there are little to no rules however if one is being severly bullied or harassed then the law should be informed. Every person will be negative at some point. It can be difficult to be positive all of the time. Depending on the environments we may become moody because we’re suffering through the negatives. There are some individuals refusing to refrain from being so negative because of their personal lives or perhaps they’re not pleased with what’s going on within their environments. Don’t allow their actions to cause a meltdown for some that’s exactly what they’re looking for.

The Best Ways to Deal With the Negative Environments and People

Be very selective of friends and other individuals who are allowed in the circle. Not all persons should be allowed to travel with a visionary. There are some continuously setting out to sabotage whatever direction person chooses to obtain. It’s so unfortunate that so many go up against the very person or persons whom are trying to create elevation. Spend time within environments which generate joyfulness. So many may become frustrated because there are some chooses to climb higher. No matter how many try to remove a person’s dreams, vision, or ideas it is up to the person or persons whether to continue. Through the determination they’re able to move steadily. Never lose hope. Allow the peace to enter that’s why it’s very important to take the necessary breaks.

Be Encouraged Despite What’s Occurring 

There are some becoming discouraged because of what so many may say. We’re unable to control the behaviors and we’re not going to completely stop individuals from being knuckle heads. Some are risking being confined because they may refuse to stop harassing others. The good thing is we can limit the time spent in destructive environments. There are choices whether to deal with the persons or to limit the time being in such environments. Trying to deal with so many being out of control can be disturbing but allowing time to meditate can relieve the pressure. Too many feel the need to cause individuals to stop what always been designed. They’ll have difficulties because it’s not their place. “Continue on Despite What Occurs Within the Environments and Soon Enough There Will be Effective Solutions to the Matters.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Bloggers and Writers Have to Deal With Bullying

No one deserves to be bullied but there seems to be a bullying increase when it comes to writers and bloggers. I remember reading a story about a writer who came across a fierce individual who though that the writer was too opinionated. Well, that’s an opinion in itself, and the writer suffered dearly because the person wanted to make their life miserable. They harassed, made mean comments, and even made the writer sick. Some may say that they don’t care what others say but is that really true?

Bullying is a serious matter and anyone doing it should seek assistance. People may bullying for varies reasons. Some may feel that the person deserves to be bullied and others do it just to be mean but whatever the reasons, It shouldn’t occur. It’s especially done in the online world. Some writers and bloggers have given up on their craft. That shouldn’t be. It clearly shows that people aren’t considerate and they want to see others suffer. What they don’t realize is that when they try to make others suffer they will receive the same.

I’ve heard so many stories where bloggers and writers have decided that they should leave their love alone. It’s so sad that people won’t allow others to do what they love. Bullying affects everyone. One has to think about their children.How would they feel if their children were being bullied?  wouldn’t suggest anyone giving up what they love but I would suggest that they avoid those who have a bullying nature.

People seem to think that taking matters in their own hands will do the trick but it will only create bigger problems. Anyone being bullied will feel isolated and think that the whole world is against them. It’s important that not only bloggers and writers seek assistance when it comes to bullying but others should do the same. “A punisher  will be punished themselves.” People may take part in bullying or stand by and watch others suffer through the bullying. No blogger or writer should stop what their doing. If they continue to do that then people will think that they can control anyone trying to do something great.

Stand up and keep going. Don’t allow others to dictate your life. Stand up when it comes to bullying. Bullying has caused a lot of grief for writers, bloggers, teens and adults. It continues to happen on websites, social media, and in schools. It’s a disgrace that adults would take part in it but that just shows what’s rattled up inside of them. Fight your way through the bullying and stand up to bullies. No one has to tolerate it. We have a right to do what we love and to make a positive difference.


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