Avoid the Negative Ones

Some people will refuse to be positive and we have a choice whether we want to deal with them or not. If all they can offer is negativity then it’s best to avoid them or at least limit any contact with them. People who are constantly negative are either seeking attention or unhappy with something. We may have some bad days but most of us will try to be positive and peaceful but there’s some who just hand out bad vibes. It’s up to us whether we want to be positive or not but all that negativity is draining and who needs?

Sometimes you have to shut everything off. Technology can help in so many ways but it can also be used to spill darkness. Some may use it to get all of their frustrations out and others may use it to “inspire.” We can delete those unwanted communications and surround ourselves with inspirational people. We will be exposed to negativity at some point but we don’t have to deal with it all the time. We should face challenges but too much negativity can wear on the body and mind.

There’s a lot of positive people in this world, people who really care about others, and those who have filled with love. Those are the people we should try to connect with. Sometimes we will have to remove some people from our circle so that we can enjoy what life has to offer. If someone doesn’t want to project peace then they can hit the road. No need for anyone to be constantly bombarded with nonsense. If you’re a visionary then it may be wise to surround yourself with other visionaries. They’re more than likely willing to be positive and “spread some love.

We need to keep our minds healthy and exposing ourselves to positive situations will assist with that. Some environments are filled with confusion and we should find away to project peace and if not then we should find environments that will offer us some nurturing. Sometimes we’re unaware how negatively negativity can affect us. It’s best that we find healthy environments to be apart of.

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Your Vision Isn’t for Everyone

“Never Give up on Your Dreams.” Oh yes, there’s people hoping that you stop what you’re doing, but don’t stop. They will try to discourage you and undermine everything you try to accomplish. That shouldn’t be but it is. Unfortunately we can’t control people’s mindsets but we can try to reach our goals.

If you don’t try. You’ll never know what could have been. So it’s better to give it your all and be thankful that you have the gift. Sometimes people are less receptive of others ideas because they don’t understand them. That’s alright. Your “vision” isn’t for everyone. In fact no one should want everyone in their vision because some people are vision destroyers.

That’s why you hear so many people telling others to stop telling everyone about their ideas. Not everyone will be happy about it and envy exist. Sometimes you’ll have to work alone. Sometimes you will have to tune people out in order to get things done. No matter how tough it gets, keep going, and “keep believing.” Some people are intimated by people following their dreams. They may have an idea that your abilities will take you far and they may want to trip you up.

No one is immune to adversity. We all will face it and some of us will face it more than others. If you know you’re on the right track then stick with it. Don’t allow noise makers to hindet your goals. They will try to do it but you must be strong enough to endure it all. Turning back shouldn’t be an option. Those who are afraid to live their dreams will try to rain on other people’s dreams.

Listen to inspirational pieces. Watch motivational videos and most importantly. Surround yourself around visionaries and positive people. Don’t allow the negativity to drawn you out. Everyone has a right to do what they love. They have a right to live their dreams and they shouldn’t be made to feel bad about it.

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Won’t They do it

Yes, they will talk about you, they will try to discourage you but don’t you allow it. It doesn’t matter if an army of people try to rain on your parade. Use that umbrella and “keep it moving.” You ask this question, “Do they want to see me succeed?,” probably not. That’s alright. The more doubters you come in contact with, the more you’ll want to prove them wrong, they exist. You simply have to push your way through the crowd.

‘Won’t They do it?” “Yes They will.” Never allow what others have to say about you, define you, make you feel as if you’re not “good enough.” They want you to feel as if you’re down in the dumps. Keep doing what you do. You’re a “leader” and they know it. That’s why they want to kick you to the curb. Give them that nod, you know the one, the one that says, “I got this.” Oh yes. They won’t like it but you’ll love it.

Move like the wind. Be fearless. Go after those goals and be determined to reach them. You know you have it in you. You can’t please them all and don’t you dare try. Be encouraged at all time. There’s not a time that you should feel as if you’r incapable. “You’re a winner.” Be careful who you call a friend. Some pretend to be a friend when in reality they’re a “foe.” I know that’s not what you want to hear but you have to “keep it real.”

No one can crush your dreams. No one can live your life. It’s up to you to see all of this through. Know who wants to see you “rise” and who want to see you fall. Keep observing your surroundings. You don’t have to tell all of your moves. Laugh at the mess. That mess is a blessing in disguise. You better believe it. You can and will “succeed.” No one can stop that. Nope!

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