Having Real Friends is a Blessing

Sometimes we’ll find out that those who we perceive our friends are really enemies in disguise. That’s why so many people consider God and Jesus their best friends. They will never turn away from you and they will be there no matter what happens. It’s so sad to say that a lot of people are only out to get what they can get so they will pretend to be your friend. They’re looking for personal gain. We should continue to love people but be careful because not everyone is friendly.

Some people are so giving and have a heart so people may perceive that as a weakness and try to take advantage of others. It’s similar to the homeless woman and her friend being so trusting that she allowed a man to take off with her car. Everything she owned was in it including her dog. All she could think about was the dog. We can be so trusting and think that people have our best interest at heart but on reality they’re only trying to obtain something from us.

Real friends won’t try to harm you in any way. They will respect you and want what’s best for you. If they’re trying to bring you down in some way then they’re not real friends and that’s why so many choose to be their own friend. They rather spend time with themselves than to constantly run into people who only care about themselves. We have to love ourselves enough to understand it’s alright to protect yourself from people but we have to socialize so we can’t totally cut people off.

We keep learning and sometimes we have to be careful who we really consider as friends. We may think that they’re our friends but they may have a motive and agenda. There’s way too much hate. Hate will only create a wall between mankind. We should be filled with love and understanding.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use & Share