Undermining the Voice

When there’s a voice trying to express what so many need to hear. There’s a great disruption. Some may not be aware of the consequences of disturbing those who are ” on assignment.” Some may use deceptiveness to disconnect the voice from communicating with the audience. These occurences happen when people become insecure. Some aren’t very fond with change and not fond to have to witness some “elevating.”

“The Voice on Assignment”

No matter how hard some may try, they’re unaware of how their efforts will cause grief for those who are disruptive, after awhilethey’ll realize that their deceptive deeds are useless. Being on assignment can attract some of the meaness people. For those who are chosen. They’ll have to be alert and understand that not everyone is compassionate. Some won’t be concerned with the consequences of disrupting one on assignment.

In an effort to tarnish the voice character. People become irritated by the fact that the very person they’re trying to hinder continues on. Stringer, wiser, and more alert. Each time one uses deceptive tactics. They’ve placed themselves in a position to receive harsh criticism. No hidding behind walls. They’ll be placed in front for the dissecting of their acts.

Those who are disrupting one’s assignment are doing a disservice to so many. If the assignment includes assisting a lot of people then some will become upset with the disruptiveness. Those who need and want the assistance won’t agree with the ones that are trying interrupt the voice. Although some receive signs that what they’re doing is wrong. They’ll continue on the path because they’re believing that somehow. They’ll make some headway.

Evil doesn’t win but people will do evil anyway. In hopes that some of their efforts will cause the one on assignment to give up. What’s destined for a person will be so.Anyone trying to do something that so many preceive as not being of the norm. They’ll be ridiculed. Although the negativity will try to make its way in. There’s so many ways to block the negatives.

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Surrounding Ourselves Around Positive People is Important

Imagine being around a group of negative people everyday. Can you imagine what that would do to one’s mental health? Negativity is like a dumpster filled with overflowing trash. That’s why motivational speakers are constantly insisting that we find people who have the same or similar goals as we do. We all have bad days but there’s some who are never or rarely positive. Those are people we should limit our time with or avoid altogether.

Positivity will help us along the way. We can get more done when we surround ourselves with positive people. If we find ourselves around negativity then we should quickly find some positive words or information to process. We don’t want negative thoughts to be embedded in our minds. It can eat away at us like a disease. We can choose to accept negative communications or not. Sometimes we intake way too much information. We can discard some of it, especially if it isn’t beneficial to us, and if it won’t add any value to our lives.

Sometimes people are unaware of how negative they are and once it’s brought to their attention they try to work on it. There’s some who may choose to be negative over being positive. We can separate ourselves from the negative bunch. We should find positive activities to engage in. That will help us if we’re constantly being exposed to negativity. The world won’t be filled with all positives but we should digest as much positivity as we can.

Some of us are living in environments where there’s more negativity than positivity and the behaviors end up being apart of us. If we find that we’re becoming negative then we should find activities that will generate positivity for us. Our mental health is important and it can be affected by being surrounded by too much negativity. We should try to engage in healthy conversations.

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Give it to Them Straight

We do not have to tolerate mess. I don’t care how kind you are. No one has to tolerate disrespect. There seems to be a lot of it on the internet. The bashing, hating, and segregation is ridiculous. If we don’t like something then we have every right to be vocal about it. People become envious and some may have no clue what they’re being envious about.

The amount of discrimination is so nauseating. People behaving as if the world owes them something. As if certain people are their personal slaves. Well no one should be a slave. Sometimes it’s best to distance yourself and assist those who appreciate it and for those who don’t send some prayers their way. The whole thing about this group not liking that group is twisted. What about “unification.”

We have to stop sitting back and expecting someone to help us when we won’t do it ourselves. Stop with the little guy owes you something because they don’t. We should be cheerful givers but if one is really observant then they will notice that a loy of people aren’t so giving. They may be in the business to receive though. There’s more critics than mentors.

Sometimes people try to avoid being gritty but when they get ready to speak their minds then some people may not like it. Too bad. No one should be a pushover. It doesn’t matter how nice, kind, and compassionate you are. We should be trying to stick together. We don’t have to hold hands and sing “We are the World” but we should at least respect one another.

The way some push others it’s no wonder why some people live as hermits. Humanity exist but we may have to dig a little deeper to find it. The caring seems to be on some other planet. Loving one another isn’t hard but for some it may seem that way.

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Just Because They say it Doesn’t Make it True

Yes, when you try to chase those dreams, you’ll be chased. Be prepared to be unappreciated and come in contact with raging voices. That’s alright. No one accomplishing their dreams by listening to “naysayers.” When we first start out we may not understand this but as time goes on we become immune to the negativity. If we want to move ahead then we must block a whole lot of things out. There will be individuals that will try to make us feel as if we don’t deserve success.

If we work hard then we’ll receive those things that we work hard for. Trying to reach “greatness” comes with a lot of pain, disappointment, and setbacks but as time goes on. It gets easier. We can’t allow noise to stop us from succeeding. If we take steps each day then we will get ahead. No one should want to stay at the bottom. Yes, people will try to pull those who are trying to live their dreams down, but a strong individual will keep going even when a fall occurs.

No matter how rugged the road becomes. One should keep moving. Risks are apart of life and they’re certainly apart of the journey. It’s unfortunate that people don’t understand that with effort we all can get ahead. Everyone has talent and we should allow it to “shine.” If one doesn’t want to move forward then they shouldn’t try to stop those who are trying to do so. The higher one climbs the more they may come in contact with the irritated.

We shouldn’t have to dim our lights just because it irritates others. We may lose friends and some supporters but those who truly want to be with us will. We shouldn’t stop accomplishing our goals because we face adversity. We have to develop so we will come in contact with some difficulties. As long as we desire to get better then we will. We must ponder on good thoughts and spend time with people who support us.

Trying to follow our dreams will require that we work extra hard. We’ll learn to be great problem solvers. No one can stop us from elevating but ourselves. There’s so much that we can accomplish is we tune certain things out. It’s important that we find those things that will help us stay motivated.

“Shine Your Light”

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Negative Environments and Negative People Don’t mix

Sometimes we find ourselves in a negative environment and although we may be trying to come out of it, we’re still in it, and it can be damaging to our health. Negative environments can cause of to feel horrible. If we’re in a negative environment for too long then we will become negative. Negativity is a destroyer. It’s important that we find positive surroundings and positive people to be around. Some people may not understand just how draining negativity is.

Sometimes it’s in our homes. For some they may have to deal with negativity everyday because it’s in the workplace and even in church. It doesn’t matter where negativity lands. We don’t have to deal with it. It’s possible to shut negativity out. Some environments will always have negativity in it and that’s unfortunate but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t visit these environments. We can offer some positivity and if the negativity is weighing us down then we should limit our time there or remove ourselves altogether.

Dealing With Negative People

Some may wonder how they’ll be able to deal with negative people. You know, those people who are headed your way, but you end up going the other way. Some people don’t realize how negative they are. In fact we’ve all been negative in some ways. When we’re exposed to excessive negativity. We become adapted to it. We shouldn’t be exposed to negativity all of the time. It generates stress and it creates chaos. The best way to deal with negative people is to allow project some positivity. If they become overly negative then we may want to avoid them altogether. Sometimes we’re unable to do something about someone’s negative communications or negative thinking.

Negative people are that way for a number of reasons. They could be having a bad day or something isn’t going right in their lives. We may not take time out to find out why some people are so negative and sometimes it create more issues trying to figure it out. We should try to embrace them and if that doesn’t work then we may need to distance ourselves from them. Negative people don’t have to be apart of our lives but sometimes it can’t be helped. We should try to be positive and that can be difficult at times but as long as we’re making an effort that’s better than not making one.

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Dream Anyway Someone Will Always be Disappointed

It doesn’t matter how many people disagree with one’s dreams. We should dream anyway. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. Everyone can’t handle our dreams and visions. Some won’t understand and others won’t care to understand them. It’s ubfortunate that people refuse to believe that anyone can accomplish greatness. We all have talents with us.

Of course not everyone will want to put in the work that’s necessary to “advance” Some will be so riddled with insecurities and it produces chaos. They may feel as if some people don’t deserve to be successful or some have more talent than they do. The fact remains that some people will demise others for embracing their visions. Even if people come up against you. It doesn’t mean stopping should occur. We have to keep going and be determined.

Talent is everywhere. It’s in every city and state. We can find it all over the world. Some may choose to hide their talents and that’s decision but for those who allow their talents to “shine” shouldn’t be reprimanted for it. We should encourage others to follow their dreams. There’s plenty of room at the top. There’s more people trying to pull dreamers down and it’s ridiculous.

We can accomplish a lot if we assist one another. There’s no need for envy. Because people receive so much flack for takibg action. A lot refuse to share the gifts that God has given them. People shouldn’t be fearful, they should feel good about wanting to help others, and wanting to advance. It can be discouraging when there’s little to no support. It can weigh anyone down when people try to hinder dreams coming true.

We shouldn’t be discouraged. Our goals deserve to be accomplished. No one should give up on their dreams and they should especially not give up on them based on what others are saying. Feel the need to kerp going. Stay motivated and driven. If we don’t act. We will certainly regret it.

“Pack Your Bags and Travel to Unknown Destinations” T. Paulk

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Avoid Negatives and Smile

There’s some people we rather avoid. You know the type. The ones who want to be so involved that they rather give others a kick in the rear. When you see them coming, you move quickly in the other direction, that’s the type of energy they project. Too much negativity can be damaging but of course we can’t totally avoid the bad but we shouldn’t always be exposed to the negatives.

Some people may not know how to be positive so therefore everything they say or do may be perceived as negative. Sometimes negative vibes are shown because they need to gain attention. If there’s communication about their negativity and they still demonstrate it then it’s best to avoid them altogether. We don’t need to surround ourselves around people who will only drag us down.

Negative Environments

Negative environments are like an epidemic. They’re sometimes so out of control that it makes us want to stay far, far, away from such environments.  If we’re exposed to such environments for too long then we will become frustrated and fatigued. We should find positive people to share our time with and we should be exposed to some positive environments.

If we’re surrounded by negative people too often and too long then we may become negative as well. Negativity has shaken up people’s lives. Too much of it can affect our minds and that’s why we shouldn’t be exposed to it for too long. We should want joy and to be able to celebrate life. That’s hard to do if we’re consumed with negativity. We have a choice whether we want to keep company with negative friends or family.

No one has to be consumed with the negatives. If we find ourselves feeling frustrated because we’ve been exposed to negative people and environments then we should find a way to relax. Negativity generates stress and we certainly can do without stress. It’s best to find friends who love seeing people “prosper.”

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Give Thanks in it all

We may not understand why people come up against us or why they would choose to waste their time trying to knock us down. The main reason it occurs has to do with their issues that they’re unable to deal with. We shouldn’t fret about it because they will have to deal with more than they realize. Give thanks when people misunderstand or use mean tactics. God is working somethings out in your favor.

We may feel as if we’re unable to deal with certain people or things but God has equipped us with strength that will get us through. The best thing to do when dealing with situations that leave us weary is to pray and pray for those who come up against us. Our prayers are heard and we will come through whatever comes our way. What others do to us has something to do with them. Praise in and out, up, and down.

If a person didn’t have “greatness” within them then people wouldn’t bother. We must remember that Jesus was ridiculed for being who he was. He endure great pain and he wept for us. If people were unconcerned about how they treated Jesus then they’ll be unconcerned about how they come up against us. We should be joyful and filled with love because God assigned something great for us and some become intimated by it.

Moving forward with our assignments will drown out the noise. The people who love us will love us and the people who don’t will show us. Even if a mother turns against her daughter. The daughter should give thanks. A mother is a blessing from God but God isn’t pleased with any mother who refuses to embrace tgeir child or children. Even when the relationship is in turmoil. We still should be “thankful.”

We may not be able to control what others do to us but we can do something about the way we deal with them. God knows what we go through and through our giving thanks and praising Him. He will rectify the situation and deal with all accordingly. Be of good courage and know that good is present even in bad situations. Blessings to all 🙂

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No it’s not Easy

We should be kind and loving to one another but is it easy? Not! It isn’t easy but if we’re hateful to the people who display hate towards us then we will be in the same position. Feel the wrath that none of us want to face. I’ve seen people being bullied, attacked, and harassed. Some people will refuse to stand up for those who face bullying of any kind because perhaps they’re afraid to be attacked themselves. If it right? No it isn’t but that’s their choice whether they want to get involved or not.

I remember a Pastor saying that he had a difficult time with the “turn the other cheek.” He explained that he wasn’t quite there yet. I’m not sure if he was able to every overcome it or not. He’s no longer here to tell his story. I do understand his thoughts, especially when you experience people constantly being mean towards you, but if we want to please God then we must find a way to deal with mean and hateful people. It does disturb me to read and hear about teens who have lost their lives because of bullying.

With today’s technology it’s especially difficult because technology makes it easier for bullying to take place. Even if people do things that we don’t like or even think they should be punished for. It isn’t our call to do so .What one does to another will come back to them. It’s sad that our society believes that being cruel to others is the way to get things accomplished but all it does is produce a more dysfunctional society.

The best way to deal with people who are cruel is to pray for them. I have to admit that I’ve felt anger when people do harmful things to me but I’m continuously learning that retaliating against them will only cause more grief for myself. I simply go in a quiet room and meditate on something good and try my best to not give energy to those who have no care. “Love one Another is what God and Jesus wants from us and it’s best to try to please them then to try to please people.

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Keep on the Path You’re Designed to Travel

It doesn’t matter what people try to do. You have to keep going in the right direction. People will try to come up against you.When this happens. Understand that you have something special and not everyone wants that special to come out so they will try to get rid of it. Don’t be surprised who will try to do this. If a million people want you to stop living your dreams, don’t do it, it only takes one to believe in you and that’s you. There’s decisions to make. Either you decide to stop what you’re doing, ignore the trouble makers, or you can choose to find other methods to get what needs to be accomplished.

Think about this. If you’re not doing something huge then people wouldn’t either bother. When you expose your gifts people will become angry and some will try to stop you but what’s for you is for you. A lot of people have stopped living their dreams because of fear.They fear that people won’t accept them and if people are unwilling to accept who you are then you don’t need them in your life anyway. if you’re talked about, judged, and taunted then it’s best to find ways to get through it. Positive ways and be prepared to be attacked more. When you try to go higher in your position, in your relationship, within your dreams. The attacks will come harder but when you develop to “transforming your mind.” Things will get easier to deal with.

It doesn’t matter where the lashes come from. It can be online, in your home, on your job. It’s best to find solid ground. No one can stop us unless we give them permission to do so. Some people are intimated by what others accomplish. They may dislike the path that you’re taking and it irritates them. It doesn’t matter how much irritation others feel when you’re walking your purpose. Keep going and keep believing that you deserve to make it to your destination.

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