Bloggers can Make a Hefty sum

Blogging is an adventure, there’s all sorts of topics to blog about, bloggers have to love what they do in order to be successful. The money may trickle in at first but with patience and determination one can make a good amount blogging. In order to accumulate a large sum one must find effective ways to gain traffic. The use of free and low cost advertising can be used. Advertising on social networks is a must.

Bloggers make money with advertisers. If advertisers are pleased with the traffic flow then they may want to pay more to advertise on a bloggers blog. A blogger can choose to open up their own blog or they may want to work for blogging sites. There’s bloggers that work for companies and there’s freelance blogging, bloggers work for clients, some enjoy this route while others not so much.

Blogging shouldn’t feel like a stressful job. It’s actually a career and a dream for so many. A lot of bloggers work on different assignments and projects. Some are fashion bloggers, travel bloggers, and entertainment bloggers. If it isn’t fun then it may not be worth it. The income is gained through experience. The more one blogs the better they will become.

Once a blogger gets noticed. The jobs and tasks will come to them. When people become familiar with a bloggers work. They may decide to hire the blogger for short term or long term work. Whatever avenue a blogger chooses to travel. They should make sure that they will generate residual income.

If a blogger needs to take time off. They msh do so without worrying about whether they will make money or not. As long as one stays motivated and determined to be successful with blogging or any other craft. They will do well. It may take putting in more hours att times but it will be worth it. Especially if one saves for the future. If people are willing to do what it takes in any craft then they will find success.

Bloggers and Writers Have to Deal With Bullying

No one deserves to be bullied but there seems to be a bullying increase when it comes to writers and bloggers. I remember reading a story about a writer who came across a fierce individual who though that the writer was too opinionated. Well, that’s an opinion in itself, and the writer suffered dearly because the person wanted to make their life miserable. They harassed, made mean comments, and even made the writer sick. Some may say that they don’t care what others say but is that really true?

Bullying is a serious matter and anyone doing it should seek assistance. People may bullying for varies reasons. Some may feel that the person deserves to be bullied and others do it just to be mean but whatever the reasons, It shouldn’t occur. It’s especially done in the online world. Some writers and bloggers have given up on their craft. That shouldn’t be. It clearly shows that people aren’t considerate and they want to see others suffer. What they don’t realize is that when they try to make others suffer they will receive the same.

I’ve heard so many stories where bloggers and writers have decided that they should leave their love alone. It’s so sad that people won’t allow others to do what they love. Bullying affects everyone. One has to think about their children.How would they feel if their children were being bullied? ¬†wouldn’t suggest anyone giving up what they love but I would suggest that they avoid those who have a bullying nature.

People seem to think that taking matters in their own hands will do the trick but it will only create bigger problems. Anyone being bullied will feel isolated and think that the whole world is against them. It’s important that not only bloggers and writers seek assistance when it comes to bullying but others should do the same. “A punisher ¬†will be punished themselves.” People may take part in bullying or stand by and watch others suffer through the bullying. No blogger or writer should stop what their doing. If they continue to do that then people will think that they can control anyone trying to do something great.

Stand up and keep going. Don’t allow others to dictate your life. Stand up when it comes to bullying. Bullying has caused a lot of grief for writers, bloggers, teens and adults. It continues to happen on websites, social media, and in schools. It’s a disgrace that adults would take part in it but that just shows what’s rattled up inside of them. Fight your way through the bullying and stand up to bullies. No one has to tolerate it. We have a right to do what we love and to make a positive difference.


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