Leave it There

All the hurt, pain, and feelings of despair ball it up and toss in a hideaway. No need for display. All the protection in the world wouldn’t prevent a soul from causing pain. A heart breaks. The mind can work overtime. Leave the anger the resentment in a dark closet. Lock it. It lives in the past. No need to drag with you everywhere you go. Close the door of heartache and pain.

Bring out the sunshine. Allow the joy to flow. Make the best of what’s to come. Brighter days ahead. Think about the good and the joyful times. Allow your mind to unwind. Leave whatever causes hurt somewhere else. No need to hold on to it. There’s more to life than heartache and pain. There’s fun and great things that awaits us.

Troubles come and go. Love, be kind, and express your care. Leave all that mess over there. Whatever caused you pain. Let it go and don’t pick it up back again. The hurt hurts and some can’t move away from it. No need to continue living in a pit. Leave it. Leave it. Leave in that locked away closet.

Laugh at the funny jokes exposed to you. Do the things you love to do. Make a way for a better life. Bo need to carry on the strife. Times will come when you want to go to that closet. Don’t dare. Leave all the pain and mess there.

Go ahead and love again. There’s always someone needing a friend. Someone who will appreciate what God created. Be joyful and smile from ear t o ear. There’s boos but there’s also cheers. Give from the heart and be filled with compassion. There’s so many feeling empty inside. They spend more time trying to hide away. Love yourself and give your heart away. Allow peace in and find genuine friends. Love grows sometimes in an unexpected way. Love, love, and throw the pain away.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially