.The Ability to Rejuvenate the Mind

There are so many reasons why the mind experiences fatigue. Being surrounded by negativity can wear down the mind. In order to keep a healthy mind one will need to remove the areas which cause the mind to become weaker. Being surrounded by negative beings can certainly cause the mind to become less productive and weak. “What is Said can Cause Mind Disturbances but There ways to Keep the Mind on the Right Track.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Unfortunately we may focus on the wrong areas and could experience a meltdown.

The Positive Ways to Incur a Rejuvenated Mind

  1. Engage in positive communications.
  2. Surround self around visionaries.
  3. Engage in fun activities.
  4. Read educational material.
  5. Focus on positive areas.
  6. Obtain proper rest.
  7. Take breaks when necessary.
  8. Think positively.
  9. Smile whenever possible.
  10. Spend less time within negative and controlling areas.

Some may not know exactly what it means to be positive. We’re not going to be positive at all times but we’re capable of being positive. To allow the mind to rest is of great importance. So many may focus on what is occurring and rarely spend time to just ponder on the most important areas. There should be time spent engaging in fun activities. “We’re not able to control what others will say or do but we can certainly control how we respond.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There are so many positive ways to experience the inner peace which is needed in order to experience proper balance.

No matter how negative an environment becomes there is something we’re able to do about the negativity and “that” (tanikkap) is to think positively. If any person expect to keep the mind rejuvenated then they’ll have to decide where and when to spend their time. Being in an extremely negative environment often can certainly break down the mind. There should be focus on elevation and living better. Society is riddled with confusions there are so many individuals trying to cause mind disturbances.

“The insanity in which so many tries to project could be the very insanity they’re left with.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The words spoken can either create joy or sadness. There are many choices and I’d rather choose to be positive however there will be times when i’m negative. It’s certainly not easy dealing with broken environments and individuals but there are books which can help create more positivity. There’s so many materials about in which will assist with creating a more thoughtful mind.

The attacks which are experienced haven’t caused my mind to fade. Although there could be some short-term memory there isn’t any insanity. Oh how grateful I Tanikka paulk am. The negative words were seen and heard but I’m refusing to allow any person to have control over my mind. My thoughts will continue to be positive. There is glory! I’m blessed because I’m able to think and able to experience peacefulness. There are so many individuals unable to obtain any peace at all.

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Progress can be Made After the Mind is Renewed

There are so many reasons why some aren’t prospering. What one thinks is extremely important. It’s very “important” to free the mind from all of the negatives. To change a line of thinking. Add more positive experiences into one’s life. To become renewed and free from all of the toxins which can surely make their way in when being surrounded by toxic individuals. What we believe can become embedded within the mind. It’s better to spend less time surrounded by negative people than to take in their negative ways.

The way we think can alter perceptions. Thinking that there’s no hope or thinking that what every person is saying is correct can stop or prevent excelling from occurring. Not every spoken word is held with truth. There are some who have a motive can will try to alter a person’s perception in order to gain in someway. In order to avoid such tragedies from occurring. There has to be a decision to think differently. Perhaps limit “communications” with individuals who are mind controllers. The ones who try to send words in order to brainwash others.

If there’s no thinking or positive thinking entering the mind then there will be no renewing. Words are used for good and to cause individuals to become doubtful. The ones who try to introduce doubt have an agenda and in order to keep the mind from becoming ill. There will to be some blocking out. To avoid being interrupted by what others are doing and saying. Shut off the means of communication in order to “obtain rest.” Some choose certain words \to cause individuals to doubt their reality.

If there are people who are trying to cause insanity then they’re the ones to keep an eye on. There’s no need to spend lots of time trying to figure what will be their next evil plan. Reading motivational material and listening to soothing music can help keep persons up beat. There are some who will always be deceptive and continue to alter the mind. Trying to stop “positive thoughts” from flowing. Some are simply distorted and will do whatever it is their minds lead the individuals to do in order to prevent whatever it is they’re trying prevent. “Keep Sane by Removals, Avoidance, and Blocking out Certain Individuals.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Have to Keep my Mind. Yes Indeed.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Stop Wasting Time Trying to Compete

If we’re confident enough then we won’t be focusing on competing against others. Too much competitiveness can be dangerous. We should focus on bettering ourselves and doing what we love. Spending our lives trying to compete against others will leave us feeling inadequate. We’ll feel unhappy and miserable.

Life should be filled with joy and happiness not filled with low self esteem. We should be confident in ourselves. Believing that we can be apart of awesomeness. Our lives aren’t complete when we focus on who has who has what. We will do things differently so we should desire to be “different.” We never know what someone had to go through to obtain what they have or are trying to obtain. We all can’t have the same things.

Trying to compete will leave us fatigued. There’s nothing wrong with bettering ourselves but if we’re doing it to out do our brothers and sisters then we will be dissatisfied. In order to feel complete we must be happy with ourselves. We can’t put ourselves down by focusing on what others have. Our focus should be on creating a better life for ourselves. Competing can wear us down. A little competition could be healthy but if competing is non stop then there’s a problem.

We should want to stay mentally healthy and if we’re so focused on competition then we could suffer mentally. We are who we are. We can make changes but we can not change who God created us to be. Too many people lose themselves by thinking they’re not adequate. We can perform better by focusing on what we need to do to create a better living. Wasting time on being a competitor for too long will not only drain us but it will keep us unbalanced. There’s so many opportunities awaiting us but we will end up missing them by focusing on competition.

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It’s a Very Competitive World

People are constantly competing for this or that. Although we have games, we’re not suppose to compete, but competition exist and there’s nothing we can do about it. Competition can get out of hand. Those who have competitive spirits will do just about anything to win. They’re not concerned who they step over.Winning is embedded in their minds so they refuse to let that mindset go.

Some people are unable to accept that they don’t have to compete. If a person is better at something then that’s alright. We’re all different and we have different talents. Everything isn’t a serious matter. People will go to extreme measures to win at something. When competition isn’t necessary and competing still takes place. That could result in continuous unhealthy actions. There’s nothing wrong with displaying our talents but if we feel obsessed with wanting to beat someone at something then there’s a problem,

Some people spend their lives wanting to win. They may drive themselves crazy trying to prove that they’re good at something. Insecurities take over and they begin to behave erratic. A little competition isn’t harmful but too much of it can destroy. When a person becomes in tuned with competing. They don’t care who they knock down. They just want to win.

The best thing to do when it comes to a competitor is to keep doing whatever it is that you do. Don’t egg them on. Just continue with your tasks and let them compete if they want. Even if they declare that they’re winners. Smile and proceed. Dealing with those who have competitive spirits isn’t easy but in order to keep your sanity. You will have to stay clear of the competition and do whatever it is that you do best.

Don’t allow competitors to run you away. They may try to intimidate others but people shouldn’t be intimidated. Some competitors suffer from conditions that cause them to feel as if they need to compete. They may not listen to anyone telling them that there’s no need to compete. One shouldn’t waste their time trying to get them to understand something that they may not be willing to understand. Don’t allow competition to get the best of you.

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Allow Peace to Find us

We may spend lots of time being surrounded by people who mean us know could. Destructive presents can put a damper in our lives. The more we’re surrounded by positive people, the greater our chances for a happier life, negativity can make us feel down if we allow it to. Anyone trying to weigh our bodies and minds down isn’t healthy. Healthy people will try to “uplift” and create a better world not only for themselves but for others.

Sometimes we have to avoid certain people. Yes, we should be “peacemakers,” but we should also use wisdom. If people are trying to cause suffering then the best thing we can do for them is to “pray.” Prayer works. So many may not believe that but it’s gotten me through those dark hours. We’re entitled to choose who we want to give our energy to. If the person or persons is worth the energy then we’ll continue to give it to them and if not then we may remove ourselves from their presence.

There’s a lot of negativity in this world and there’s a lot of positivity. We simply have to focus on the positivity not saying that we won’t ever allow the negativity to get next to us but as time goes by. We can get better at focusing on the positive. Sometimes we’re in environments that create a bit of stress for us and we need to find some positive outlets that will help us be happy.

Some people may choose meditation as a way to relax when they’ve been exposed to stressful situations. Meditation is great because who allows our minds to relax and our bodies to be calm. Calmness will also make us happier. Doing breathing exercises will relieve some stress. We shouldn’t spend our lives filled with stress. We have to enjoy ourselves and see the beauties of the world. That’s why it’s important to engage in healthy activities and spend less time with those who create havoc in our lives.

“Our Energy Belongs to us and we Have to Decide who Deserves to Have Some of it”

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Occupy Your Mind With Good Thoughts

When we fill our minds with thoughts that are unhealthy, we start to do unhealthy things, our minds are like a temple. We should take care of it. Thoughts that generate stress for us should be avoided. We should spend limited time with people who try to get inside our heads. This happens a lot on social media. Instead of people following God’s plan. They want to follow “their own plan.”

Be careful who you spend time around, listen to people’s words, if they’re negative or if they seem as if they’re coming against you, stay clear of these people or at least keep your eyes open. Not everyone wants to see us strong and healthy. Some want to invade our minds and want us to miserable. Unfortunately we will come in contact with these people but we shouldn’t allow it to bring us down.

There’s things we can do to make our minds healthier. We should be some time reading an informative book or information. Spen time with like minded people. Listen to music that uplifts us. Walk around and be one with nature. Take mini trips and het more involved with hobbies that you enjoy.

Find Your Inner Peace

Spend time with yourself and enjoy it. There’s some soothing music on YouTube, meditation, and mind relaxation music. That will help us experience peace. Try some dance steps that will make one feel better and this is also soothing.Sitting in your backyard will help soak up some sunshine and help us stay connected with the outdoors. Not too much sunshine but enough to generate energy. If we feel drained. We should sit, lay down, or take a warm bath. Crossword puzzles helps our minds stay engaged. It not only keeps our minds active but it helps keep dysfunction thoughts out. Watching informative and educational shows on television will fill our minds with knowledge and it will help keep our minds connected.

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Is it Worth it

A lot of people are becoming well known through social media. I viewed a show called the Westbrooks and it made me think how social media affects people. Is it worth hanging around social media when it creates stress. One of the sisters on the show was weeping because of the comments she views from some of her Instagram fans or haters which ever one prefers.

Where does the social media career path lead? How did this whole think come about? Lets face it, people can be cruel, and it seems social media has no boundaries. I’ve read numerous articles where psychologists claim that too much social media exposure causes depression. Too much of a whole lot of things can cause a meltdown.

If social media is causing more heartache than happiness then one should consider limiting their time on social media or getting rid of it altogether. No social media site is worth risking one’s mental health. If it isn’t beneficial then social media needs to be on your keep away list. Of course not all social media sites are the same. Some sites will set “boundaries.”

Those social media sites that allow dysfunctional behaviors to persist are allowing it because they benefit from it. There’s a particular social media site that seems to have very little rules. Can you guess what site that is? Did you say, “Facebook,” you were right.

Not protecting members could lead to numerous lawsuits. I’m not sure if founders are concerned about that but they should be. The fact is, the anonymity allows people to use bullying tactics in order to intimidate members, sad but true. Should people be concerned when signing up to social media sites? Yes, the risk of private information being exposed is high, and there’s not enough safety measures.

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