We Can’t do Anything About it

We might as well face the fact that people will talk. Yes they will make up things. Yes they will judge but what’s important is how we feel. We should be comfortable with ourselves. It doesn’t matter who you are. People will judge you and they will misjudge you.

Jesus was judged, he was persecuted, and hated. Ignorance occurs where there’s no understanding. If you don’t follow the crowd or if you’re doing something that generates attention then people may say that you’re “weird.” What that really means is that you’re “different.” If they don’t know much about you then they may make up things about you.

That’s why so many choose to be very private. Some people are use to judgements and others are not. We should live our lives. No one is immune from the gossip. Jesus suffered through it all so who are we? Not everyone will like us. Not everyone will understand us. We won’t always be accepted. If we focus on what’s best for us and what we should be doing then we’ll be less focused on what others have to say about us.

Anyone taking a stand will receive stones thrown at them. They will receive flack. If you plan on standing out then expect to receive negative attention. Of course we may get a little bothered at first but as time goes on we will develop that tough skin.

It’s funny how some people will know that what they’re saying makes no sense but they’ll say it anyway. That’s why so many choose to stay clear of so many people. We shouldn’t stop associating with people but we should be cautious. We should understand that everyone won’t be on our side.There will be those who are against us no matter what. That’s how it is. The best thing that we can do is pray.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially