On a Serious Note

Social Media is a place where we can unwind and socialize. Well, gow sociable are we, it appears that things can be taken out of context? Things are said and then a spiral effect occurs. Are the tactics being used on social media fun play or is it bullying? It depends on what’s said and how it affects others. People may not understand how their actions can affect others. If there’s harsh criticism then it can create issues for the recipients. No one can know just how their actions can affect another. If it sounds disrespectful then most likely it will rub someone the wrong way.

It’s best that we respect one another and refrain from using tit for tat. The problem with social media is it’s a no rules kind of deal. Anything goes. A place where adults bullying adults and adults bully youth. Kind of pathetic right? For some it may seem fun but when it gets out of hand. There’s a gigantic problem. We all want to have some fun but we have to realize when that fun transform into bullying.

That’s why we shouldn’t spend too much time on social media and get involved in other people’s business. It can turn out to be a disaster. A little chuckles here and there is alright but if it starts to make people uncomfortable then we may need to dissolve those actions. We can get a lot done on social media and we also create havoc on there as well. Sometimes we take things to the extreme and refrain from caring about how others may feel about the communications that are posted on social media.

Spending too much time there can get us down. Not everything on social media is upbeat. If we find ourselves feeling uneasy then we should take a break from social media and find something more productive. Bullying is never the answer. There’s a difference between bullying and having fun.

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The World is Filled With Misunderstanding

We have to face some of the most challenging things. We will have to deal with difficult people and those who may not see our worth. There will be times when we feel the pressure and pray for an ending to those issues that plague us. The world is filled with hope, hopelessness, and despair. There’s anger, sadness, and bitterness. When we don’t understand something we tend to approach it in the wrong manner and that’s what our world is filled with today.

There’s more and more people being subjected to isolation because they’ve been exposed to the evils of the world. In order to protect themselves. They find a solitude place and spend their time away from people which isn’t good but it can help to keep their sanity. If something or someone can’t offer you a bit of peace then they may not be worthy of your company. People are no longer taking the time to find out what is what. The game of assumptions is being used all too often to make a decisions.

Too many people are misunderstood and when that happens ignorance comes into play and then those persons are subjected to abuse. That’s why it’s important that we think before we act. We never know what is until we find out details. Sometimes we base our decision making on feelings and what we perceive something to be. What we may perceive ┬ámay not actually be what’s happening or happened.

When we have a bunch of angry people walking around. We find violence. Violence is apart of anger. Don’t guess find out the answer or answers. We’re all guilty of this. We will jump to conclusions and then a mess is created. The world we live in is filled with guessing games and the communication is far and between. If we think before hand then we’ll come across better results. Our mind can play tricks on us and that could result in a danger zone.

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