Determination Will get us There

If we’re determined to “Make it Happen” then in all likelihood it will happen. Determination consist of efforts that generate a goal or bettering one’s life. Without :determination” we won’t achieve whatever it is we’re trying to achieve. Sometimes we may want some things to happen but are unwilling to make to put in the work it takes to make them happen. We can’t sit back and not put in the effort. Sometimes we’ll have to work long hours in order to achieve our desired goals. It isn’t easy but if we don’t then we may not reach our destination.

A dreamer doesn’t just dream, they’re driven, and they won’t give up. We come up with ideas and there’s nothing wrong with that but an idea becomes viable when we do something with it. If we just think about it then it has no life but when we put it in motion then it becomes apart of a plan. Talking about doing something and actually doing are two different things. If we want our ideas and visions to blossom then we must act on them. If we want to them grow a bit quicker then we may want to keep a tight lid on them.

Unfortunately there will be people who want to steal those ideas but if we’re determined then we won’t allow that to happen. When we’ve put in the work to make things happen for us. We should be appreciative because we’ve worked for it. Our sweat, tears, and pain are the reasons why we reach our destination. Without any pain we probably wouldn’t grow. We should experience some growth while on our journey. We should learn more and become wiser. Determination is key.

If we’re not determined enough then we won’t accomplish enough. We will have to encourage ourselves, “self motivation, a lot of that will go on while we’re in search of our “greatness.” Our rewards will come after the work is done. We will feel some aches and pains will is to be expected when trying to do extraordinary things. We can’t stop moving when storms arise. We have to learn how to get through them and right. Fight to the finish line. Take action. Continuous action is necessary in order to achieve (Excellence).

“Be Determined and go After it”

Persistence and a Whole lot of Determination

If we really want it then we’ll take those tears, pain, and fatigue. It won’t come easy but with determination we can accomplish some great things. Sometimes we kind of play with ideas and dreams but those dreams that really touch our heart will be the ones we go the extra mile with. We must remain motivated and dedicated to whatever we’re trying to seek. Some days will be rougher than others but we can get through it. It takes a whole lot of courage and a tough mindset to go after certain dreams. They all take courage but the ones that require us to be on the front line will take some extra toughness.

No matter how hard it gets stay driven and passionate about your work. No matter how many people try to get you to turn around. “Be determined” and dedicated to your craft. Some aren’t driven enough to keep going or they’ve allowed a setback or two to stop them from continuing on. We should take the risks necessary to advance because we only come this way once and we should do things that keeps us going. A craft that helps others and puts a smile on our faces is a craft worth holding on to.

People will try to tell you to stop what you’re doing simply because they’re not brave enough to do it themselves. If you really want it then you will go get it. You’ll take the falls, the pain, and the headaches. Yes, pain will be included when trying to pursue your goals and dreams. The pain is worth it because the end result will make our lives better. Be persistent and don’t allow what others say detour you from “Making Things Happen.”

When the tears flow, wipe them away, keep moving. There’s always someone watching and wanting to experience the same courage a dreamer experiences. There will be times when it’s extra tough but all that toughness is certainly worth it. Don’t despair when things seem a bit slow. Go harder, stronger, and be driven like a mad scientist. Even if there’s long hours. When you reach your destination. You’ll feel the joy and be so grateful that you started and completed.

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Big Dreams can Come True if we Believe

It takes a whole lot of determination in order to make those dreams come to life. A lot of bumpy roads and hills to climb. It easy one bit but is it worth it. You better believe it is. It’s worth going through the pain and the roughness. The thoughts of reaching that place of comfort certainly makes it worth it. We can’t accomplish our goals if we’re not making any preparations to do so. Not everyone will dream big. Some may not dream at all. The dreamers will think outside of the box and they believe in what they’re trying to accomplish.

Even if no one else believes in them. They will always believe that they’re capable of reaching those heights. There will be people who will try to block the journey but we should keep moving. There’s doubters and people who wonder why some dream at all. There’s nothing wrong with wanting better. In fact we should want better. If we listen to people who don’t believe that dreams come true then we won’t try to reach them.

Our mindsets have to be on the path that will lead us to comfort. Some people refuse to dream big or small out of fear. Fear hinders us in so many ways. If they remove the fear then they would move in the right direction. Sometimes we hold ourselves back by our thoughts. Dreams will have outlandish dreams and people will look at them crossed because they can’t believe they would even attempt the goals they have in mind.

Some may think that some dreams will take too long so they become impatient. Not having patience will certainly stop someone from trying to succeed. In order to succeed we have to start and we have to believe that we will be successful with whatever we’re trying to accomplish. We should be our own cheerleaders and stop thinking that we’re not capable of getting things done. We may not work as fast as we want to.

We will experience setbacks and that’s alright. A little movement is better than none at all. We have to want it so bad that it hurts. If we’re afraid of pain then we better not dream because there will be some pain. We have to constantly remind ourselves that we’re “visionaries.” There’s no way that one can stop a dreamer and a visionary. We will keep going even if we experience some setbacks.


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