Moving to Another Location

Sometimes you have to make that move. Rise above it all. Leave all that junk behind and find a new place. A new residence. Somewhere filled with love and comfort. Why should any of us stay in a cold dark place. A place filled with aggravation. Oh yes, we should be thankful for a roof but if someone is causing a bit of a rift then we should move to another location.

Not everyone is meant to stay with other. Some of us really nĂ©edon’t our space. Imagine feeling as if you’re suffocating. Not fun is it. Not at all. Well, we have to make preparations for something better. A better life, a less stressful one, and a moving one. A place where there’s some settling in. A place called “home.” Like the sound of that. Traveling is what we do.

Can’t wait for that big move. Oh boy, I dream about, I can see it as if it’s a “vision.” Oh someone won’t be happy I’mean sure but we can’t live for others. Although some expect it. There’s no way it can happen. It just can’t. There’s a lot of great things ahead. Blessingso continue to head our way. A move of any kind may not produce that happy smile for some. Well, too bad, we can’t make everyone happy now can we?

Someone somewhere will be disappointed with our decisions. It would be nice if people could be happy for others. Unfortunately we don’t live in a world like that. There’s always something that makes us happy. Just to think about the whole “transformation ” generates joy. Shouldn’t we want joy in our lives? We have to move. Move in the right direction and be apart of beautiful things. How many of you will make a move? That move that produces elevation. Be blessed my people.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially