Life is Precious

We never know what tomorrow holds. Life is precious. My uncle passed Thanksgiving morning and that took something out of me. We could be hear today and gone tomorrow. It brought back the tears when my father died. I’m alright because I know that my uncle is no longer suffering.

Losing a loved one isn’t easy but it’s God’s will. Death was promised. With everything that goes on, we simply have to find a way to get through our trials, life is short. A lot of people are leaving this world and it’s ashame to spend it in sadness. It’s best to smile even when we’re going through. Laugh and feel the joy. There’s joy in this world even when we hear so much about war.

I will get to see my father’s side of the family tomorrow. My dad’s sister wants me to be there and I will be there if the Lord is willing. We never know if that loved one will leave us. Life can be unpredictable and there’s a whole lot of trouble in this world so we should spend time with our loved ones.

Time passes by, it moves rather quickly, at least it seems that way. Being able to talk to those close to us is a blessing. Sometimes our minds will wonder and we may think about those special memories that were shared with our relatives that passed on.

Losing a father, both grandmothers, and both grandfathers is rough. Losing the person who raised me is extra rough but life goes on. As long as those memories stay in minds. That means a lot. I pray they don’t fade. Our time is limited and we should be thankful for everday we’re able to rise. It’s time to do the things I love. We should love others and we need to love ourselves.

I Love you Uncle Tony. Rest in Peace.

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