Exposure of the Slaved Mind

Sometimes our minds become conditioned to believe certain things. When we’re exposed to a negative environment for long periods of time, we become enslaved to that environment, our minds become conditioned to receive negative thoughts. Reading negative comments and listening to negative communication can effect our minds. We become what we’re exposed to. Negativity can come through all avenues. We can hear it on the news, in our homes, and at church.

We must cleanse the mind by exposing it to positive reading, positive people, and positive communications. There’s positivity everywhere even in the toughest of neighborhoods. We have to be exposed to more positivity. Replace hate communications with loving communications. We may have to practice being positive. Let’s start with encouraging one another. If we continue to draw our minds towards the hate then we will be enslaved to negative thinking. Being a slave of the mind is like an incurable disease.

It’s time that we start surrounding ourselves around positive people. We should want to have connections that will “uplift” us. The more we’re exposed to positivity the better our lives will become. We can’t expect to live in comfort if we’re unwilling to “transform.” It may not happen overnight but in time we will get there. If everyone is willing to take a few steps each time. We can make a big positive difference. We should be loving one another not hating. We have to change our mindsets.

Our neighborhoods will flourish if we start thinking differently. Our thoughts have a big impact on our lives. As soon as we make the decision to “change” we’ll see our world in a different light. Change doesn’t happen right away. Sometimes it takes awhile but some change is better than none at all. We can help one another get there. It’s time that we change our thoughts and help the ones under us change the way they think. Some may wonder how are we suppose to do that. We can demonstrate it and through our demonstrations. They may be willing to make some changes whether minor or a complete turn around. This can occur through love and embracing. Don’t be a slave to your mind.

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