We’ll Have to Come in Contact With the Difficult and the Toxic

Oh yes indeed we’ll have to face some very difficult people and the more we try to ignore the behavior at times. The more madness the individuals may come up with. Who wants to be bothered with trouble makers all of the time? Gosh. Read? Perhaps shutting everything down will at least help generate some peace. Not receiving a message or responding to some silly questions.

Difficult and Toxic oh my

Some people will be difficult no matter what. Do something and difficult. Don’t do anything and still difficult. Sometimes it’seems best to bite our tongue because the wrong words could just spill out and there’s no return. So many choose to remain silent when dealing with difficult people. Some will tell the individuals where to go. The best thing to do is find something positive to engage in. However Sometimes the behavior needs to be addressed.

Some are difficult because they’re trying to gain something. They will try to irritate the dickens out of a person. Oh my “word.” Just ridiculous. Try shutting down devices and someway and Somehow they’ve found  a way to bother a person or persons.

What’should wrong with some people? Sometimes it appears as if humanity is lost. Some are throwing out toxins because they’re trying to stop a vision. Yes, there will be some who will go out of their way to make things difficult for others, yes they will. The person could be going about their way but some could care less. Never allow toxic and difficult people to cause a meltdown. They’ll try.

Trying to wear out their competition in order to take control. Don’t allow the difficult ones to do so. Some are exposed to the toxicity everyday. Find ways to generate peace. No one should get down and out because some are so ridiculous. Try putting some ideas out there and see how many try to create a disconnection. Just being difficult.

Some people will ignore difficult people continuously and never offer a response. When some try to “Make Things Happen.” There will be some resistance. Yes. Toxic people can be draining. Day in and day out spilling their toxicity. Trying to drive others mad. While trying to do so. They may just end up with the insanity.

Here’s an Interesting Post About Dealing With Difficult People. By: Tanikka Paulk

“Difficult People are Like Crabs in a Bucket. The Poor Crab is Just Trying to Escape.” By: Tanikka Paulk  ( Tanikka Paulk). by: Tiki33

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Do you Know me!

Hello everyone. How many times have we judged others based on what we’ve heard or what we think we know? Huh? Well, it happens all the tine, someone basing their information by hear say. When we do judge or misjudge. We can look like donkeys. Everyone makes mistakes but we have to think before acting.

Judging happens so often. It happens regularly in the on and offline worlds. A lot of virtual judging takes place. How well can we know someone on a virtual level? People can say anything and will say anything. People are getting bullied based on what someone says. It’s not fair and we really have to consider others.

The judging can ocur within families. An upset family member could say something about another and then the balls continues to roll. If they post it on social media people will immediately believe what’s said but won’t investigate first. “Get to Know Others Before Coming to a Conclusion.” It’s impossible to know someone based on a social media setting.

We may feel as if we know someone through emails, text messages, and through social media but really? We should get to know people outside of social media. Think about it. People can post anything on social media and on forums. If you never sat down with them then you’ll never really know them. We may become so in tuned with the virtual setting that we forget what reality is. Imagine you getting bullied because people said things that were untrue. How would you feel? Well, this happens so often, and it doesn’t just happen on social media, it happens in places like the church. Imagine that!

It’s amazing how people will settle for some information they never bothered to investigate. If you don’t know then ask and if you still don’t know then perhaps it’s not meant for you to know. It’s time that we try to get to know people and if we don’t want to get to know them then we should just let them be. Do you know me?!

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Somethings Don’t Belong There

We can control how we perceive things. Our thoughts are very important and we should fill our minds with positivity and enlightening information. There’s a lot of junk floating around, especially on the internet, if it isn’t positive then it won’t add any value to our lives. People are entitled to feel and say what they want to say for the most part. Sometimes noise is generated to get someone’s attention.

That’s why so many choose to read inspiring quotes or listen to inspirational music because negativity runs rampant. We can choose what we listen to and we can choose what we watch. We may not always say positive things but we should at least try to. Surrounding ourselves around positive people is important. It’s beneficial to our mental health.

We simply can’t expect to live positive lives if we’re surrounded by negativity. Our minds need to rest. When our sights are on dysfunctional information. We become what we receive. So it’s important that we find healthy activities to engage in. Reading information that’s full of jate can make us irritable. When we expose ourselves to enlightenment. We feel rejuvenated and our minds become healthier.

Not all communications are useful. Some of it is junk that should be tossed in the trash. More and more people are turning to yoga and meditation so that their minds become clear and the stress leaves them. Listening to unhealthy communications can leave us stressful.

If we continue to dwell in places that are negative then we will suffer greatly. We can quickly tune out negativity. As soon as we see something negative we should quickly think of something positive. Our minds are wired to think about the negatives more than the positives. That’s why it’s important to fill it with positive thoughts. Motivational material and videos can help us be more positive. Positive thinking can take us far but negative thinking can hinder us. We should want our minds to stay healthy. We have to do what we can to make sure that it happens.

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The Noise Will be There put in Your ear Plugs

So you’ve decided to go for it. You’ve decided to go after those dreams. Oh, but wait, it won’t be easy. There will be lots of noise and a whole lot of  not so pleased people. Even when the crowd sounds off the continuous boo’s. One shouldn’t stop. It’s important to keep going no matter how many come after the “dreamer.” Follow those dreams no matter what. There will be attacks and sometimes the best thing to do is pretend as if noise down’t exist. People will hate on our talents and gifts. That happens to just about everyone doing something out of the ordinary.

Adversity is something we can’t get around and unfortunately people will create it for us as well. It doesn’t matter because if we’re meant to do something then we will succeed at it. Yes, stones will be thrown, and we’ll come in contact with all sorts of dysfunctional behaviors from others. We can not allow the noise to stop us from doing something that will help others. If your dreams are big then expect to receive a lot of flack from others.

Too many people stop dreaming because they become fearful. Fear hinders and we certainly can’t be productive if we focus on what others are trying to do to sabotage us. Going after your dreams requires a lot of courage and understanding. To lower the noise level we should surround ourselves with visionaries because they’ll understand exactly where we’re headed. Sometimes we have to close our eyes and just visualize peace. We can get to our destination but we can’t get there focusing on the noise makers.

Once the noise makers realize that we really want our dreams to come true. They will slow down and find something else to focus on. Anyone trying to make changes will receive resistance. We may not like it but it comes with the territory. Either we can proceed or we can give in. Giving in shouldn’t be an option. We shouldn’t allow no amount of noise push us away from our dreams.

Find Your Comfort

As long as we’re here. We’ll go through things. We’ll be challenged and we will have face some of the most discomforts. Our lives are planned out and we have a purpose to fulfill. We will suffer in some way but the sufferings shouldn’t break us. We should fight our way through adversity. We have the ability to overcome.

We have to find a time to settle in a place where our minds can be freed. The world can be cruel and it can change us for the good or bad. If we refuse to find a place of comfort then wr can fall into an insane state. We have to find a corner where peace can find us. Weapons will be formed against us and it doesn’t mattet who we are.

Some days may seem like war. It may seem as if we’re on the battlefield. We will have to suit up and protect ourselves against harmful effects.  We should stand and know that it shall pass. Our minds can sometimes be filled with thoughts of how we’re treated and if we refuse to find comfory then we will be defeated.

We’ll face attacks some long and short. We will have to speak up and sometimes we’ll have to remain silent. We shouldn’t give up no matter what comes up against us. We will meet people along the way who will want to protect us. We will also meet some who will want to cause harm to us. We shouldn’t feel hopeless when we have to face these things.

There will be times when we hear the birds chirping nonstop. When the sun seems a little closer and the flowers are constantly blooming. There will be times when our hearts race and we feel fatigued but we shouldn’t feel defeated. We must find comfort somewhere. We must find “peace.” There’s a place where we can sit and just ponder away.

We have to feel comfortable at some time. We have to have days that offer us nothing but relaxation. We can’t our homes, our minds, our hearts to experience a spiraling effect. We have to feel comfortable. Imagine being in a place where there’s little to no comfort. It wouldn’t be good but even in a place like that. We have to find some solitude.

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Everyone Won’t be With you

Have you ever met a group of people that you had to go through some dysfunctions in order to realize that they mean you no good? We should try to see the good in people and when we find out no matter how we approach them they will throw bricks at us. That’s when we have to decide that they’re environment is the wrong environment to be in. Sometimes we have to withstand some environment in order to learn how to battle. Not with swords but with word.

Sometimes we have to learn how to deal with certain people but even when we figure out the best strategies. That doesn’t mean that they will be with us. Not everyone will like you. Some will hate you just because. There’s nothing we can do about people disliking us but no matter how others view us and dislike us. We shouldn’t feel the same way about ourselves. People who are filled with hate. Hate themselves so therefore we shouldn’t take it personally. Yes, it’s difficult when people not only dislikes us, but when they try to knock us down.

It doesn’t matter how many people turn their backs on us. We should still move in love and help others. It’s no fun when people try to shake you up but it can be helpful.It’s a learning experience. You learn what and what not to do. Everyone can’t hold the friend name because they have to friendship qualities. Embrace those who are willing to stand with you but don’t hate those who hate you. Hate won’t get anyone anywhere.

We will go through periods where we’re our best friend. Sometimes it takes some alone time in order for one to figure what is what. Just because say this or that. That doesn’t make it so.How many people claimed to be by your side when the going gets tough but they’re nowhere to be found when trouble enters. Therefore your you should select a trusted friend and for some of us that trusted friend is Jesus. You’ll never have to worry about him producing drama or not being supportive. Don’t be surprised when those you expected to be with you turns against you.

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Stay Away From Those Negative Environments

Negative environments and people can drain you. It’s best to stay away from them or choose to spend less time in them. Trying to make peace or bring peace won’t always work because people can choose to do what they want. If you feel yourself being pulled down then it’s time to move towards positive environments.

Some people will constantly be negative because of things occuring in their lives and it doesn’t matter what you do or say. They may continue to give off negative vibes. If you believe in prayer then you may want to send some prayers their way and keep moving. If there’s nothing but trouble in an environment then find “peace.” Of course we won’t always experience peace but if it’s a way to obtain it then do so.

Too much negativity can create health issues for you. Not everyone appreciates projecting peace. There’s so many ways to obtain peace. We can meditate on those things that offers us peace. Reading is a great way to obtain peace. The world is filled with tormoil but that doesn’t mean that our minds should be filled with it as well.

When you find that people are unwilling to be peaceful no matter what is said or done then you move where there’s people willing to uplift and be “peacemakers.” War starts with anger and hate. If love isn’t accepted in one environment then it must be accepted in another. We won’t be without war or trouble but we can create peace.

We don’t have to accept being dragged down. We need more uplifting people. We never know what others are exposed to so offering a bit of peace could help them tremendously. Taking that long deep breath in and releasing will help release some of the pressures. Sometimes people will spill negativity into the atmosphere because they feed off of reactions. We don’t have to accept it. It’s better to choose to hang out in positive environments.

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