The Sounds of God’s Creations

To have a day where there’s just peace and joy floating about is truly a blessing. Appreciate the days but especially “the peaceful ones.” Some days we may come in contact with some difficult people and need some down time. Indeed. The sound of cars passing by and birds chirping. Oh wow, wow and another wow! When there’s a lot of chaos about finding a way to experience some peace is necessary. Complete ignoring the same foolishness day in and day out.

How many people really want to live a drama filled life? Everyday filled with drama. No way. So when there’s a day with some serenity then it’s like winning a million dollars. For real. Some people would disturb the dead. That’s how some are and always find a way to get a person down. The technology can wreck some havoc. Of course it’s not really the technology but the users.

Live a life filled with some joy. Just imagine living a life where there is no joy at all. Where nothing but madness and control. Sit and enjoy the quietness. Sounds crickets early but they’re ready for something. Place two hands together and bow in prayer. For some they may not understand what I’m talking about. Just deal with some of the toxins and they’ll figure out why there’s a hooray for a peaceful day.

Society can be filled with some goodness but a lot of wickedness is within society. Closing my eyes and thinking about something good. There has to be some good even when it appears darkness sets in. Nothing wrong with setting aside some time to just listen to the “sounds of nature.” Enjoy the brightness which comes through the window pane. There shouldn’t be continuous stress. Experiencing stressful events everyday can certainly cause fatigue.

Enjoy some time in peacefulness. If there’s toxicity around then find a quiet space and read or just meditate. It’s better to” find ways to relax” then to allow the stress to weigh the body down. We all need some quiet time. Of course some may like a lot a noise around but there has to be a time where there’s no drama going on.

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Taking Time out for Meditation

We don’t have to be consumed with stress. There’s ways to relax our bodies and minds. If we’re in a position to meditate each day then we should. It feels good to meditate.  Releasing some of those thoughts that create stress. Some choose to do some yoga while meditating. Meditation seems to be more effective when we’re in an upright position.

There’s a lot of things that need our attention and we all need an outlet. It feels so relaxing when I’m in a meditating state. Sometimes it’s associated with a warm bath. One may choose to put oil fragrances in their bath water.  Whatever one chooses to use with their meditations is entirely up to them. One should feel rejuvenated afterwards.

Meditation is especially effective after a hard days work on a stressful job. It can feel as if you’re on a vacation. Listening to soothing music while meditating is an added bonus. We have to keep our minds calm. When there’s so much going on in our lives . It may not always be so easy to do. If we don’t find positive ways to relieve stress then we could suffer a melt down.  Even meditating 15 minutes a day is effective. It can sometimes be more effective than taking a power nap.

Russell Simmons meditates. It may not seem as if it’s effective but it is. Anyone having a heavy work load can benefit from meditation. Everyone can benefit actually but not everyone will want to meditate.  Some may prefer to meditateaway from home. There’s centers available for those who love to meditate.

Meditation can relieve our minds from the stresses in the world. It can help us feel better. It’s especially helpful for those who have arthritis or any other ailment. Meditation and prayer is a great choice. Of course some may not believe in the power of prayer but it certainly makes my life better. There’s so many people who enjoy meditation and they’ve made improvements where their health is concerned. If you haven’t tried meditation then perhaps you may want to try it.

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Take it to the Father and the Son

Life will supply us with ups, down, and complexities. We may not be able to solve everything on our own so that’s why we have a comforter who we can entrust all of our concerns to. God and Jesus will listen to every problem we have. They know just want we need. We will never have to worry about it being shared with others we can go to them in confidence. Taking some time out to meditate with the Father and Son is important because it allows us to get whatever it is we’re dealing with off of our chests. Everyone goes through something some have bigger issues than others but we will face some adversity.

We may need to go to a quiet place and just spill out our hearts so that we’re in a position to seek another day in “peace.” Peace is needed. Some rarely find it because they’re so consumed with the world. The world can’t offer us peace but God and Jesus can. We don’t need to be put altogether when we go and talk with them. They know every problem and know when we’re troubled.

Some may not believe in the “Power of Prayer” but it works. It has gotten me and others through tough times. It relieves us of anything that we’re dealing with. Comforting words are so important and we can receive them through meditation. We all know how tough it can be sometimes. There’s so much to deal with and a lot of times we try to deal with it on our own. It’s alright to want to handle things but we need some help and there’s nothing wrong with going to our Creator and His son for some guidance.

There’s comforting scriptures in Psalms. Reading God’s words and asking Him to help us is a joy. We should want to obtain some peace and we should want to cover ourselves and our families. We don’t have to endure pain alone, we don’t have to go through any complexities alone, we have help close by. God and Jesus will be there always. They never forsake us. There love for us is unconditional. If you’re going through anything. You may want to try them. We can rest assured that they will work it out for us.

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Take Some Time out to Reflect

We should take sometime to reflect. There’s so much going on in the world and we need some time to think about the good things that happen to us. All the bad can go out the window. How about listening to some inspirational and soothing music. Music can help relieve stress and there’s a lot of amazing songs and instrumental plays to listen to. Here we go.

There’s a reason to give thanks. Appreciate those things that we may take for granted. We’re truly blessed. Even when those gloomy days roll in. We should still give thanks because there’s always someone going through more than we’re going through. So many hidden emotions, taking sometime out to give thanks, and to project appreciation is a blessing. “Giving thanks today and all days.”

Sometimes we’ll go through storms. Those trials can seem like a heavyweight on our chests. We may feel as if no one understands and no one cares. There’s always someone caring about what we’re going through and what we’ve been through. No matter what we’re going through, there’s hope, it will stop storming. We simply have to believe it. The good days outweigh the bad days. We have to allow good things to come into our lives. Keep good thoughts and try our best to stay positive. It’s not always easy to do. Prayer and meditation will help us get to where we need to be.

When it feels as if your world is caving in and the people around you are giving you a hard time. Give it to God. He can get us through it all. Sometimes we allow too many things in our minds and it can cloud our thoughts and judgement. Allowing ourselves to have time with our heavenly father will help guide us the right way. We’ll come up against all sorts of things and we must guard our minds. Here’s something else to please your ears. Keep believing.

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Enjoy This Life

We will only pass through here once so why not enjoy our time here? We should have fun, spend time with family, and enjoy every moment. Of course we will face trials and that’s to be expected but that doesn’t mean that we have to stop living. So may of us have wasted precious time trying to please others and we’ve forgotten about our own happiness. That shouldn’t be. Looking out for self doesn’t mean we’re selfish.

There’s so many fun things to do in this world and there’s also things that can create havoc. Why should we consume ourselves with other people’s lives and miss out on living our own lives? There’s no need for hating and there’s so much room to grow that each and everyone of us has that opportunity. As long as we’re breathing, we’re able to make some positive chances, why shouldn’t we?

Take some time to meditate. Enjoy the sunshine and listen to birds sing. Make new friendships and share. Don’t beat yourself up by past mistakes. Don’t take everyone’s advice. Live your life and enjoy it to the fullest. A lot of people aren’t living their lives and that can generate misery. It’s an awful thing to live a miserable life. Misery does love company and it’s best to stay away from it.

If you smile, you will feel better, you’ll glow. That will help one to be a happier person. Could you imagine living your life in a miserable state? I certainly can’t imagine doing that. No fun, no “action,” and no living. Ugh! Bot good at all. There’s so much to do and so many places to visit. Love life. Spend time with the ones you love. Communication and enjoy listening to productive conversations. Sometimes we become so consumed with what others want and we forget to live. Make the best of this world. Call that person up who cares even if they pretend as if they don’t . Love living and enjoy every moment of it.

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