Do you Know me!

Hello everyone. How many times have we judged others based on what we’ve heard or what we think we know? Huh? Well, it happens all the tine, someone basing their information by hear say. When we do judge or misjudge. We can look like donkeys. Everyone makes mistakes but we have to think before acting.

Judging happens so often. It happens regularly in the on and offline worlds. A lot of virtual judging takes place. How well can we know someone on a virtual level? People can say anything and will say anything. People are getting bullied based on what someone says. It’s not fair and we really have to consider others.

The judging can ocur within families. An upset family member could say something about another and then the balls continues to roll. If they post it on social media people will immediately believe what’s said but won’t investigate first. “Get to Know Others Before Coming to a Conclusion.” It’s impossible to know someone based on a social media setting.

We may feel as if we know someone through emails, text messages, and through social media but really? We should get to know people outside of social media. Think about it. People can post anything on social media and on forums. If you never sat down with them then you’ll never really know them. We may become so in tuned with the virtual setting that we forget what reality is. Imagine you getting bullied because people said things that were untrue. How would you feel? Well, this happens so often, and it doesn’t just happen on social media, it happens in places like the church. Imagine that!

It’s amazing how people will settle for some information they never bothered to investigate. If you don’t know then ask and if you still don’t know then perhaps it’s not meant for you to know. It’s time that we try to get to know people and if we don’t want to get to know them then we should just let them be. Do you know me?!

Featured Image Belongs to T. Paulk