Are competitors Driving you Crazy?

No. Absolutely not because I’m not going to allow the competitors to get the best of me=Tanikka Paulk. Having to deal with the competition is difficult but there are so many ways to obtain the “peacefulness.” Competitors seem to be unable to compete properly. If a person is great at their craft then there won’t be any need to sabotage. Good competitors will know just how to compete. Imagine competition supplying falsehoods to the public. Claiming that their competition is or isn’t what they’ve claimed. Invaders, some competitors demonstrate insanity, why does some competitors go to extreme measures to harass their competition?

Some do so because they’re feeling inadequate or perhaps need help from the competition. Whatever the reasons are some competitors risk their freedom because they’ve indulged in insanely competition. Ignoring the competition could help but there are some so “determined” to agitate their competition that they’ll continue displaying aggressive behaviors. “Competition incurs risks and some competitors seem to be continuously demonstrating insanity.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There are some proving that their envious of their competition. They’ll either say or project the actions to alert to their competition that they’re envious. If they’re trying to pull down there the person is higher. If they can’t resist annoying their competition then the competition is above. I’ve faced many challenges related to competition. It seems as though there are some perceiving that they can defeat “love conquering.” They’ve “perceived” wrongly because what they thought isn’t so.

My skills have outweighed what they’ve perceived. The challenges have actually build strength. It seems as though there are so many feeling inadequate there should be more confidence related to their craft. The attitudes of so many have brought what appears to be disconnections amongst a race of People. “What will the competition try to do next?” by: Tanikka Paulk. They’ve done enough already but if they’re insane then they probably will try to use some other form of tactics. The weapon forms but won’t prosper. There should be completeness.

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“There is the Open Door to Success and Reaching the Heights.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Have Enough Confidence to Excel

There’s no denying that trying to accomplish goals can be difficult depending on the environments and conditions in which the tasks occur. Although there could be some difficulties, there shouldn’t be a reason to cease moving forward, some will try to create discouragement but do not become dismayed by the behaviors. Be assertive with the ventures. Of course what I’m saying here may be easy to say but don’t allow any person to stop the growth. Not all will be pleased with certain individuals excelling but that’s something they’ll have to deal with. No matter how many roadblocks are put in front of a person. Any person can continue on if they’re able and willing. “The determination” must be there and the confidence as well.

Although there will be some who display erratic behavior there should a continuing on. Too many end up ceasing their goals because of what others have and will continue to say. There’s a lot of hate and perhaps some aren’t hating at all but are disappointed with their own “progress.” For some it’s not easy witnessing others getting ahead. There are some who will continue to try and knock others down. Not all will be pleased to help with the elevation. It’s quite unfortunate that so many are discouraged by the actions of cynical people. There are some so determined to get others down that they’ll spend the majority of their lives finding ways to do so. Move ahead anyway. Do not be dismayed by the disorderly behaviors some have no clue what it’s like to go through so many storms and still accomplish.

Remember that there will always be at least one supporter. Yes, some would prefer more but having one person on one’s side is certainly better than none at all, keep going despite the conditions. The cynics may continue trying to cause discouragement but try to stay focused. Some prefer to cause disruptions for others because they’re either insecure or could just be bad people. Whatever the reasons are continue on. Perhaps listening to motivational messages will help. No matter how many are on attack. “Remain confident and believe in self.”(Tanikka Paulk)

“Light Continues Despite What Occurs.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Don’t Feel Despaired on Your Journey

Living out our dreams isn’t easy. There’s a lot of obstacles we must surpass. We’ll hear chatter from some who will be doubtful when it comes to us succeeding. If we give in to their rants then we will surely fail. Of course the adversity will hit us right in the face. At times it will smack us hard. When it does, we should go harder, transform our thoughts into believing that we will succeed.

Anyone trying to do something out of the norm will be criticized and on many occasions they’ll be attacked. Those things shouldn’t detour anyone from making dreams come true. If we allow others or allow fear to stop us then defeat will occur. Something filled with great difficulties is worth it because it generates strength. The strength that we’ll need for the next levels of our lives. In order to achieve. One must “believe.” Of course it helps if there’s support and if people believe in us. Even if they don’t we shouldn’t be despaired by it. We should be encouraged because we were chosen for specific assignments.

We will experience the good and bad aspects of the journey. We will learn and grow. Elevation will occur and those are reasons why we should keep going. Some days may seem longer than others. No matter what heads our way. We should stay motivated and determined. Not everyone will agree with our decision to move forward with our goals and dreams. It really doesn’t matter.

The fact is, we can not live for others, we have to live our own lives. Those who try to hinder are insecure. It’s unfortunate but their issues belong to them. Not everyone will have the courage needed to get thongs done. It takes strong willed people to continue with their journey. Never be despaired. We can overcome but we must believe that we can. Keep going and believe that success in is your future.

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When There’s a lot to be Accomplished you Have to Mentally Block Things out

Whenever you’re trying to accomplish something. There may be noise and if you expect to accomplish anything you will need to block the noise out and keep moving. The Life Jolie 2015 says, “But seriously, when it comes to the noise that is thrown at us from other people, it is so important not to get sucked in.” People’s opinions, their lack of support, and their shouts should not prevent us from accomplishing whatever it is we need and want to accomplish. If we keep our focus on the noise then we won’t be able to focus on the important things and that’s making headway for our future.

No matter what we do. There will be noise whether it’s on our jobs, in our homes, or in another destination. We will either fall into the noise trap or we will keep moving and forget that it’s going on. The fact is, people will try to hinder us from doing something, and they may try to get us off course but it shouldn’t detour us from the path. So many will give up when there’s too much noise and when people are trying to bring them down. We can’t control what others say but we can do something about how we react to whatever they’re trying to do.

Noise happens whether we want it to or not. Anyone trying to prevent you from doing something that will better your life are noise makers. Noise makers exist and we should be aware of this. Giving up on whatever you’re trying to accomplish shouldn’t be within your thoughts because you’ve faced one of the challenges that come along with doing something out of the norm. Even if movement is slow it should still occur. No amount of noise should detour a person from reaching their destination.

“The Noise is There to get you off Track. Ignore and Proceed.” Don’t allow anyone to stop you from performing or obtaining what you deserve. It doesn’t matter how many noise makers come out to yell at you. If we remain positive and think about how far we’ve come then we will be able to “block out the noise.” It doesn’t matter who says what or what occurs. We can not allow our journeys to fade because noise continues to occur. Keep living and dreaming. Always remember that those making the most noise aren’t trying to build they’re trying to tear down. Proceed with your goals, dreams, and reach your destination.

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Quoted Source: The Life Jolie (2015) Living the Pretty Life. Why you Need to Block out the “Noise.”