Keeping the Breast Plate and Head Plate on

Following the instructions from God. God advised all to utilize the tools that He has given. “Keep the Armor on Because there will be the attacks in which there needs to be the defense.” (Tanikka Paulk). So many refuse to accept the what is. Read the beginning of the Bible and see that it is so. There are some without the ability to understand because they’ve chose to remove understanding. God said to study and meditate on the Lord which is also God. The armor if the shield wickedness exist the darkness tries to enter into the mind and the body. Prayer is necessary. Praying.

God has spoken and has stated to pray for your enemies. Just think how one is to defeat the wicked. There are many ways to battle but I’ve chosen to battle peacefully. The Good Book has the answers and no matter how many times the angry crowd projects their attacks. My focus is “to believe” what God and Jesus Christ has said and continues to say. There is peace within knowing that God loved each and every person so much that He gave His only begotten Son to die for all of our sins. Yes, I Tanikka Paulk seem to be the most sought after person but there is no way that I’m going to turn my back on God/Lord the Father of Jesus Christ.

There are the hecklers and mockers wanting to cause doubt and fear. They want to see if I’m going to give in to their antics. No. I’ve prayed and continue to pray, I’ve been misjudged, I’ve been judged harshly but I’m still filled with love. Love conquers and although there seem to be so many wanting to cause my demise. I’m confidently proceeding because every person has a purpose. They’ve stated that they have invaded in my areas. They’ve caused troubles and yes we’ll have to suffer but how much? Mankind seems to cause their own problems.

I would rather solve problems than to create war. There has to be a balance. So many seem to want to kick me=Tanikka Paulk out but as long as I’m, here living on earth then I’m going to keep fighting. “The meaning of fighting is advocating. I’m worthy and I’ve perceived what it is that I’ve perceived.” (Tanikka Paulk). My thinking isn’t based on what mankind has to say my thinking is what I’ve chosen to think. The attackers will have to drag me=Tanikka Paulk out by my hair in order to get tanikka to stop.

The mockers will receive their reaping. If I’m thrown out from every area there is a place set for “Daughter.” One can choose whether to war or to peace. When they remove me=Tanikka Paulk in one area I’ll be in another. Chuckles because I’ve always been wanted. If they are then there wouldn’t be a fight. To be is to be why would persons need to fight? I’ve been called all sorts of hateful names but here I am. Proceeding despite what’s been said about me=Tanikka Paulk. Despite what’s been done to me=Tanikka Paulk. The ones who’ve been perceived to be Great have faced hatefulness. Disagree alright but continue to come after me=Tanikka Paulk and see what it can be. “Fruitfully continues to be what God has said in Genesis in Jeremiah.”

My place is set and Jesus has supplied the description of what they seem to be battling about. There is so much focus on where I’m continuing to head. Ahead of because they’re coming behind to try to convince me=Tanikka Paulk that I’m unworthy. No, that isn’t stopping, if they want to war then they can come see me=Tanikka Paulk here! If God “wanted” to remove me=Tanikka Paulk then He would have. I’m still here living because of God. Mankind isn’t my soul. The leaders before were threatened but refused to stop marching, advocating, speaking. They caused their deaths but oh glory my proceeding is what God has declared. I’m a fighter but I’m also aware of how to be peaceful. “A Peacemaker will conquer more than the devilish ways of man.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Break it Down on Another Level

There’s kinds of ways to communicate. Of course there’s a lot of eyes but there’s also a lot of very skilled individuals who know exactly what to do when it comes to communicating and making a better way. There’s always a need to know when it comes to a certain group of people. When there’s a lot of people trying to find out what’s going on with others then there has to be a plan to throw the individuals off. A whole lot of information leading in one “direction” but oh.

They’re searching for something they’re thinking they’re receiving but will be guided in a direction of the unknown. Some people will never mind their business. Who really has time to waste trying to keep with other people’s lives. They do. Every move and every word they’re trying to analyze. What may seem one way may actually be another. Some only reveal what they want others to know. No matter how much resistance there is. There’s always a way to get through.

Taking “different approaches” is necessary. Must remember there’s some very skilled people who know just how to move about without being noticed. Sort of like movies. Read enough material and one can find out a lot of information. Eventually there will be solutions to the problems which are occurring at this present time. The harassment is unnecessary. Who wants to assist individuals who are continuously harassing others? That’s why some are trying to get away.

Not a remote. No somewhere in plain sight. Why would individuals want to keep up with a person so bad? Must important. Have to be important. Why would they bother? Anyway. There’s a lot to accomplish and “someway and somehow”. There will be a whole new beginning. Trying to spy and see where a person is going. The law, lawyers, and the skilled can assist in making an escape.

Communicate in semi-urban and upside down language. See how “focused” they are with such language. They’ll still go searching trying to figure out what’s going on. Hood language. Just start babbling and going on and go. Nonstop talking and posting with the hidden cues. Eyes right this moment.

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Don’t Allow Anyone to get in the way of Your Success

Anyone not wanting to advance just isn’t that enthusiastic about life. Doing better and getting better is a good thing. Unfortunately not everyone wants to see others succeed. That means that those trying to succeed will have to put in extra effort towards their goals an dreams. It may not seem fair but in away the resistance can help one develop. Experiencing difficulties is to be expected and even when there’s some trying to block one’s success. No one should allow that to happen. If anyone allows others to in the way of their success then they probably didn’t want it badly enough.

Being able to achieve is a beautiful thing and even when the progress is slow. There’s still “progress.” It’s a blessing that we’re given gifts so why should we waste them? If we don’t try to create “movement” then we’ll be in the same position time after time. It doesn’t matter if it’s family and friends, they shouldn’t have the power to stop you from succeeding in whatever you’re trying to succeed in, they shouldn’t try to hinder but they may. Sometimes people lose it when their family member is trying to move up. They may feel left out and try to do things to hinder their success.

There’s things one can do to Increase Their Success Level

  1. Don’t Listen to “naysayers.”
  2. Try to Remain Focused on Your Goals.
  3. Take Breaks. That’s Very Important.
  4. Work in a Negative Free Environment.
  5. Surround Yourself With “Achievers.”

No one can stop anyone trying to move forward but the person in the mirror. If we’re not “determined” then we may give up on our dreams and that’s something we can regret later on. It won’t be easy trying to go after those things that really want but it will be worth it. Anyone trying to block us from getting ahead in life should take a sit. If one can’t uplift others then they will always be in the back of the line. Success is achieve through continuous “action.” Making an effort is a start but making continuous effort will help one reach their goals. Goals are meant to be achieved.

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The Last run

We never know where life will take us. That’s why we should act, take charge, and go for it. Allow that talent to “shine.” Well, one of the largest shows on Fox will be making its last run, American Idol. It certainly incurred lots of success but things must come to an end. American Odol placed a lot of people in awesome positions. Singing careers flourished.

We shouldn’t be afraid to take that risk. We never kbow where our dreams will take us. It can take us further than we’ve ever imagined. There’s plenty of opportunities out there but we must know which ones are for us. Once we find that suitable opportunity. We should embrace and keep moving. We never know exactly where an opportunity will show up.

It could happen at any moment. Ot hapoen today, tomorrow, or the day after. We’ve clearly seen how many opportunities American Idol has goven so many people. Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Ruben Studdard and more. Although Jennifer Hudson went 7th. She became a “success.” Sometimes a loss is actually a hidden win. Yes, what we may view as a mishap, may actually be a blessing in disguise.

We shouldn’t feel bad when something didn’t go as planned because something better could come along. That’s right. A closed door doesn’t mean a thing. There’s an open door that’s just for us. So, don’t despair when you’re directed elsewhere, that different direction can be the right direction. So many people give up because they feel as if things have taken a turn for the worse. That doesn’t necessarily have to be so.

A setback can actually be a push up. Sometimes we have to move back in order to move forward. That’s how it is sometimes. One last go at it doesn’t mean greater things aren’t ahead. We must remain hopeful go after those things that will help us grow.

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